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Rosacea-LTD has been around as a rosacea treatment since before the Rosacea Support Group even existed.

Rosacea-LTD has been discussed on rosacea forums on the internet for a long time. In fact one of the first message I posted in 1998 was looking for some feedback on this product. The fact that the company is still in business is a good sign.

If you want further proof of the longevity of this company and of the product – see the internet wayback machine’s capture of the Rosacea-LTD web site from way back in June 1998.

What is Rosacea-LTD?

This product consists of 2 compressed disks of various salts and sulphur. You gently slide the product over wet skin, leaving a tiny amount of the product on your skin. One of the disks is used for the day, and the other for the night.

Rosacea-LTD Worked for me

I have used these for a few years in the past and there are many rosacea-support members who have also found them useful. I kept using them for quite a long time because I was happy that they were shrinking my papules and pustules – and thus were helping to reduce the redness. The benefit continued over the course of about a year as I worked at reducing the inflammation of a red and acne looking nose.

Compared to a rosacea treatment that comes in a tube that lasts only 2 months, or a box of tablets that lasts a single month, Rosacea-LTD is a bargain!

Rosacea-LTD Reviews

Here are links to some other `old-timer’ reviews from people who have used Rosacea-LTD.

Rosacea LTD Disks Personal History, Debbie Gallegos

I was that convinced after only 2 weeks that the new product was far superior for treating my skin condition than anything I had ever tried before over the 14 years. And the dilated veins are almost all but gone, the itchy is gone, and my skin no longer feels bumpy. And it worked being tested initially during the greatest challenge I face yearly, summer sun, heat and dry wind that is so prevalent in my area of California.  Normally I wouldn’t bother to take the time to write a company back about their product if I liked it. I would just keep using it, and that would be my testament to it. But I know how lousy this condition can make you feel, both physically and emotionally, and if I can encourage anyone else suffering out there to give this a try, then my few minutes spent writing this was well worth it. What have you got to lose, except maybe the suffering? Anyone feel free to write me personally if you need more reassurance. Thanks Rosacea Ltd!.

Rosacea Ltd papules pustules, Pat Lucey

I didn’t notice much of a change for about a week, but then I discovered that I wasn’t getting any new papules, and that the redness in my face was starting to fade.  It improved every week after that.  After about a year of daily use, my breakouts were confined to my cheeks and chin, with occasional dots on my nose after a particularly bad flush.  The condition of my skin continues to improve (I’ve been using the disks for 3 years now), but it’s not just the disks, although they help quite a bit.

Rosacea ltd III disks

Hi SC, I’ve had the same problem occasionally, but have found the disks to be very effective … Best of luck to you. The disks have dramatically improved my skin, but they have taken a little experimentation.

Rosacea LTD Discs

I have talked to other people and they say the same about the yellow (it has more sulphur) in it and i am allergic to sulphur drugs so I was really worried about using the rosacea discs but topically is supposed to be different than internally. I really find them better than the metrogel.

Rosacea-Ltd Ingredients

The Rosacea-Ltd web site lists the ingredients of their product as zinc oxide, sodium chloride, iron oxide, copper oxide, cornstarch, polyethylene glycol, and sulfur

This product is only available at the Rosacea-LTD website at

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About the Author: David Pascoe started the Rosacea Support Group in October 1998. .

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66 Reader Comments

  1. comment via email from Fran.

    “I have gotten bumps on the back of my ears. So it would not surprise me no matter where they showed up. I now use the rosacea ltd discs on the backs of my ears as well as my face.


  2. Lukasz says:

    It is working for sure ,Great results i got, the best thing there is i ve tried

  3. Christine says:

    Is this pdt safe? I chanced upon this site which showed a letter addressed to B&B for failing to comply with the rules & regulations.

  4. Nick says:

    I started to develop Rosacea about 5 years ago. I was prescribed “Anabact” whose active ingredient is metronidazole. This seemed to do little more than burn the skin off my face. As the condition worsened I started looking at alternatives on the internet and Rosacea forums. I next tried “Pro-Skin rosacea” a cream applied twice daily specifically, as stated, to combat the demodex mite. Initially things seemed to improve but before long the improvements stopped, and I was back where I started. Typically I would wake up with a burning sensation all over my forehead and face, both of which felt hot and flushed, and my forehead particularly would be covered in pustules, which I squeezed out for appearance sake. The condition always seemed to improve as the day wore on, but come the next morning the same thing.

    I then happened upon Rosacea-LTD IV, read many reviews, and decided to give it a go. I was particularly drawn by the promise of a money back guarantee, this seems to demonstrate complete faith in the product. I ordered the product on 30th April this year. I started on the suggested new regime of drinking 10 glasses of water per day, and using jojoba oil on my face and forehead. The discs arrived on 7th May, the day before I had had another bad flare-up.

    I have been on the full regime since the evening of the 7th May, and now on the morning of the 16th May, I awoke to a face and forehead virtually clear. My skin is no longer dry and flaky and covered in red patches, but feels again like the skin on the rest of my body. I have not seen my face/forehead almost back to normal for 5 years.

    Hey it may get worse again, but so far so good….. I would recommend it, it’s just great to feel good about my appearance again.

  5. mariane maher says:

    i was very happy to find your site. i too ordered rosacea ltd iv; but i was really afraid to try it. it is so far from previous treatments and i thought it might be a scam. i wanted to read real reviews and now i have found what i needed. seems to be working for me and it’s so easy, thanks for you.

  6. Tom Sandeman says:

    I’ve been using Rosacea LTD IV for nearly 3 years and it’s completely changed my rosacea. I had an extremely red nose and quite a few bumps. Within a week or two my face had returned practically to normal. My nose still looks a tiny bit red, particularly if I miss a few days of application, but I’m incredibly thankful for this product. I’d tried a few whacky things before but this worked great.

  7. Rob says:

    I’ve seen the ad for Rosacea LTD for a while but never gave it a second glance until last weekend for some strange reason I checked out the website which seemed genuine enough and I checked out this rosacea forum because this place is where most posts are real and true and gospel to me. I’ve posted in the past with other regiments that worked for a little while but nothing lasts with this freakin curse from hell. Yesterday evening at 8:00 PM EST was the first application following their instructions to the letter except they wanted me to hydrate for 10 days before using the disks but I can’t (wont more like it) wait 10 days I have P&P’s that have to go now, not 10 days from now so hopefully this will not ruin anything too much. I will post in a week and let you all know how it’s going.

  8. nickford99 says:

    Hi Rob, all good luck with your treatment. It really worked for me for a year. Now 1 year on I am not so sure. I admit I have been lax in taking the 10 glasses of water per day, but I still use the discs every day, and sadly over the last few months the redness and lumps and pustules have started to reappear. I have now started to wash my pillows every week, that seems to help a little. I will also let you know how things progress. let’s keep in touch – this is a beast of a condition.

    • Kate says:

      Hello! Good luck, Rob. I’ve been using the disks (two of the white ones rather than one white and one red — maybe try that, nickford99?) for three years and have never had a serious relapse. I drink mineral water for the extra alkalinity and I take antibiotics when any blind pimples threaten. Rosacea Ltd really fixed something nothing else could — I hope you can soon say the same!

      PS I don’t think I waited the ten days either!

  9. Rob says:

    Thank you Kate and Nickford99, It is comforting in away to speak with people in the same boat, your comments are taken to heart and greatly appreciated. Since I am writing and it has only been 3 full days since the first application on Thursday I will share the results so far. I have not used the jojoba oil like they stated but no real issues because of that (very slight flaking on my nose), the p&p’s have diminished I’d say 70% and the heat I usually feel is calm now, still some redness but I’ll give it time like I have everything else to be fair. I’ll get back in a few days

    • Rob says:

      Been a week (7 days) About the same as day 4 but I have been trying to incorporate the jojoba oil more and working on more water consumption so I will say after 7 days I can’t complain. I hope it gets better with time I’ll just have to wait and see. My nose is stiil redder than I would like and it always seems a little swollen but it’s been like that for quite awhile now so I imagine it will take time if in fact there is a chance on returning to normal. The p&p’s are just about gone except for that pesky one or two that seem to cling on to existence it’s more like a permanent blemish now and a couple of tiny whiteheads and bumpy textured skin. I am going to give it more time before I start looking elsewhere (hope I don’t have to). I’ll post again next thursday night. Good luck to all.

      • nick says:

        Stick with it Rob. I have absolutely no idea what causes the flare ups, but mine have again diminished. I seem to be almost back to normal again, but I am sure that the discs and the water intake have helped. I also think that pillow washing is a good idea.

      • Rob says:

        It’s August 30th, things are somewhat the same since last post, the p&p’s seem to be migrating to my face from my nose hmmm? never had issues with that before. I have only been applying to my nose so I will start covering more face area so till next post take care all. I have been using a lot more jojoba oil, will have to adjust I guess.

  10. maria concilio says:

    Just started using a product that is very promising. I was allergic to the discs so whoever had a similar reaction , this may help. It’s a product by Boots, Botanics. There is a cleanser, a day cream and a night cream all of which are excellent. Hope this helps!

  11. Leah says:

    hi, I am so glad to find all of you wonderful people who have taken the time to comment !
    I just purchased the discs and am trying to hydrate well before beginning to use them. I am glad to read the mostly positive feedback. I drink lemon-water for alkalinity too, but find it difficult to drink the recommended 3 qts a day ! for me, that’s a lotta water. I was concerned that without the proper hydration, it might not be safe to start using the discs but I see some of you did just that. I am in my 40’s and have had rosacea as long as I can remember, probably about 20 years or more. Only now it is probably worse than ever. 🙁 Wishing Good Health and Complete Recovery to all rosacea sufferers out there.

  12. marlene says:

    Hi. I’ve used the disks and jojoba oil for 2 years. I just ran out of my 2nd batch and the red spots are coming back so i best get another shipment. I used to have acne but that’s gone except for the odd small pimple on my chin when i have PMS or around Christmas when i really eat and drink poorly. As for the rosacea I don’t get spots unless i miss a day or two. I think the jojoba oil really helps too. Changed my life!!! Worth every penny. And i bet I’d do even better if i hydrated and drank lemon water.

  13. Simon says:

    Hi, I have just purchased the tan and the white disk for my Ocular rosacea, has anyone been using them for this condition rather than face rosacea?
    Would really appreciate some feedback looking to reduce redness, visible vessels etc.

  14. Yanster says:

    This stuff is little more than sulphur and sodium chloride (salt). Do not get taken in by this hogwash, you couldn’t put anything worse on your skin!

  15. Comment via email.

    “I wanted to say the Rosacea LTD III cleared my rosacea when nothing else I tried ( fronm derms and elsewhere) did and it also worked for other undiagnosed skin rashes … but I couldn’t figure out how to post on your site.


  16. Frankie says:

    Have tried Rosacea-Ltd IV for a couple weeks and my rosacea is much, much worse. I’m going back to prosacea (it dosen’t cure my condition but it dosen’t make it worse….) When I first used r-Ltd my face would burn and my rosacea would get worst right away. The burn would eventually subside by the worse condition remained. Contacted their help website – never got an answer. Product is going back for a refund.

  17. Rhonda Solomito says:

    I am a senior citizen, and following a lifetime of adult acne, I developed inflammatory rosacea (skin and ocular) as a senior. I too have tried everything, otc’s, antibiotics, metronidazole topical, etc. I stumbled upon the r Ltd IV while scouring the internet one night. I ordered it and, along with the alkaline water and jojoba oil regimen, have been using for over 2 years. My skin and nose are completely clear and have been since about a month or two after starting the product. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

    The ocular rosacea is another story. Didn’t really help with that. I am hoping that this company develops a product specifically for ocular rosacea in the near future!

  18. Kamenko Pajic says:

    I don’t think they are in business any more. I placed an order, they took a money and never sent disks. No replies to my multiple emails and the phone number listed on their website is not working.

  19. Kim Belanger says:

    are you still in business?

    • Edward Carpenter says:

      Did you ever get your disks sent to you? Its been over a month since I ordered and I am nearly running out. I am so afraid they have gone out of business. The disks saved my skin and my mental health relies on them 🙁

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