Rosacea-LTD is available again with new owners

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Rosacea-LTD has been discussed on rosacea forums on the internet for a long time. If I recall correctly, one of the reasons I created rosacea-support in the first instance, back in 1998, was to get to hear what others thought of this product.

If you allow me to quote myself, this is what I had to say in 2008.

Rosacea-LTD Worked for me

I have used these for a few years in the past and there are many rosacea-support members who have also found them useful. I kept using them for quite a long time because I was happy that they were shrinking my papules and pustules – and thus were helping to reduce the redness. The benefit continued over the course of about a year as I worked at reducing the inflammation of a red and acne looking nose.

Compared to a rosacea treatment that comes in a tube that lasts only 2 months, or a box of tablets that lasts a single month, Rosacea-LTD is a bargain!

New Owners

As of earlier in the year, Rosacea-LTD has new owners. The good news for rosacea sufferers is that the formulation is exactly the same as it always has been, and prompt shipping is again available. The new owners are rosacea sufferers themselves so you can be sure they will be interested in helping you get relief from your symptoms.

What is Rosacea-LTD?

The product consists of 2 compressed disks of various salts and sulphur. You gently slide the product over wet skin, leaving a tiny amount of the product on your skin. One of the disks is used for the day, and the other for the night.

Where to buy Rosacea-LTD?

The discs known as Rosacea-LTD are only available from their web site located at

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