Rhofade as an adjunct to IPL, PDL and KTP Laser


Allergan is sponsoring a clinical trial to evaluate whether their oxymetazoline HCL 1% based treatment – Rhofade, is an effective adjunctive treatment for rosacea patients undergoing treatments with Pulse Dye Laser (PDL), Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or KTP Laser.

The trial is designated as a Safety and Tolerability measure, so researchers will be looking for adverse events or worsening of skin tolerability or broken blood vessels. Participants will compare their skin tolerability from the baseline at Day 1 with that at Day 56.

This represents the opportunity to create a new market for Rhofade; rosacea patients undergoing `energy-based’ treatments and looking for relief from their red face during treatment.

Clinical Trial NCT03380390

Safety and Tolerability of Oxymetazoline and Energy-Based Therapy in Participants With Rosacea

This study will evaluate the safety and tolerability of oxymetazoline HCl cream 1.0% when used as an adjunctive treatment to energy-based therapy for participants with moderate to severe persistent facial erythema associated with rosacea.

Experimental: Oxymetazoline + Energy-Based Therapy

Participants will receive energy-based therapy (Potassium Titanyl Phosphate [KTP], Pulsed Dye Laser [PDL], or Intense Pulsed Light [IPL]) plus once daily application of oxymetazoline hydrochloride (HCl) cream 1.0%.
Drug: Oxymetazoline HCL 1.0% Cream
Oxymetazoline HCl cream 1.0% once daily application
Other Name: Rhofade
Device: Energy-Based Therapy
Energy-based therapies
  • (Potassium Titanyl Phosphate [KTP],
  • Pulsed Dye Laser [PDL], or
  • Intense Pulsed Light [IPL])

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  1. imogene ridley says:

    please help me I have rosacea and it is really bad I have try everything and nothing work. please I try anything. please.

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