Rhofade is Allergan’s Oxymetazoline


Allergan has confirmed that their Oxymetazoline based treatment due to be released in 2017 will be known as Rhofade. The brand name was confirmed in Allergan’s presentation to investors – Allergan plc Q2 2016 Earnings Presentation – Investor Relations, via the slide shown above.

Business analysts are already commenting on their predictions for Rhofade’s success as a product. The following commentary uses `rebound’ in their title – lets hope this isn’t some kind of premonition.

Don’t Expect Allergan To Rebound In 2017

Given the absence of major launches in 2017 (the most consequential potential launch in 2017 is Rhofade (topical oxymetazoline) for rosacea, and we believe peak sales potential of well under $500M is realistic), along with the potential generic competition we cite above, we would not be surprised to see 2017 volume trends for the overall business that are similar to what we have seen thus far in 2016.

Based on previous trademark filings, Allergan was thought to be plannig to use Azultro as their product name, but this now appears to be incorrect. The domain azultro.com is still available for purchase, but rhofade.com is registered and parked ready for use, further confirming that Rhofade is their chosen product name.

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