Resource Pages Updated: antibiotics, beta blockers and isotretinoin

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In a recent message from Dan, some updates to the Rosacea Support Resource Pages were announced.

  1. The The Antibiotics & Anti-inflammatories section has been modified to include the major prescription Tetracyclines, Imidazoles, andMacrolides that have been used to treat rosacea. This modification was made per a suggestion from Mary B as the section included only Periostat before.
  2. The The Beta-Blockers & Alpha Antagonists section has been added to include the major prescription drugs in these classes that have been used to help control flushing. This was also a suggestion of Mary B:
  3. An Isotretinoin section has been added as well.

The full Rosacea Support Resource Page list can be browsed from the following link (or by clicking on the link at the top right of the Rosacea Support home page):

Hopefully these new sections will provide information that you willfind helpful. Please be sure to discuss the information contained within the Resource Pages with a qualified physician in order to determine the best form of treatment for you.

And again, please feel free to send any feedback on the Resource Pages, including suggestions for modifications, additions, etc to

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