Linda Sy Mild Oatmeal Facial Cleanser

Dr. Linda Sy has been a long time friend of the Rosacea Support Group. A respected dermatologist, she answered questions for rosacea sufferers for several years. Also, through her own company Linda Sy Skincare, developed 2 products specifically for rosacea sufferers – a mild cleanser and a well tolerated zinc oxide dimethicone sunscreen.

Lets look at her Mild Oatmeal Facial Cleanser. Motivated by some support group members who were making their own cleansing masks with oatmeal and water, Dr. Sy wondered if oatmeal could form the basis for a gentle cleanser. The idea of using colloidal oatmeal was that it could help sop up flakes associated with seborrheic dermatitis and excess sebum and oil buildup on the surface of the skin. Here are some comments from rosacea sufferers who use this cleanser ;

“For a cleanser, I would suggest Linda Sy Oatmeal Cleanser. It’s mild but takes the make-up off well.””…but Linda Sy’s Mild Oatmeal Cleanser works a treat with no rubbing or irritation.”

“I have been using this cleanser for more than two weeks now and have only very good things to say about it. It is by far the least irritating cleanser I have used and the best part is that it cleans away the dry and dead skin cells that have accumulated. I do not get red at all when I apply it and my skin feels terrific afterwards.”

“I love Dr. Sy’s oatmeal cleanser. I don’t have any of the bumps or pimples but my skin is very sensitive of course and this cleans well without irritating and helps with the flakiness which I have even though my skin is not dry.”

[update:] Sadly Dr. Sy’s web site at is no longer operating. RosaceaCare has announced that they will be selling an identical formulation to the Mild Oatmeal Facial Cleanser under their own branding.

[update 2] Rosacea Care are now selling Mild Oatmeal Facial Cleanser via their online site at

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16 Reader Comments

  1. Sanga says:

    I have been using Dr Linda Sy’s rosacea’s products for years and suddenly I have not been able to reach her website: lindasy com
    Does anyone know what has happened ?
    My skin has never been so good and I am very worried that she no longer produces these wonderful products.

  2. Hi Sanga,

    Recently Rosacea Care announced that they soon will be selling the oatmeal cleanser via their web site.

    See ZincO, Vita-Oil and Oatmeal Cleanser available again soon for more info.


  3. Mary says:

    There are 2 OATMEAL CLEANSERS listed on eBay right now.

    Does anyone know what the new price will be with Rosacea Care or when they’ll be available?

  4. Rebecca says:

    I have the following Linda Sy products listed on eBay:

    moisture lotion for normal/combination skin
    recreational sunscreen SPF 30
    optimal light sunscreen SPF 15
    acne control gel
    concealing loose powder
    souffle cream medium
    eye firming gel
    kabuki brushes

    If you have any questions, please e-mail me at

  5. maureen says:

    Has anyone seen the Acne Cover Lotion by Linda Sy any where? It works great for oily areas and breakouts. It contains a couple different forms of sulfur titanium dioxide zinc oxides zinc sulfate etc. I have used it for years and love it

  6. Mary says:

    I have been using the Lynda Sy moisturizing oil on my legs for years. I am unable to get to Lynda’Sy website to purchase this oil. Can anyone help??

  7. tuy7 says:

    Most people have recommended the Made from Earth Rosehip Face Serum and Detox Cleanser – but for me, the Green Tea Toxin Cleanser, from Made from Earth, is what help rid me of my rosacea.

    I have been using the Green Tea Toxin Cleanser for about 2 years. I have been pretty sure that it had significant benefits for my face, but now I am convinced.

    I recently ran out and in the meantime started using an alternate cleanser. My skins redness has increased, as have small blemishes. I was delighted to spend the money this time around! It is cheap compared to other organic and chemical free cleansers, but the system works for me (cleanser & moisturizer).

    Not even prescription creams have worked so well for me. I believe all the harmful chemicals in other cleansers were ADDING to my rosacea. I highly recommend the Made from Earth Green Tea Toxin Cleanser for people with rosacea – you never know if its the harful chemicals cause your face to become red like that.

    As a moisturizer i use their Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum – which is also chemical free…

  8. Hi All,

    RosaceaCare have just let me know that their Oatmeal Facial Cleanser is available to purchase online and will ship from December 14.

    They have confirmed that the formulation and lab are the same as when it was made for Linda Sy.

    The URL to order is


    (RC are a site sponsor of

  9. Erica Askew says:

    I’ve just been diagnosed with Rocesea – well about 4 months ago and am pretty devastated. It’s been pretty embarrassing and painful and I can’t figure out what I may be eating or using on my skin to make it flare. My first breakout was mid-August and I got that cleared up after 3 weeks of treatment and now it’s been back for another 2 weeks. I switched from the Aveeno clear complexion line (after using it for about 5 years with no problems) and have started using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer. The moisturizer burns my skin and doesn’t moisturize enough and the cleanser doesn’t remove my make up fully. I’m wondering what suggestions you might have in combination with trying the Oatmeal Cleanser you’ve all mentioned being so great above (keeping in mind, I’d prefer to not spend over $20 or $30 per bottle).
    ***My symptoms so far have been like the papulopustular rosacea I can find online. My skin, in general, is strange. It is sensitive, can be quite oily in my T-zone yet the top layer be dry and flaky at the same time. I’m at a loss, please help me.

  10. LS says:

    Erica – I have had mild rosacea for at least 5 years now (mostly likely inherited from my mom). I have sensitive and very oily skin. During the past years my skin has been occasionally dry and I had two occasions where my eyelids and jawline were extremely flaky. I still don’t know the ultimate cause(s) for these skin variations, but I assume it is related to harsh weather, cosmetics, and cleansers. I also have blackheads and bumpy skin texture (which I assume is a form of acne) with occasional acne (papule type).

    I went to my dermatologist for help regarding my rosacea, acne, and blackheads. She told me that scientists don’t know the cause of rosacea, but she proceeded to write me a prescription for a gel (I cannot remember the name at this moment, I can look it up later if you wish) for the acne and blackheads. I remember that the possible side effects were lightening of the skin. I used the product for two days with adverse side effects that did not match the ones listed. I got moles (aka beauty marks) and deep acne scars (round and ice pick scars). After that experience I stopped going to the dermatologist and decided to do research on my own.

    Over the years, I have tried my share of acne fighting products. I figured I had acne and blackheads due to an excess in oil. So, I searched for a good cleanser. Either the cleansers were too harsh or too mild for my very oily, sensitive, rosacea skin. Now I take a wash cloth and soak it in hot water and press it against my face. The hot water absorbs the oils. This probably isn’t the best for my rosacea, but it isn’t the worst, considering that I know it helps control my oily skin. Plus, I cannot avoid flare ups every second of the day, exercise is one example, and the benefits of exercise far outweigh the effect of a momentary flare up. I also use Neutrogena’s Fresh Foaming Cleanser which doubles as a makeup remover and cleanser (it removes makeup very well in my opinion). Unfortunately the cleanser isn’t strong enough to completely clear up my acne and blackheads, but it’s better than most products I tried.

    I figure that my face might not be clearly up because it is linked to my rosacea. I have been doing research on the internet for natural herbal rosacea treatments. And have found many suggested herbs. Of them, however, aloe vera, green tea, chamomile, and lavender have the least side effects that I can find; tea tree oil is somewhat debatable, it seems to work great for some.

    I read the post to this forum and researched reviews of Made from Earth Green Tea Toxin Cleanser. The more reviews I read, the more I realized that probably one or two people were posting the same positive reviews across several forums and websites. Despite this evident liability, I checked the ingredients of the product and saw aloe vera, green tea, chamomile, and lavender among other herbs that I recognized to be beneficial for the skin. Based on this observation alone, I will seriously consider trying this product. Unfortunately, if this product does work, it would be extremely difficult to isolate the effective herbal(s), for I highly doubt that the whole combined would be responsible for successful results.

  11. Nance says:


    I have been battling rosacea for several years. i had been using Aveeno’s calming night cream (as well as the other Aveeno Calming Products) however, Aveeno discontinued the night cream for some unknown reason. I have been trying out different creams, but none have been as good. I tried the Eucerin products, but I am not too happy with the night cream and the only other over the counter products around here was The Clinique line and it was horrible for my skin. Can anyone suggest a night cream that doesn’t cost alot and I don’t have to pay for shipping? Also, has anyone heard of Azulen Milk Products by Dr R A Eckstein? if so, was there any success with these products?


  12. Pauline M says:

    I read the same reviews as LS regarding the Made from Earth Green Tea Toxin Cleanser. It was OK, but what REALLY worked for my rosacea was Made from Earth’s rosehip serum.

    Its in their face treatment section – and it really made my skin not red and not inflammed. I just used it after I showered in areas where I was getting red and it would calm down my skin.

  13. Helena says:

    I have been diagnosed with Rosacea today and I am utterly devastated. I do not like to use prescription medication which of course my dermatologist prescribed. I am going to give the Aveeno Calming products a try and see if this will help. I have been using the Burt’s Bee moisturizer before and this is not helping. I will keep you posted.

  14. Genesis says:

    I have a little rosacea on my nose and cheeks. I bought the aveeno ultra calming cream and at 1st when I used it worked great and I started seeing my skin tone even but then after 2 weeks I started getting acne below my cheeks where I have never had acne before. It was the cream that caused my acne. So I stopped using the aveeno cream. But for some people who try new products can get acne when they 1st use it but then it goes away once skin has adjusted to it. So I decided to try the cream again because I didn’t want to waste it. It has been working okay and I think it has helped with my redness a little but whenever I first put it on after I wash my face it stings a little and actually makes my skin red but then after a few minutes it’s back to normal. The aveeno ultra calming cream is suppose to be for sensitive skin types but it stings my skin! My skin isn’t super sensitive but only a little. I think it isn’t good for sensitive skin because it has fragrance.

  15. bluebell says:

    Hi it wiil be 3 years this coming Autumn I went to my doctors with 2 red hot spots
    on both cheeks. I was treated for a fungus it made red marks on my skin I was diagnosed with possible sebboreic derm but not rosacea yet by a dermatitis.
    I to another Dermatitis also was given a test for allergys was told I had Fragrance, Lanolin Alcohol,and Nickel allergy and had seboreic derm and looked like rosacea Pusules.

    However that autumn 3 years ago whenI was treated for fungus and the treatment plus antibiotic made my skin worse before seeing dermatologist.After my skin test to the second dermatitis I tried Metrozole jel and cream made my skin so dry and the cream made it turn redder?.

    I use aveeno cream it has no perfume Lanolin alcohol however it has no sun protection for the skin, also cetaphil gentle skin wash cetaphil moisture cream is ok but I get more pustules when I use it. I have just been trying out a face pack I made from porrige oats for my face, also eating it at breakfast with yogurt. Early days

    I am on antibiotics over 1 year still getting spots also Clonindine for the flushing I now am taking 6 a day but I still wake up red morning time .I am wanting to try a new cream that has absolutly no perfumes I have not yet found anything to cover my face with its so flaky so looks kind of strange looking with makeup.

    I know my triggers for flushing and its heat , heat from laptop or very cold weather possible banannas and stress, activity like health club. I Dont drink alcohol, currys coffee, hot food or drink Havnt given up hoping for a cure.

    I am desperate to get some cosmetics plus moisuriser with sun protection even my lips flake at times thanks to allergy hope you all have a good day and its good to know I am not the only one with this skin problem.

    Best wishes


  16. Helena says:

    I have had rosacea for over a year now. However it is 95 percent cured.The doctors and the dermatologists were both useless. I did my own research, observed my body and consulted with my health consultant at my local natural health store.
    ROSACEA 1V website was of immense help. I read the information, sent for their medication and followed most of their instructions and I was able to overcome this dreadful “disease” after about 3 months.
    I think each individual is different and what may be causing the rosacea in one person may not be the exact cause for another person. Mine was cause by an over acidic blood. I corrected it and still is by eating a mainly alkaline diet. I am using the Rosacea 1V medication on my face to repair the damaged blood vessels.All is fine and I do not get any flushing or acne and anything associated with rosacea. Please go to the website and read it and follow the instructions, this also may be the cure for your rosacea. Please do some natural cleanses and follow your natural health consultant instructions as i did and you will be able to rid your horrible rosacea.REMEMBER THIS IS AN INTERNAL PROBLEM ,TREATING THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR FACE WOULD NEVER RID THIS PROBLEM.
    God’s Blessings and Good Luck. Please feel free to email me any questions you have.

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