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A new site sponsor for rosacea-support.org is the Pulse Light Clinic who are located in London. I thank them for their support of the site. Following are some questions that I asked them that you might find intesting if you are considering IPL and also might not have considered the role of professional nutritional advice in your treatment.

Q: Where are you located and where do you find most of your patients coming from?

A: The Pulse Light Clinic is based in the City of London, the majority of our clients are all City Workers.

Q: How long have you been treating rosacea for?

A: Since 2001

Q: What would a typical experience be for rosacea sufferers who attend your clinic – what does one treatment entail?

A: They would have a consultation in the first instance.  Most rosacea sufferers are very aware of their triggers and are conscious of the role diet plays in this condition.

We would discuss nutrition at length and a referral to our nutritionist would be recommended if necessary.  An IPL patch test is done using various wavelengths  of light on different areas of the face. This usually calms any fears the person may have since the actual experience of an IPL “shot” today is practically painless.

An actual IPL treatment lasts approximately 40 minutes. Multiple passes of the face and neck if necessary, are done using different wavelengths.  With the use of the new IPL technology, the treatment is effective, relatively painless with no down time.

Q: How many times does a typical rosacea sufferer need to return to the clinic?

A: 6 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart is the usual recommended course of treatments for Rosacea

Q: Have you found a technology or treatment parameters or a particular regime that works best for rosacea sufferers?

A: Yes, we have worked on specific wavelengths and parameters since the establishment of the Pulse Light Clinic in 2001.  This coupled with our nutrition research has given us an unique treatment model that has proven to be highly successful.

Q: Have you seen the way you treat rosacea change over the years?

A: As the technology improved more and more possibilities have opened up not just through a increase in the variety of wavelengths available but through the actual delivery of the light itself. Back in 2001 the rosacea client was advised to expect a downtime of 4 days.  Now a person can leave the clinic post treatment with no visible signs of having received treatment.

Q: Are there any treatments in the near future that you are interested in offering or investigating?

A: Further investigation into the particular factors involved in nutrition and even more specific methods of locating and targeting vascular malformations

Q: Do you have any advice for a rosacea sufferer who might never be able to attend your clinic?

A: Find a registered nutritionist who specializes in Rosacea.

You can find out more about the Pulse Light Clinic at http://www.pulselightclinic.co.uk/

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  1. Kez says:

    Prices quoted over the phone. £1000 for 6 treatments, then £1000 for 6 treatments, then £500 for 4 treatments thereafter as then considered a loyal customer. Their youtube clip was very compelling. I would have been tempted at £500 for 4 treatments but now exploring cheaper options atm and educating myself using this wonderful site first that I stumbled on today.

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