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sunflower200pxWhat web site visitors don’t typically get any idea about is what is popular on the site they are visiting.

Here are some stats from 2012 to give you an idea of what rosacea sufferers most commonly visit on

Total Visits

The site was viewed about 1.3 million times. This actually down from about 1.4 million last year.

43 new posts were added in 2012 (34 in 2011).

There are now 888 posts on the site (this one will make it 889).

5 Most Viewed Pages

Most Commented

The new post in 2012 that received the most comments was Massive Rosacea Study (CD5024) Recruiting Underway.

Most Comments Posted

The top 5 commenters for the year were ;

  • JJ, 192 comments
  • David Pascoe, 80 comments
  • Joanna, 58 comments
  • Maureen, 51 comments
  • Mike Marca, 49 comments

Thanks for all the comments guys !

Search Terms

Most of the visitors to the site come because they have asked mostly Google for pages about;

  • demodex mites
  • prosacea
  • rosacea natural treatment
  • rosacea support, and
  • metrogel

In 2011 the additional popular terms were zenmed reviews and rosacea pictures.

So by far, the most visitors are new to rosacea and are trying to find help with their diagnosis and for support also.


The site had visitors from 198 countries. Not surprisingly as the site is in English the most popular countries were The United States, United Kingdom and Canada.


Thank you for everyone that has posted helpful comments on posts.

Finally please feel free to add your thoughts to What Rosacea Topics do you Most Want to Read About ? to let me know what you’d like to find here.


David Pascoe.

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About the Author: David Pascoe started the Rosacea Support Group in October 1998. .

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4 Reader Comments

  1. Comment via email.

    “need articles and news as well as specialists for occular rosacea….thanks”

  2. John again!! says:

    Hi again. I have been using Metrocream .75% for exactly one month. I showed my Wife my Rosacea at the beginning. I showed her yesterday,and she was surprised at the improvement. I put it on twice a day , about 10 to 12 hours apart. After washing my face gently, I wait for five minutes and I apply the Metrocream. About 5 minutes later I apply some hydrating cream. This takes away the burning sensation that I had at first. At a couple of intervals a day, I put more hydrating cream on. If I have company coming, I only have to put very little coverup on. It is not even noticable. I feel by the end of the Second Month, my redness will be gone. The only thing I have to be concerned with is my Triggers. They are indoor heat, and excitement. If I am calm and cool ,( literally ), my Rosacea does not flare up.

    All the Best to anyone suffering from this bothersome problem. You feel much better, when you look like your old self.

    I will keep you informed.

  3. Centavo Aquilla says:

    table at the end of this document compares about 75 available moisturizers, classifying them under Face, Hands and Feet. This list of products is perfect for anyone searching for the best moisturizer for rosacea.

    The article on choosing best moisturizers is missing the comparison tables and most of the article. Is there somewhere else to locate this article?


  4. Hi Centavo,

    The PDF file linked to in that news article contains table mentioned.


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