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Allergan’s Oxymetazoline based cream, Rhofade (oxymetazoline hydrochloride cream 1%) – for the treatment of the redness of rosacea is now generally available. Does it work to effectively and safely reduce the redness of rosacea? You have come to the right page to find out.

Some Oxymetazoline History

For rosacea sufferers it has been a long development cycle, the story starting with the emergence of Oxymetazoline as a rosacea active in 2007. Aspect Pharmaceuticals, Vicept Therapeutics and finally Allergan were owners of the intellectual property behind Rhofade, which first came to our attention through a 2005 patent (20050165079) by Shanler and Ondo.

So it has been a very long time since rosacea sufferers first starting hearing about the active in products like Afrin being a possible treatment for the redness of rosacea.

What is Rhofade?

Rhofade is being promoted as ;

The first and only α 1A adrenoceptor agonist approved for persistent facial erythema associated with rosacea in adults.

This is sales-speak as Mirvaso has been available for several years now and is similarly promoted as the only `α adrenoceptor agonist’.

Is Rhofade the same as Mirvaso?

If you were to solely read internet reviews of Mirvaso you could be forgiven for thinking that Mirvaso has been a very problematic product for Galderma (see Mirvaso Reviews). The adverse reaction rate to Mirvaso during the clinical trials before approval does not appear to be borne out by subsequent internet respondents. It isn’t clear why this appears to be the case – more frequent adverse reactions experienced outside the tightly controlled and monitored environment of the blinded clinical trials.

Every rosacea sufferer looking for relief from their red face is hoping that as claimed, Rhofade really will prove to be a “topical treatment of persistent facial erythema associated with rosacea in adults.”

Rhofade – the successor to Mirvaso?

It isn’t yet clear what Allergan have been able to do with the commonly available active ingredient Oxymetazoline to package it as palatable to the sensitive skin of rosacea sufferers. One clue appears to be the usage of “more selective for α1D-adrenoceptors are less prone to induce receptor desensitization than are α1A– or α1B-agonists” as found in the off the shelf products”. Although we know now that Rhofade is being promoted as a α 1A adrenoceptor agonist.

Certainly we are all hoping that Rhofade will become a well liked and tolerated rosacea treatment, that is true to the 1 year, only 3% adverse reaction rate generally experienced during the Rhofade clinical trials.

How much improvement will I see?

It is worth tempering your hopes for success with Rhofade with the published clinical trial data that shows that ;

Will RHOFADE work for me ?

Going on the published clinical data, basically one in 6 or 7 users of RHOFADE will have a 2-grade improvement in their facial redness, typically for 12 hours, and continuing for 29 once-daily uses.

Rhofade Reviews

So finally, rosacea sufferers are able to fill a prescription for Rhofade. Please let your fellow rosacea sufferes know what you think of Rhofade, we are especially interested in any rebound redness that your might experiences.

Please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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171 Reader Comments

  1. Rudolph Rob says:

    I am getting some samples today from my derm, I’ll post in a week or so to let all know. My nose redness comes and goes so not sure how I will know if it’s working but I’ll take one for the team and try it.

    • Rudolph Rob says:

      Played golf today, it was on the cold side, breezy and damp. Needless to say by the end of the round or somewhere in between I was in full blown rudolphitits (bright red nose). I had to leave the restaurant where everyone was gathering after the round because I was too self conscious about it. I had thought it was getting better through all the treatments I was applying over the last year but I was wrong, it was as if I had been doing nothing with how red my nose looked. Last week I received some Rhofade samples to try but I was reluctant because of possible side effects and the fact that I thought things were under control and did not want to cause a major breakout but after today I have had it with this #%*%$@@!. I used just enough for a very light coating on the lower portion of my nose, my nose redness did calm down shortly there after but it could have been from being inside for awhile. It will take a few days to know if it causes breakouts as right now I am clear of P&P’s. I’ll post in about a week or so and let all know how it went.

      • Patryk Lamch says:

        Rob, it’s better or no? I did’t understand, my english is not so good. Please write more details.

      • Rudolph Rob says:

        I was outside today for a few hours, it was a nice sunny day about 65 degrees. This morning I washed my face as usual with Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (not facial wash) and applied very thin coat of Rhofade on my nose and a little on my cheek area (not whole cheek) and then I applied the Cetaphil Daily facial moisturizer with SPF 20 (Redness relieving tube) very thin coat as well. I did not moisturize today for some reason, just forgot. I was happily surprised that all day long there was no redness but between the Rhofade and Cetaphil redness relief stuff the area I coated was a little greasy but I’ll take it any day compared to what it was yesterday.
        I am only using a very fine coating so be careful if your just starting with Rhofade, ask your doctor if you have any vascular issues because I had a few funny feelings after applying Rhofade (could be my imagination) also I have not developed any pimples as of yet. I am satisfied to this point but it’s only been 2 days but as any rosacean knows 2 days using something new can reek havoc on your skin.
        I’ll post again next week.

    • Elizabeth Wendler says:

      I have used Rhofade for a week now. First few days it reduced redness in a more natural way than Mirvasco did. However 4 days ago it started tingling in spots. The last 2 days it looks as though it literally has burned my face in all of the areas I applied it. I will not use it anymore. I have tried everything. My Derm was so excited to have me use the samples. I was hopeful. Not anymore.

    • Mary Margaret says:

      So what is the mix you use that helped?

  2. Comment via email.

    “David I can’t afford rhofade tried soolantra an mirvaso they didn’t seem to work what would you recommend rhofade is 500. A tube”

    Hi Richard,

    were you told my a pharmacy that a tube is $500 ? Is the price without insurance?

    “Cheap” and “rosacea” don’t typically go together, sadly.

    You could try

    For some suggestions.

  3. SA119 says:

    Really looking forward to some real life experiences. If we have learn anything its that you just cant count on Trial Results-They mean nothing!

    • Amy ford says:

      I LOVE this stuff! I have tried every cream, taken every pill, had IPL treatments, home remedies with very little to no results, Rhofade has been a miracle for me! It truly lasts up to and longer for me. I don’t care if I have to get a second job for this stuff, it’s definitely worth it for me!

      • Constance says:

        hello sorry to disrupt you, i just want to ask if it is still effective to you? looking forward to your kind reply, thanks

  4. Daphne May says:

    My dermo gave me samples, thank goodness since is stratospherically expensive. It caused pustule acne and the redness did not improve after 2 weeks of use.

  5. Dana says:

    I have tried everything but the treatment the only thing that remotely helps is being on antibiotics but you can’t do that all the time. The other thing that works is Merle Norman anti redness line of creams and cleanser. They worked better than the creams my dermatologist recommended and cheaper too.

  6. Brian says:

    Has anyone had results with Rhofade for severe atopic dermatitis with significant erythema (redness) ?

  7. Alex says:

    Hello! does anybody have any idea when Rhofade might be available in the UK? Thank you!

    • Ger says:

      Doesn’t seem like Allergan have submitted approval for Europe yet. I’d imagine they are seeing how it works in the US first. If it’s a success they will submit for approval in Europe. Galderma did the same with Soolantra, took like 3 months.

  8. Brian says:

    I have severe erythema (redness) after shaving, that persists for literally hours. Sadly, Rhofade did not help me. Ironically, a non-Rx cream called CeraVe Renewing SA Lotion helps

  9. countervail says:

    I am trying Rhofade with samples from my dermatologist. For me, it does reduce redness. However I don’t think it seems to change underlying heat for me, just the topical appearance. Also my eyes have been very dry and bloodshot since starting as well and I’m monitoring to notice if this is a side effect or something else like spring allergies. It seems to work, but it’s not a game changer. And if it’s expensive as I hear without insurance, I’m not sure it’s in my long-term arsenal.

    I’m on it all now BTW. Soolantra at night, metrogel during the day, occasionally dipping my toe in Differin since it’s OTC

    My issues are complicated since I seem to deal with eczema at the same time. The new Cerave eczema soothing body wash has been very helpful (I use on my face actually). It pours like runny snot, but it does what the name implies.

  10. Heather says:

    Started using it today and am already in love! Took a before and after pic and it’s amazing! My only question is, when should you apply other face products. I use a moisturizer and a serum and am not sure when to apply and can’t find any indication on the sheet hat came with it….anyone know?

    • Kary Ferrari says:

      I was wondering the same thing. I just started using Rhofade today. My cheeks were getting red and now they have gone back to normal so I’m really hoping this is a positive sign that it will work for me. I let it dry for 5 min and then added moisturizer and sunscreen. So far so good! Also there is a coupon on line that takes the price down to $35.

  11. Shane says:

    Has it helped with skin sensitivity or with triggers like heat?

    • Kary Ferrari says:

      Heat is still a trigger for me but it makes it not quite as bad as it used to be. That said I wear sunscreen every day and try to stay out of the sun.

  12. Ellen says:

    I’ve been using it for a week now and unlike with Mirvaso, I’m not experiencing rebound redness. I used to wake up in the morning all red-faced. Not with the RhoFade. The clinical trial results that say it only works for about 29 applications? Makes me want to wait until then to see if these results continue.

    • Tom says:

      Is 29 applications accurate? If this information is correct, then the medication will only be effective for about a month?

      • The 29 refers to how long the clinical trial lasted, so only this amount of time is “proven” to be the effective period. You can expect that if it works for you, it will effective for a much longer period.

    • Kary Ferrari says:

      I’m about in the same time frame as you and the difference is pretty remarkable. I just hope it continues

  13. Comment from Ellen.

    “It’s not on my Rx formulary and I was quoted $488 for a tube! Insane.”

  14. holty85 says:

    hey guys, I went to the derm yesterday and got a sample of Rhofade. Sample was enough for 30 daily uses. After only my first application I got rebound redness, so yeah its trash just like Mirvaso was. Major bummer!

    • Did your rebound redness go away or stay? I have been using for about 2 weeks and noticed that my redness has gotten worse. 🙁 scared that I have done permanent damage.

  15. DHZ says:

    Looking forward to more reviews of this new treatment. I used Mirvaso and it was horrible.

  16. Jim says:

    I was like everyone else with mirvaso. I have mild redness and when mirvaso came out I could not wait to use it. After 3 days horrible rebound redness. So I quit and it took about 2 mths to get my skin back to what I was used to. I was skeptical about rhofade but I did get 2 samples and after 8 days I have to say I am very happy with results. On day 3 I thought I was getting some rebound and I thought it was over but after that I have been very satisfied so far.. I hope this helps .

  17. Kelly says:

    Just tried Rhofade today. Within several hours there was noticeable improvement. My face hasn’t looked this calm in years. Will know more with time – but right now, wow! It was criminally expensive and my dr did not give samples but their pharmacy was able to run a coupon through which made it affordable – at least for this one. Since oxymetazoline has been used in its OTC eye drops for years you would think Allergan would not be quite so greedy at near $500/tube! Shameful, regardless of R&D costs.

    • Michael Lynch says:

      Great to hear it worked. Any rebound redness? At the time you posted, you might have not waited long enough to know if you were going to rebound or not, so I’m curious

  18. Marlys Robertson says:

    I also had horrible rebound redness with Mirvaso. Got Rhophade samples at dermatologist yesterday and just applied first time. Will update but can’t afford $500 for a tube (!!) if it doesn’t work.

  19. Mike says:

    I tried rhofade yesterday and it worked better than anything I’ve used before. It isn’t magic, but it reduces redness pretty noticeably. My skin looked calmer than it ever has since I got rosacea. Not perfect, but a substantial improvement. And no rebound. So far so good.

    I suppose it still could cause rebound redness if you use it too many days in a row, who knows. Time will tell. For now, after 1 use, I can report a noticeable reduction of redness and no rebound

  20. Elle says:

    I experienced rebound flushing with Mirvaso about 9 days into use, the first time I tried Rhofade I developed a flaming itchy patch where I applied it. It may be that if you had a bad experience with Mirvaso, Rhofade will be just as bad. Looks like its on to laser treatment

    • Kari says:

      I have gotten laser treatments for rosacea a total of 6 times and have had wonderful results. The key is knowing your doctor and making sure they have the experience. I’m actually scheduling another tax this month to get rid of some broken blood vessels. So please don’t call her or me a fool when you haven’t even tried it.

      • Mike says:

        Actually it’s mainly down to luck. Even with the best doctor and the best equipment, many people have awful reactions to lasers. There’s an unpredictable genetic/individual component that you can never know going into it. You can just hope you’ll be able to tolerate it, but it’s up to chance. Even with the best doctor and equipment, it’s a roll of the dice. Consider yourself extremely fortunate it works for you

  21. coco says:

    used rhofade everyday for a week. works great, experienced some tingling but, no rebound flushing like mirvaso. that s**** ruined my life — i went to several doctors trying to figure out why my face was catching on fire. no one could tell me why this was happening to me. got blood work done, saw an allergist, went off certain foods, the whole 9. all along it was this f***ing gel. cried myself to sleep for months thinking it’d never end. thank god i figured it out… key word I.

    still verrrry cautious but, rhofade did not give me any rebound “face on fire” feelings. just some tingling.

    be very mindful of where you put it, how much, how often and monitor it closely. gradual use is key.

    hope my experience helps.

    • Kari says:

      @coco. Thank you for sharing. I am having great luck with Rhofade too. I did t wear it yesterday and ended up bright red but I have it on today and it made my skin go back to normal almost immediately. Good luck!

  22. Deb Olsen says:

    Deb: I began Rhofade two weeks ago in the US. For the first time in 12 years the redness is significantly decreased! I did have to pay for the prescription though $75USD due to it not being on the formulary via my insurance. But well worth it so far! Another added benefit, the tube is much larger so you don’t have to refill as much!

  23. Agnus G says:

    Caused horrible rebound redness as did Mirvaso, but with Rhofad my face has stayed red even after I quit using it 10 days ago. It is like I have had a total relapse and all the improvements from the laser is gone. If this crap only works on 1 in 7 people, why risk even trying it? NOT WORTH THE RISK!!!

    • Elizabeth Wendler says:

      That is exactly what happened to me!
      I’m sorry it happened to you too.

    • Elizabeth Wendler says:

      I posted my comment on May 3rd about Rhofade. It was great at first and then the rebound redness carried into the next day and left patches on my face. The tingling sensation was also difficult to get used to. At least I didn’t get the patches with Mirvasco. Will use Mirvaso only now when I have to. It’s back to IPL treatments. Just started another series this week. Ipl helped for about 8 months and then the redness slowly came back. It’s frustrating and deprsssjng.
      Oh And I’m sorry you don’t think I’m a real person. I am a 50 year old woman living in Cypress Texas. I am only writing this in hopes drug companies read and see the real stories.

  24. Marie says:

    I have had rosacea for about 15 years. I am currently using Soolantra, a sulfur wash, differin foam and avene antirougeurs cleanser. I tried Mirvaso and had horrible rebound flushing when it wore off. I received a sample of rhofade last week and it did seem to reduce the facial redness gradually. After about 4-6 hours though I noticed facial tingling. I would describe it as it felt like my skin was crawling, pins and needles like after an extremety goes to sleep and blood is returning to the area. A very strange sensation to feel on my face. It was off-putting enough that I probably would not use Rhofade again. I did not have rebound flushing the way I did with Mirvaso. Also I was diagnosed with a blood disorder called Polycythemia Vera 2 years ago. One of the symptoms is a red face. I really do have both PV and rosacea but if your red blood cell counts are elevated on lab work and you have a red face it might not just be rosacea.

    • Toni says:

      I had the same numb/pins and needles feeling. Could this be an allergic reaction? I tried it two times and liked the appearance, but not the sensation.

  25. Jim says:

    1 month in using rhofade. Best topical I ever used to reduce redness. No rebound whatsoever. In my opinion, mirvaso drained all the blood vessels and when it ran out at the 8 hour mark it came back like crazy. Rhofade only reduces a little bit so the blood vessels aren’t so constricted.. hope this helps

    • David says:

      Kim thanks for the report, I had the exact situation with mirvaso after 8 hours, then terrible rebound. You had to plan your day around it and you could not go off schedule. Are you using it every day? If you can’t use it every day what’s the point, and how long would you say it last, and has anyone tried twice a day. Thanks

  26. Ger says:

    I emailed Allergan to see when they expect to have Rhofade available in Europe. They replied saying they have no further information. Doesn’t even seem that they have submitted it for approval in Europe yet. Looks like it will be a long wait 🙁

  27. Robin says:

    Is anyone else having a breakout (pimples) after using Rhodade for about a week?

    • Ger says:

      Is it working for you flushing ?

      • Elizabeth Wendler says:

        Yes I had the tiny bumps and tingling face as well. My derm said to stop using it after that happened. Also it was blotchy in areas the morning after.
        I have been afraid to comment on here anymore after one of the people on here asked me to PROVE I was a real person. Beyond strange really.
        I wish like heck Rhofade had worked for me. I was so excited to try it!

        • Ger says:

          I think most people reported tingling of the face, but considering there is less blood flow to the area then I’d imagine this is normal, sort of like pine and needles of the arm or leg.

          Did Rhofade reduce you’re redness ?

        • Ger says:

          And I don’t understand why “tingling of the face” is cause for a bad review. I’ll happily let it tingle the face off me in exchange for a paler face.

          All I want to know is did it reduce Redness, help with certain triggers ?

        • Elizabeth Wendler says:

          Sir – It’s strange to ask if someone is a real person. Maybe to you that’s not strange. It’s strange to me.
          I’m not promoting one thing over another. I was giving my experiences with everything- Mirvasco IPL and Rhofade. I am grateful that my derm had offered to let me try all 3 through the years.
          I still have and use Mirvasco – ONLY when I absoluelty have to. It will control the redness for the day (a day usually set aside for stress because when I’m stressed it’s extra red)
          but the rebound that evening can burn and hurt. I risk sometimes I have to take.
          Rhofade reduced the redness great for the first 3 days. Natural and normal redness reducing. It was awesome. BUT then after 3 days tiny bumps and blochty spots and rebound redness the NEXT morning.
          As a fall back i go to the Series of IPL treatments. They only last 8 or so months. Right now it’s all I’ve got. That’s all for now. If something new comes along I will be the FIRST one in line to get it!

    • Marty says:

      I’ve been using it for about two weeks and YES, I’ve noticed pimple breakouts exactly where I’ve applied it. I was hoping it was a coincidence due to the hot weather we’ve had (because my skin can react to the hot temps), But I noticed my skin clear up after not using it for 2 days and then flares up the very next morning after i applied the night before. I truly wish my derm had given me samples prior to paying $75:( I have an almost full tube that I cannot use!.

    • David Kelly says:

      If anyone is going to stop using this product could you send it to Ireland as it is not available here I would love to try it

  28. Ger says:

    Hey Andy, I’m from Ireland, i emailed Allergan and they said they have no further mention about when Rhofade will be available in Europe. They haven’t even submitted it for approval, my guess is that we won’t have it here until next year.

    When Galderma had Soolantra approved by the FDA it only took them 3 months to get it approved in Europe. But they worked on it straight away. Allergan seem to be waiting. I presume to see how well it goes down in the states.

  29. Maygan says:

    Like many of you, I’ve tried several products and treatments. Im sad to say that I wasn’t able to give Rhofade a proper chance, as after two applications I had side effects including swelling in the face and throat. It became difficult to breathe and I discontinued use right away. I didn’t notice any change in regards to my redness. I’m happy for those of you that it is working for.

  30. Marci says:

    Terrible reaction to this drug. Day 1 looked like a miracle, but day 2 the burning started. By the end of the 2nd day my face was 5 times redder then my worst day, swollen and burning. I stopped using it and now it is 5 days later and nothing has improved. Very painful.

    I’m so sorry that I ever tried this. No idea how long it will take to even return to my prior state.

  31. Marty says:

    I really wish this worked for me. After using this for two weeks, it did seem to calm down the redness which I was happy about, but unfortunately, the pimple breakouts are just too much. Not a pimple or two; a complete teenage breakout where i lightly applied the medication. It would clear up after not using it a few days, then pimples would reappear the morning after. And now I have an almost full tube that I can no longer use and out $75.

  32. I tried Rhofade recently and it worked miraculously on the first day. I was thrilled. I had not seen my face without any redness in it without the help makeup in years. It seemed to not work quite as well the next few days which saddened me but it did help until on the fourth day I have a rash all over my face. Reb bumps all over and clusters in some places. My whole face stings the second I start to sweat. I really wanted this to work for me but I guess my skin is too sensitive. For reference I also have eczema and I have had an eczema flare up on my face in the past. I generally can’t use too many things with alcohol in it because it aggravates my face. Which this has multiple alcohols upon reading the bottle (told my dermatologist I can’t really use anything with alcohol and she prescribed this anyway). At least I only paid $35 for mine.

  33. Tina says:

    Has anyone had trouble getting Rhofade covered by their insurance?

    I got a call from my pharmacy saying that it wasn’t covered and asking me to pay close to $500. Has anyone had success with special approval from their insurance?

    • Marty says:

      My Doc gave me a recommendation to use a specific pharmacy that offered certain manufacturer’s coupons and the price went down to $75 for me; although unfortunately I cannot use because my skin reacted to a strong acne breakout after only 2 weeks of on/off use.

  34. Ann says:

    I was given a starter kit with 4 samples, enough for a month. The first application stung for a minute or so. I wasn’t too impressed after 2-ish hours, so I put a tiny bit more on, which kicked it in gear. (The very precise “pea size amount” dose always makes me question what size the peas they serve in employee dining at those companies are.)

    Not perfect, but gave me hope this time playing Topical Roulette wouldn’t be a bust, or worse. It took a realistic amount of redness away, but not a 1st-time-Mirvaso amount. Cheeks were a little pink, not hid much by a tinted sunscreen, but well enough I was checking prices for a full tube.

    2nd day I figured out I needed to put it on about 1.5 hours before it worked. (So, I guess set your alarm to slap some on before work and go back to sleep?) Redness the same, but this time in an ominous, splotchy patch on both cheeks.

    3rd morning I woke up with breakouts on my cheeks. We all know the ones, not really pimples, and not an allergic contact dermatitis. I don’t think I’ve had rebound redness, but returning redness when it wore off, about 8 hours after application. I’m going to try one more time when whatever fresh hell is going on now clears, just to be sure.

  35. Glenda Merkley says:

    I got samples from my doctor and loved it. However, getting it filled with their card proved impossible. Even though I’ve had some rebound redness with Mirvaso, I’m going back to it. Dealing with Allergan to get it filled has been a week long nightmare.

  36. John H. says:

    I have been on it for about 1 week. My derm said the rep was in that morning and she handed me a box of samples. I put it on as soon as I got into the car. It stung a bit, but the redness faded over an hour or so. The next day, my face was bright red and and painful. This happens often when I use new products on my face. I also am lucky to have psoriasis, so I never really know the underlying cause of painful flare ups. I continued to use Rhofade during my 3-day flare, and it lessened the red noticeably, but it stung when I applied it. The flare have been gone for 2 days, and I’m continuing with the Rhofade. Today, my skin hasn’t looked this good in a long time. It was a hot day and I was working on the house and sweating most of the day. Usually, my face would be bright red and hot after a day like this, but all is calm and cool. I’m going to keep it up and hope that it continues working for me.

    • John H. says:

      Update: I have been using it daily since mid-July and the results have been amazing. I apply it in the morning after moisturizer because my skin gets too dry otherwise. After an hour or so, pretty much all redness is gone. I can do just about anything during the day without much flushing at all. I have had no rebounds whatsoever. I tried Mirvaso when it came out and that stuff was horrible. Rhofade is a different story. I love it. One thing to note is that the underlying rosacea is still there, so if I’m out in the sun all day, I can feel it during the day and see it when the Rhofade wears off (pretty much 12 hours exactly). The good thing is that the redness at night is nowhere near as extreme as before. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

      • Gerald Kelly says:

        John , so does rhofade allow you to go in the sun without turning very red ?

        • John Hochadel says:

          I can go into the sun ***with sunscreen*** and I get much less red, but the redness fades very quickly. If I go without sunscreen, I get painful flushing and bumps even with Rhofade. I have now been using it for almost two months and it is working great. My overall redness has improved significantly. I used to hate taking pictures, but now don’t mind at all. My skin is very sensitive and flares easily. Honestly, Rhofade has proved to be amazing for me. I just hope that my insurance will cover it when my samples run out.

  37. David says:

    Please let me know if you start getting rebound John, and are you using every day?

  38. Gerald Kelly says:

    Really wish Galderma would hurry up and submit it for approval in Europe 🙁

  39. David says:

    Just got a free month supply of rohfade, will update in a week to see if any rebound has taken place.

  40. Edward says:

    Tried Rhofade. It was fine for 3 days, but then got burning and massive rebound redness. Still red after 3 days of stopping.

    • Katherine Palmer says:

      Edward, I had the same problem with the burning. You might be sensitive to the alcohol in the product because that was my issue and there are 4 different types of alcohols used. I had mentioned to my doctor that I was sensitive to alcohol and she dismissed that. I was fine for 3 days and then I had a horrible reaction. Took well over a week to clear up.

      • Edward says:

        Mine still isn’t better and the acne part has worsened substantially with Rhofade. I wish I had never used it. It is very depressing!

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