Rosacea Ltd III + Dr Sy’s roscea products successes

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From:  “Debbie Gallegos”
Date:  Tue May 23, 2000  2:05 pm
Subject:  Rosacea Ltd III/Dr Sy’s products successes

I also have used the Rosacea Ltd. Disks, for 2 years now, (I just received the new and improved (texture & feel) version (III)of the disks-very smooth and creamy) with astounding success over all other creams, antibiotics (oral and lotions) and gels I have had Rx’s for, for the last 16 years. On rare occasion I will add tetracycline to the regime in times of great stress (emotional or weather wise, esp.) for a few days to clear up any redness it causes…but for me the disks have proved to be the tonic my papules and pustules and itchy/burning /spidery veined skin needed 2 years ago. For some it works fabulously-but you have to give it several weeks of faithful, twice daily usage to see optimum results-and then continue religiously thereafter. You will know long before the refund time frame is up whether they will work for you or not.

The disks, combined with Dr Sy’s product line, are the best combination I have found in all my years of spending $$$ , and searching, for better and gentler skin care products to try and make this facial nightmare livable.  The oils, lotions, soaps from Dr Sy’s lines are so face friendly, and now Zinc-O (which goes on great/protects wonderfully from the harsh sun ((I was outside all day yesterday at the Sunset Magazine’s 2000 Home and Garden Show, just I , my face, and Zinc-O, in 99 degree intense sun and heat and stupidly forgot my straw hat, and NO sunburn and NO red hot flushing did I suffer))-that one day in itself made me an ultimate believer in this sunscreen-I have never before found one I was happy with that didn’t irritate, or go on like lard. And it covers blemishes or red areas well without looking tinted or makeup like on your skin, even though it comes out of the tube tinted (how that works beats me).

Both products well worth the time and effort to try if you haven’t (just don’t be neglectful of returning them after a fair trial if you aren’t satisfied- there is a customer satisfaction guarantee on both product lines)-if it takes up useless space in your medicine cabinet if they don’t work for you-then you are at fault for not following thru with a return.


[Rosacea-LTD are only available from their web site]

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