rosacea and stress: trial participants wanted

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Daphne Su, a Doctor of Psychology Candidate at Murdoch University is looking for people to help her with some reasearch into the affects of stress and anxiety on rosacea. Her supervisor is Dr. Peter Drummond who is known to us as being a member of the new defunct RRF Medical Advisory Committee. We have quoted Dr. Drummond in the past in the Rosacea Highlights: rosacea ETS comments and warnings.

Please do help Daphne if you can.

Dear all,

I’m Daphne, a Doctor of Psychology Student at Murdoch University in Western Australia investigating the relationship between stress and subtype 1 of rosacea (chronic facial flushing) under the supervision of Dr. Peter Drummond.

A couple of months ago, I enquired if rosacea sufferers encounter issues with stress and anxiety on this forum. I understand that rosacea sufferers often have to make lifestyle changes to cope with the disorder, but little formal assistance is provided. My study is interested in understanding how our skin might react to different stimulus as well as if psychological intervention (e.g. stress management strategies, relaxation..etc) will assist rosacea sufferers to better manage with this disorder.

Therefore, you are invited to participate in an study at Murdoch University to investigate the impact of blushing on rosacea and whether psychological treatment will assist in managing the symptoms of rosacea. It is anticipated that first part of the study, to investigate changes in skin blood flow in rosacea, will take no more than two hrs to complete. You may also be invited to participate in the treatment phase, where free psychological assistance will be provided to better cope with the distressing aspects of rosacea. This part of the study will involve filling out a daily diary of symptoms and attending Murdoch Psychology Clinic once/week for 12 weeks.

I’m pretty flexible with timings and welcome any enquires or interest in participation regarding this study.

Please feel free to contact myself, Daphne Su on email me at . Alternatively, you can contact my supervisor, Dr. Peter Drummond on +61 08 9360-2415 or email

This research has been approved by the Murdoch University Human Research Ethics Committee.

Thank you,
Daphne Su
Doctor of Psychology Candidate

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  1. Barney says:

    I am a 75 year old male and in the last year my Mother was in a home and had breast cancer.
    I would visit her 3-4 times a week and in Dec, of 2015 she started to have pain and I found visits stressful fornot being able to do anything for her. In Jan of 2016 I started to feel like I had a sun burn and it has gotten progressively worse as time goes on. Mom died hard at 97 in Feb of 2016 and since then I have been diagnosed with Rosecea and the continual burning and itch is driving me nuts 24/7. Never related it to stress but perhaps there is something to it. Better start drinking and smoking MJ. Just kidding and trying everything I know to do. Dr.s no help.

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