Potential Rosacea Cure Hoax (Frank Boyd)

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From:  "Diego Casarreal" 
Date:  Wed Mar 3, 1999  8:20 am
Subject:  [rosacea] Re: warning: potential rosacea hoax

Hello All,

I have copied the letter that I received from Frank Boyd on his cure for rosacea, so you can all decide for yourselves.

Take care,
February 18, 1999

Dear Charlene:


Then, please read on…

My name is Frank and I was a Rosacea sufferer for almost three years.  It was a long, difficult search, but I have found A Cure for Rosacea, and I would like to send it to you.

By now, you are probably thinking, "Hey! I’m a sufferer too, and I’ve done some research on Rosacea, and based upon ail of the medical information available, there is no cure!" Well, get ready to smile, because today (if you want it to be) your search is over…


Okay, by now you’re also wondering, who is this guy? Is he a doctor?  dermatologist? maybe a medical professional? Fortunately for you, none of the above. (I explain my reasoning in the next paragraph.) You’re skeptical.  I understand, but I know that while searching for three long years, if I had come across this ad from anyone, who claimed to have found A Cure for Rosacea, if they guaranteed it, I would have taken a chance, regardless of who they were, and sent them a check for the information! Here is why…

FACT: I don’t really want the wrath of the AMA upon me, and I don’t actually like being critical of the medical profession, but, as an example, Joseph Lister surmised and synergised that doctors could save the lives of pregnant women during childbearing simply by washing their hands before delivery. Now, sterilization is common knowledge, but women in delivery rooms died for quite some time after Lister recommended and then tried to get compliance from an unwilling, intractable, medical profession. He was hounded and actually ostracized by many for his viewpoint. He was also absolutely right and for some reason certain people hated him for his idea.  It appeared that his colleagues would rather let childbearing women die than give Ids cure a try. Years later, he was honored for his work. (i.e., Even if the medical Profession actively pursues and finds A Cure for Rosacea, it will still probably take more than 3 years of Clinical Trials before they release the findings and the cure reaches you.) Do you want to wait that long? Are they even actively searching?

FACT: Changing minds is a hard thing to do even when it would save lives, and maybe Lister should have tried a softer sell. Also, since it appears that Rosacea is not a life or death situation, only you can place a level of importance on it as to the mental anguish it is causing you. My anguish, without realizing it, had made me a hermit in the evenings and on weekends. I was also beginning to believe the medical profession’s dogma that said, "we don’t know what causes it and there is no cure". So, to send for A Cure for Rosacea from someone who is not a medical professional, but says he has found the cure, can sound almost to good to be true and must make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. But please remember, many medical miracles and cures have been invented or discovered by regular everyday people like you and me and not just medical professionals. Can you think of any?

FACT: Paul Winchell, the puppeteer, of Jerry Mahoney and Knuckle-Head Smith fame invented the heart machine. He is not a medical professional. How about Madame Curie? X-Ray technology. She was not an MD. Her husband was a chemist.  Any others?

FACT: I gathered the information presented in A Cure for Rosacea over an intensive three year period, tested ideas on myself and eventually surmised and synergised different concepts into a hypothesis that led to the cure. A lot of work went into it. I have read every medical book I could find, and conducted my own testing by sipping wheat grass for a month, eating raw liver for two weeks, drinking a mixture of vinegar and honey, fasting for short periods of time, and etc. Sort of like Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb, every time I found out something didn’t work, I discarded it and experimented in a new direction. I don’t know what passion drove Edison to continue after each successive failure, but my passion to find a cure was rekindled almost every morning when I looked at my still inflamed face in the mirror. So, since I was the original test Guinea Pig, I am also the FIRST TESTIMONIAL. Just like the Hair Club for Men~ I am also a member (you’re getting this straight from the horse’s mouth).

FACT: I am also going to give you a 60 day money back Guarantee.  Actually, this amounts to you receiving a free test for 60 days. You win/win/win! Time, the Cure and a Guarantee, are all on your side. After receiving A Cure for Rosacea you won’t have to imagine your face wonderfully clear as you are working and socializing, positive and absolutely confident again. It will happen, I guarantee you or you will get your investment returned. By now, you must remember staying home, many times, refusing offers to see friends or attend parties, because you did not want anyone to see your face.

Please sign the enclosed Oath Coupon (which states you will not disclose this information to anyone except your physician or dermatologist).  It is necessary. Then mail it to me, today, with your check or a Money Order – Right Now – for the special price of $19.50, Plus. 50 cents Shipping and Handling, Payable to: Frank Boyd, and mail it to me: Frank Boyd, PO Box 466, Santa Monica, CA 90406-0466. I will send you the A Cure for Rosacea report by First Class return mail the day I receive your funds or check and the signed Oath Coupon.

Please Note! Unless you are mailing a check, and it’s already printed on your check, please remember to type or print your name and full return address legibly on a piece of paper marked A Cure for Rosacea, and include it in the envelope.

Thank you for giving me your time,
Frank Boyd

PS: After three years of frustration, my face is wonderfully clear. You will achieve the same results if you write to me today. The ball is in your court. If you wish to remain as you presently are, I won’t be frustrated, only a little sad and confused that you have chosen to live with such a malady when a cure is available. Like I told a friend before I discovered the cure, "No it won’t kill you, but having it at times makes you wish you were dead."

PPS: I can only Guarantee you this price for the next 7 days, but, by now, you should realize that this information is priceless to you. Don’t suffer any longer! Write to me today!

I ….

By signing this Oath Coupon:

I swear I will not divulge to anyone other than my physician or dermatologist the details of how I was cured of Rosacea. I further agree to furnish the address for obtaining this report to anyone who might request it.

Print Name:


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  1. David Seal says:

    I have found something by accident that worked for me for the past month now and i have no signs of it coming back. I did it one time and i didn’t use anything over the counter. It happened one day while i was out having fun with friends. I don’t know what it was that exactly got rid of my rosacea, but i know what i was doing at the time.

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