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Date:  Sat Mar 3, 2001  8:53 pm
Subject:  Re: Rosacea ltd III disks

Hi SC, I’ve had the same problem occasionally, but have found the disks to be very effective. A few things I’ve learned are:

One, make sure your face is dripping wet when you apply the product.

Two, make sure you are well-oiled. Are you using jojoba?

Three, make sure you are only using it on the areas truly affected by your rosacea. I made the mistake of using it on my whole face, when I really didn’t need it everywhere. The end result was that the places that weren’t previously red were becoming red. And the places that were red, were becoming normal. Kind of a reversal.

Four, if you are having irritation in certain places, do add extra moisturizer before applying the disks. Certain parts of our faces are drier or the skin is thinner, or whatever. But there are definitely places that don’t tolerate the disks as well as others. I like to apply a thin layer of either vaseline or Neosporin to these areas (followed by another splash of water to make sure my face is still dripping wet) before applying the disks, and this seems to resolve the problem.

Five, don’t graduate to the yellow disk unless you absolutely feel you must. I’ve read many other postings indicating that the results with the brown disk tend to be better as the yellow often causes irritation. I know when I tried the yellow disk, I had itchy red patches the following day and have not gone back to it as a result.  The brown seems to work just fine. My skin tends to be the dry, flaky kind rather than the oily, pimply kind and that may explain my reaction.

Six, make sure you are not rubbing or scratching your face after applying the disks. They leave a thin film of minerals on your face and sratching or rubbing will burn them in to the skin and cause irritation. The minerals either absorb or slough off after a couple hours.

Seven, consider using the disk only once a day if all else fails.

Also, if you’ve just started using them (as in just a few days), this may be normal anyway. I know that after I initially started using them, my face would be quite red for a couple of hours and then the redness would go away. Now, my face does not turn red after using them.

Best of luck to you. The disks have dramatically improved my skin, but they have taken a little experimentation. The color of my skin has lightened almost back to normal color after my derm told me my raw salmon colored skin was permanent! I hope they work as well for you.


[Rosacea-LTD are only available from their web site]

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7 Reader Comments

  1. Ann Alice A. says:

    Hi Julie,
    Thanks for the tips. I’ve just started using this product. (Can’t say I like the smell…). Unfortunately, when I used the facecloth this morning, it rubbed a spot on my nose and the spot bled. I wonder if I should use the facecloth only once a day or if at all (right now I’m using the tan disk for a total of 10 nights, as instructed, then wash in the morning. Because of the smell, I really don’t want to use the disk in the morning before going out/work. It isn’t strong-smelling, but I just can’t ignore it either). Their website has alot of good, natural ideas that no doctor will ever tell anybody, yet it seems like alot to deal with. (body & water pH, alkaline diet restrictions,more sleep than I can fit in, washing tons of facecloths & towels…I wonder how much of this is really necessary for me. I don’t want to stop “living” and having a life either. What to do……anyway, thanks for sharing.

  2. maria says:

    Hi Alice, did you find that this product finally worked for you? I am trying to find a topic product that I can use.


  3. Alan says:

    the product works teffically! there are a few other threads related to the disks so please explore them all, but for me the website advise along with the disks work brilliantly in calming the skin as most of the ingredients are not only 100% natural but anti-imflamatory and vascular contrictors.

    If you have mild acne it will clear this better than any product on the market as as mentioned in other posts it does dry your skin out a bit which with acne will prevent the build of excessive sebum which is a double bonus as you dont get the shiny skin often associated with rosacea and spots.

    The product is better than any other i have tried, and the website is more informative than any other i have read.

  4. kkwgiw says:

    I just purchased Prosacea so I don’t have an oppinion on it yet, but for all of us Rosacea suffers out there maybe you can help me.

    What is the best foundation coverage you have used? I’ve tried liquids, powders and the mineral foundations. So far, not really that great.

  5. NIDIA says:

    I have found Jane Iredale and Mineral fusion lines offer good coverage are antibacterial and cover well.
    I have recently purchase the discs, After a severe Rosacea flareup after using a soap called Wonder bar . This soap is supposed to detoxify skin but I would not recommend it for Rosacea sufferers. My skin had been doing fairly well for over 2 1/2 years until then. I got diagnosed with Rosacea about 4 years ago. It has been an experience for sure .
    I will definitely leave feed back on discs once I start them. I too have spend hundreds of dollars on skin care for this affliction. I have found that dietary changes, fluid intake are corner stones to healing Rosacea.

  6. Sarb says:

    Can anyone tell me if it’s okay to continue using metrogel plus the disks. I only received the disks a couple of days ago, but am worried about NOT using metrogel in case the rosaceau gets worse. I have not used metrogel for the past 2 days whilst using the disks.

    Also, I will be applying sunscreen plus makeup tomorrow, just hoping that this doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the disks.

    Any/all comments are appreciated.

  7. Kimber70 says:

    Can anyone tell me why my derm prescribed metrocream instead of a gel? My papules and acne popped of out of nowhere at 48 yo and I’m a white woman but I’m not fair, I tan very easy and spent my whole life in much sun in Florida? I tried azelaic 20% after the metro and still having bumps. I tapered off doxycycline because I was afraid of ruining my gut.

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