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Those that have been around the rosacea online community for a while tend to be very focused on rosacea. If you ask Google how many people are searching for particular keywords you can see a bit more perspective on where rosacea fits in the global internet consciousness.


Keyword Monthly Search Volume
laser 55,600,000
facial 16,600,000
acne 9,140,000
psoriasis 2,240,000
eczema 1,830,000
dermatologist 1,500,000
pimple 1,220,000
dermatitis 1,220,000
rosacea 1,000,000
seborrheic dermatitis 165,000
acne treatment 823,000
acne rosacea 60,500

What it means

This list suggests that acne is around 10 times more popular than rosacea as a search topic. Also psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis are all searched for more often than rosacea.

Do you find rosacea’s ranking in this list surprising ?

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  1. Jasmine 215 says:

    It would be nice to find PERMANENT, DNA cures for every skin disease there is. Maybe go through the entire Human Genome and knock off whatever is diseased or flawed!


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