Pyratine-6 Now Available from physicians

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pyratine-6 The Anti-Aging product Pyratine-6 is now available to buy from some physicians. Pyratine-6 is a new product that is a derivative of Kinetin. Their new web site has launched at You can find a stockist on their web site.

Rosacea News has been following Pyratine-6 for a while now. It first came under our radar in 2006 when the related product, Kinetin was mentioned in an AAD Dermatology Poster Session. Since then, the makers have been attempting to target rosacea sufferers via a study assessing the effectiveness of Pyratine-6 for acne and rosacea.

Just to recap, from Pyratine 6 (vs. Kinetin) reduces redness and acne lesions

According to their results, Pyratine 6 (or PRK 124) shows higher scores, compared to Kinetin in the areas of fine wrinkles, skin roughness and and overall skin aging. Additional tests of Pyratine 6 (although not stated, I assume against placebo, but this is not a given) showed increases in skin moisture, reductions in skin redness, and after 12 weeks, reductions in acne lesions.

Kinetin was originally created as an anti-aging product. Senetek say that Pyratine 6 is their `second-generation patented cytokinin’.

The publicity for the cytokinin included in Pyratine-6 includes the following ;

Cytokinins keep the cells that produce collagen and elastin healthy and increase the cells activity level, which improves overall cellular health. They also delay cellular senescence (the process of deterioration) in skin cells and help overall cell vitality.

Cytokinins help skin cells maintain their skeletal structure, thus helping to maintain skin cell integrity.

Cytokinins remove harmful free oxygen radicals that may be contributing to the signs of aging.

Your thoughts ?

The user reviews are only just starting to roll in, but so far rosacea sufferers are quietly happy with the results. Be warned though, it is an expensive product. Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts on this new product or discuss it in the forums at Pyratine-6 Avail Feb 9th – Claims 60% Redness Reduction.

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5 Reader Comments

  1. Artist says:

    I have very slightly pink rosacea on my cheeks and I sometimes have problems with dryness and sensitivity. I also react very easily to most topicals that I try, especially moisturizers. With my dry rosacea skin, I really struggle to keep it moisturized, not being able to use a cream or lotion on it. I started using Pyratine-6 about six days ago. I find that it is moisturizing and, to my surprise, has not irritated my skin at all. The first few days of using it, I applied it to only one area of my face, and noticed that area felt more moisturized and supple, and calmer than the rest of my face. I was surprised it felt calmer, as I generally experience sensitivity with topicals. So, I started using it on the rest of my face. The moisturizing and calming effects alone are very significant in my case. My rosacea skin is only very slightly pink, and I didn’t have breakouts when I started the Pyratine, but I do notice my skin is looking closer in texture to my normal skin. It’s looking and feeling less “fragile” and more healthy. Also, I am starting to notice that my skin is tolerating more of my triggers. For example, I added more spices while making dinner the last few days with no problems. Also, it hasn’t caused any regular acne breakouts, or any rosacea breakouts for that matter. Great! So far I’m very impressed. I’m really hoping I can continue using it. However, it’s only been six days. I’ve reacted to products after two weeks of use in the past, so I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed! -Artist

  2. Dorothy says:

    This product is very small. It’s over priced!!

  3. Mwallach says:

    I am using the Pyratine-6 for 2 weeks now and I noticed that my skin is doing very well.

    It seems less red and so far I have not have any additional breakouts of acne rosacea.

    I am using the lotion, but next time I will try the cream.

    I think since it is the winter, I probably should of opted
    for the additional moisturizing of a cream.

    It is very soothing.

  4. tamira says:

    Worst thing ever I purchased. Im using foam cleanser and also creme with vitamin c and such. My face is itchy , red and feels like.hard surface after using 4 days. It even itches at night. Im stopping it.from now on! I wont suggest to anyone

  5. Pam says:

    I have been using Pyratine-6 for a couple of months now and have noticed some slight improvement in the rosacea on my cheeks as well as the overall appearance of my 50+ year old skin. My skin is soft and the lotion absorbs very well and quickly. I will keep using it – it is pricey but it doesn’t take much at all – it spreads well.

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