Rosacea Concierge from Bayer HealthCare


With a tag line of `Your Partner in Rosacea Care’, Bayer HealthCare, are highlighting a new service they call Rosacea Concierge.

What is Rosacea Concierge?

It seems that the main benefit of the Rosacea Concierge service, apart from a Finacea Coupon (that you can download for free independently) is `a 24-hour telephone access to nurses who specialize in rosacea education’.

This may be useful for someone who has just been diagnosed with rosacea and is looking for someone to talk to about their new diagnosis.

The Rosacea Concierge Website also offers some of the simple features of the Rosacea App like an Online Trigger Tracker and other `Personalized Tools’.

Whilst this service is obviously a promotional venture for Bayer, it is a good sign that the Germany-based pharmaceutical company is willing to invest in some form of public education and promotion of the condition and the availability of treatments.

Who is Bayer HealthCare?

Bayer HealthCare are the makers of Finacea. For more information see Bayer HealthCare and Rosacea.

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6 Reader Comments

  1. David Copley says:

    Unfortunately most of the information supplied does not help Australians..

    • Yes it is true it is focussed on the US market. In Australia it is not even Bayer/Intendis who makes Finacea, but CSL. So the Australian marketplace for Finacea is quite different – if not also because it is so cheap – just $25 a tube.

      • David Copley says:

        Hi! David..Australians should be aware, that an alternative to Finacea is Ego AZClear (20%) Azeliac Acid… It would be very interesting to to know just how many Rosacea patients also have High Blood Pressure.!!.. Research has shown that reducing Blood Pressure seems to help with the reduction of facial redness.. This apparently depends on the type of medication prescribed ..This information was recently given to me by a Melbourne Skin Specialist..David Copley.

  2. Polly B. says:

    Per the conversation above – How is the US version (Bayer/Intendis) different than the Australian version (CSL)? What accounts for the huge price difference? ($25 in Australia versus on average $225 in US). Thanks!

  3. There no real reason for the price difference other than manufacturers charge as much as they think the market will bear. The US is used to paying that much for prescriptions – and some insurance policies set a precedence by paying up !

    I imagine that the CSL version in Australia could have been put up on prescription only, I assume that it was seen as safe enough for pharmacies only and someone decided it might be more profitable if it was over the counter.

    It would be an interesting bit of history if we ever found out how it came to be in Australia.

  4. Diane says:

    Don’t know if this is the right place, but I want to thank Rosacea Concierge for the Coppertone facial sunscreen I received today!!

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