Rosacea Prescriptions are FREE in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

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The recent series of articles discussing the cost of rosacea prescriptions in the USA and Australia has highlighted the availability of prescriptions for free in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Prescriptions attract a modest NHS co-payment in England – £8.20 for each medicine dispensed.

In order to access prescriptions in the UK you need to be eligible for the NHS.

The United Kingdom approves FDA approved treatments relatively quickly so sufferers already have access to recent products such as Mirvaso and Soolantra.

Mirvaso in Scotland

I have been contacted by Iain from Scotland who says that he is able to fill a prescription for Mirvaso every 2 months, for free.

Difficulties Getting Prescriptions

Have you had troubles getting access to a rosacea prescription anywhere in the UK? If so let us know your story below.

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5 Reader Comments

  1. Sharon Skinner says:

    I’m in Scotland and was absolutely shocked to see the prices of US prescriptions for rosacea, I’m a long term sufferer & have been on some form of rosacea medication for 15 years with quite a degree of trial and error due to adverse reactions.

    The most I have paid for a prescription is around £7 and since 2008 my prescriptions have been free. There’s no way I could keep up my current regime if I was paying £100+ for a prescription & it upsets me to think that there are people having to go without therapy for this debilitating condition due to income, or are experiencing hardship due to their illness.

  2. Comment via email from Karyn. “It appears only the US that are the price gougers here. “

  3. Comment via email.

    “Hi David

    In the UK you can also get a ‘season ticket’ £104 for a year or £29.10 for three months. If you are over 60 as I am, prescriptions are free. This obviously includes oral prescriptions as well as topical preparations. The only thing that has ever worked for me is minocycline although I try not to take it on a regular basis although I use either Rozex (metronidazole) or Finacea daily.

    Thank you for your continued support emails!



  4. Comment via email.

    “Tried to get a prescription 4 soolantra off g.p.. he,d never heard of it . Gave me my usual prescription for finecea though. Honevo is amazing stuff thou. Have yo buy it from new zealand.”

  5. Charles Edward Miller says:

    I know how you feel, Ms. Skinner. I am Welsh, Scottish, and Northern Irish descent, and I must admit that it is the Curse of the Celts. I am a Williams Wynn of Wynnstay and live in Virginia. My ancestor, George Wynne, came to Virginia because of his granduncle, Sir William Williams in the late 17th century. I wish there were a permanent cure.

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