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Every so often, when we are able to solicit the help of experts, the Rosacea Support Group assembles questions that we need answered.

Recently we put some questions on the psychology of rosacea to Professor Peter Drummond, Ph.D., from the School of Psychology at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia, and his colleague Daphne Su, D.Psych, Clinical Psychologist (Registrar) with the Department of Health in Western Australia.

Professor Drummond’s research into the clinical psychophysiology of health-related conditions (pain, emotions, headaches including migraines, cardiovascular disorders) includes the neural control of facial blood flow, and the role of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) in pain and inflammation. (See also Rosacea and the Sympathetic Nervous System: Dr. Peter D. Drummond, PhD )

Dr Su’s doctoral thesis entitled "Psychological stress and vascular disturbances in rosacea" can be accessed electronically from the Murdoch University library catalogue using the above link.

The Rosacea Support team would like to express our warmest thanks to Professor Drummond and Dr Su for generously sharing their time and knowledge with us.

Some of the questions we asked;

  • Do you have any advice on how to cope with flushing caused by crippling shyness and social anxiety?
  • Rosacea can have a major impact on self-esteem. Have you any advice for single people who fear dating in case they are rejected because of their rosacea
  • Some rosaceans also suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. At what stage should professional help be sought?

To see the full list of questions and answers please visit; Rosacea and Psychology: Peter D. Drummond, PhD, & Daphne Su, DPsych


Also feel free to check out our other Experts Questions and Answers;

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2 Reader Comments

  1. Sean says:

    This (thing of exreme inconvenience) has made me lose my damn mind! I’m delusional, can’t get a job, can’t be a man, and can’t get laid. I just Loooovvve shooting looks too. It truly has ruined my life. I’m about to turn to medication, Xanex, Collatapins, and pain pills that will soon lead me spiraling out of control completely. Please…..what do I ever do? = )

  2. Mistica says:

    I am saddened to see that pscyhologists continue to perpetuate the myth that rosacea is primarily an appearance problem. There is no mention in the above interview about the physical side, which for some, including myself can be crippling. The burning, the pressure, the explosive flushing etc, etc.

    Based on ten years experience of actually talking and interacting with other rosaceans, my observation is traditional therapies are not as effective as the medical community would have us believe. This is blatantly obvious judging by the posts on rosacea forums supporting this.

    Recently, one of our friends recovered from breast cancer. A potentially fatal disease. One day she leaned over to my partner and confided ” I know you will understand, so I am going to tell you this. The chemo wiped out my rosacea. The burning was so bad, I would rather go through the cancer surgery and chemo again, than have to endure the rosacea burning all my life”.

    That really brings home, how physically disabling rosacea can be.

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