Rosacea Pictures: papules, pustules, red nose and acne

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Here are some photos of some rosacea flare ups from the year 2000.

At that stage I was trying to work out whether they were caused by being too experimental with new treatments or trying to cut out the antibiotics too quickly.

Being mostly fair skinned, a rosacea red nose stands out a mile away. Many people mistake this redness as sunburn, acne, or may even call it acne rosacea, but in reality, you need to understand rosacea as separate disorder in order to treat it.

Until I was formally diagnosed with rosacea, I could never answer the question – Just why is my nose red? and Why do I get acne on my nose at my age? Perhaps you, too, would like to answer these questions.

Almost everyone who gets diagnosed with rosacea is shocked that what looks like a teenage skin problem comes to visit them middle aged or even as a senior.

As you can see, my rosacea symptoms include acne, papules, pustules, red nose, mild swelling and flushing. These kind of symptoms would last for several days, and even more papules and pustules would take over as current ones healed. I convinced myself that new acne bumps and lumps would grow overnight ; each morning more would be there.

Rosacea Red Nose

Rosacea Papules Nose

Rosacea Pustules

Rosacea Red Nose

I would say that I had these rosacea symptoms for about 15 years or so. It was very frustrating for sure.

This is some of the worst rosacea pictures of me that I have photographs of. Like most rosacea sufferers, I didn’t like my photo being taken, so I don’t have records of any more `impressive’ symptoms than these.

See also my successful rosacea treatments for more information about how I’ve become symptom free.

Update: I recently wrote an article titled How to cure a red swollen nose. I hope that this also helps you battle your red nose !

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162 Reader Comments

  1. Edward says:

    Hi there (long story but my story)
    I had a crazy year in 2009. It all started with folliculitis following a back waxing for which I was given Clindamycin topical solution. Within a week or so, I got a pustule rash on my chest and shoulders which doctors called an “ID reaction” or “Who knows? rash and stopped using the solution. I then went to a warm clime for a week and started noticing little bumps on my forehead.

    Within a month, I noticed more bumps, some red and then the dermatologist hunt began. After talking to a few, one of whom told me to use the Clinda Topical solution on my face and the other suggested that may have caused the ID reaction in the first place and prescribed Minocin, which I have yet to take. I chose to see a third, one with a great reputation, and she diagnosed me with mild rosacea and a little “seb derm” too. The latter has barely been a problem since that time. She saw no need in giving me pills and gave me Noritate cream which began to work after about 3 weeks and I’ve been using it since.

    I had a radical knee-jerk change in diet so as to determine my triggers and all was pretty good.
    Three months into the treatment I developed weird digestive issues (cramps and crazy flatulence) and doctors suggested IBS and I further altered my diet.
    Whether or not there’s a coorelation here between Noritate and this other new condition (YEAH – another one! lol) remains unknown. After I figured out how to live comfortably, I went through months of controlled GI stuff and rosacea.

    I did a gastroscopy in March and was found to have ulcer-causing bacteria and took a 3-drug antibiotic treatment (Novamoxin/Clarithromycin and Pantoloc) . I noticed that my face was very clear during this time and that, 2 weeks after ending the treatment, my forehead has broken out in tiny bumps (sandpaper feel), mostly red and my nose has some tiny red pimples and a few are on my cheeks as well.

    It seems that I’ve unwittingly aggravated my acne by taking this stupid but “necessary” concoction. Do you think this is permanent or will I go back to relatively controlled acne?

    Still using Noritate, I’m wondering if this is now worsening things rather than helping and if it’s time to change treatments, given that the little red pimples are more numerous than ever on my nose but not hideously so (yet). Are these a precursor to rhinophyma or just rather common?

    I saw the “Minocin” derm last week who maintains that I should use it to have a clear face and that “it’s no more harmful than Tylenol” and that I can take it during an outbreak and then go from nightly to every other night to every three nights depending on how I respond. I am waiting to hear back from the derm who prescribed me the Noritate to get her take.

    Any feedback would be great!


    Edward (42)

  2. Barbara says:


    You have a situation similar to mine. I have also tried many treatments.

    You undoubtedly have a follicle mite over load and need to bring it back to the level it should be. We all have mites and have to learn to keep them in check.

    Usually, when you have the rosacea with pustules and large pores you have more mites than you should. They are triggered by inflammation somewhere else in the body. In your case it appears to be the gut. If you are no longer on antibiotics . . . you need to be taking probiotics every day. What is at stake here is the ph level in your body. You must have a very acidic system.
    Often the the lower intestine is involved, but your ph level is also key with regard to your saliva and sinus mucus. The ph level is critical here too.

    You need to get your inflamation under control so that you can start to find out what is triggering your response.

    There really is no universal treatment for rosacea and much is just a shot in the dark. Keep your skin and hair very clean . . . do not use any product with sodium sulphate laurel (stuff that makes everything very sudsy). That is an irritant. tea tree products are good as is sulfur soap. A cotton ball and Scalpicin wiped over a clean face is o.k. too. Really pay attention to cleanliness . . . if it gets oily, not so good.

    I do not think my condition . . . or yours is going to be resolved without dealing with the gut and a big diet change. Amazing, that so many parts of our system are so intertwined. Sugar is toxic and so are too many carbs.

    I am sorry you have rosacea. I am sorry that I have it. I also have the eyelash mites, have lost all my lashes and suddenly have a cataract. Eye involvement is common.

    Soooo . . . be patient, be militant about your care and live a really healthy life style.

    Sorry this is so wordy, but it is a complex condition! Interesting . . . but I would rather study about it than have it !

    Asked and answered! Good luck . . .


  3. Edward says:

    Thanks Barbara.

    I’ve been using Dove unscented and so far so good I guess. The derm seems to think this is fine. I may try to get some sulphur soap to see how I react to it.

    I’ve also been trying Reversa for acne prone skin on a few small parts of my face to see how I do with that.

    I’m on the wane for now and enjoying it. Let’s hope it lasts for a stretch:)

    Edward 🙂

  4. cristy says:

    I”m 18 years old and I’ve always had that problem a RED nose its so frustrating people always making fun of you. If getting a nose job would it help with the problem? Would the blood flow in the nose circulate better?

  5. terri says:

    I am chiming in with gratitude to have found this site. So many new things to consider trying for my new found, p.i.a., rosecea. Not been officially diagnosed but at 50 yrs young, I trust my hunch that I am dealing with rosecea. Ugh. Ride horses just about every day so not sure how to avoid weather extremes. Wearing my cap or favorite cowgirl hat is making my forhead break out as has glasses has for many. One eye not a happy camper most days. At my age the bumps and ‘zits’ are not as socially debilitating as for a younger person. So far I have found alcohol to be a trigger and washing my face more often helps. Not been too hard changing those habits but the condition has not completely disappeared. Thanks for all your ideas. Keep em coming!

  6. Kim Gr says:

    The combination of my face wash with my prescription topical acne cream created dry flaky patches on my face. I have struggled with this problem for almost a year but despite using a lot of different products, I haven’t been able to find relief until I found Shielo Complexion Scrub.

    The Shielo Complexion Scrub is my face wash, and the Shielo Complexion Moisturizer is my daily moisturizer, which is NOT greasy. It absorbs quickly and easily into the skin without that yucky residue that is usually left behind by those creamy deep moisturizers.

    Finally my acne patches are gone. I apply once in the morning and again before bed, but never have to reapply in the middle of the day unlike other less successful moisturizers I have used before.

    Unfortunately I haven’t seen this in my local big box drugstores, so I have to buy online at their website shielo dot com. Highly recommended!

  7. andy says:

    Dave something about rosacea I haven’t read, you may have covered it but it mentions the role of enzymes.

  8. Hi Andy, thanks for the link. The Cathelicidin link to Rosacea is one that has certainly attracted a lot of attention.


  9. zury says:

    Helo.I keep on having acne on my nose.after few weeks,another one grows.n it just on my in color.what is this actually?

  10. Vicky says:

    Hi my situation is this i have been diagnoised with mild rosacea on my nose and have been taking antibiotics for a week now but really concerned that there seems to be a growth on either side of my nose on the top of it its not like obvious to anyone just looking at me but when i look in the mirror i can see something there but would anyone know if this could be the start of rhinophyma? I’m really worried cos didn’t think this would happen when i’m on antibiotics and have only been diagnosed with it. If anyone knows anything about this i would appreciate your input many thanks. Think i will make another appointment at my doctors and see what he has to say if it is the start of rhinophyma this is the one thing what scares me the most the red i can handle sort of.

  11. Vicky says:

    Hi my situation is this i have been diagnoised with mild rosacea on my nose and have been taking antibiotics for a week now but really concerned that there seems to be a growth on either side of my nose on the top of it its not like obvious to anyone just looking at me but when i look in the mirror i can see something there but would anyone know if this could be the start of rhinophyma? I’m really worried cos didn’t think this would happen when i’m on antibiotics and have only been diagnosed with it. If anyone knows anything about this i would appreciate your input many thanks. Think i will make another appointment at my doctors and see what he has to say if it is the start of rhinophyma this is the one thing what scares me the most the red i can handle sort of.

  12. Mel says:


    I was diagnosed with Rosacea a few months ago and have been using MetroGel on my nose (the only affected area with papules). Now, my eyes are bloodshot (erythema) and burning so I probably have the ocular form as well. So, I will ask my derm and/or Ophthalmologist to prescribe Oracea because that seems to be one of the only effective meds for the ocular form.

    I am shocked at the sheer number of people with this condition and the lack of adequete scientific research being conducted. However, the research that is ongoing seems to be promising in finding a cause and hopefully a cure someday (

    It is comforting to know that there are support groups like this, especially when my self-esteem is lowered due to a crazy flare-up.

    In terms of make-up: I recently started using Clinique’s Redness Solutions primer and foundation and I am impressed with how well it masks the redness and papules.

  13. Comment via email from Terri:

    I hear ya. When I was first informed of what the heck was going on with my complexion it was good to read other’s experience at this site. I too had eye involvement similar to yours. Antibiotics were key for me. Unfortunately, seems I cannot go too long without them without a flare up. Thank heaven for make up when the flare ups come. Since dealing with rosecea it is amazing, one realizes, how many people are dealing with this condition. Aging ain’t for sissies. Ugh.

  14. steph says:

    I am 18 years old, and i was diagnost with rosacea when i was 17, and i believe i started developing rosacea when i was around 11 or 12 years of age. I also struggle with acne, so my face is always irratated. I am very concerned about my face because i am so young, and rosacea usually occurs in people around the age of 30 or even later. i have never met a person my age with rosacea, however i have met serveral adults who have rosacea. I worry that because i have developed rosacea at such a young age that there is no hope for my skin. i do however have a great dermatolagist that has been trying very hard to help me with my rosacea and my acne, she recommended that i get a series of chemical peels for my acne, which i did, but after the treatments i have noticed my nose becoming more red. she also told me that i should get those really expensive light treatments done for my rosacea, which i plan on doing. over all i am very self concious about my skin, and i often cry and stress out about it. I would really appreciate some advice!

  15. Tracy says:

    I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts as most educational and informative. I have had a bump on my nose for over ten years. I tried almost every OTC cream and lotion available for this as well as facial and eye swelling. In desperation I feared skin cancer only to be diagnosed with Rosacea.

    I found only two OTC products worth buying (which are expensive) during my ten years preceding my Rosacea diagnosis….. and I tried thousands of dollars worth of products. It was nice to finally find products that work. These are:

    1. Perricone MD Eye Area Contour. Eliminates eye lid and facial swelling.
    (I would run to the mall for a sample before I saved enough money to buy it! Do test on swelling eyelids before you buy. This was a miracle for me that ended much sufferring.)

    2. Premier by Dead Sea Premiere Miracle Noir Mask
    What can I say? This is the best and coolest shiznit ever. And, it is sold in chintzy mall kiosks by Israelis that you negotiate and haggle over price with before you buy. The mask is black and you use some magnetized rock to take off the black and leave this oil on your face and sleep. It is the coolest thing. Then to wake up and have my dry patches and bumps cleared up so my makeup goes on clean and clear just made it that much more miraculous. The sales people will talk the heck out of this product and believe whatever they say! Great stuff for relief of several days to week and a half.

    Then I have a rash on my right hand for over ten years- like Rosacea or eczema. ZERO Rx products worked well on this. Then I was prescribed a foam called Perrigo Clobetasol Propionate Foam .05%. Cures it. Until it returns…..If I am really desperate i put it on my nose bump, but not sure if that works. I have to pay more attention.

    My Rosacea on face condition is worsening with multiple issues of bumps and peeling since the extreme cold weather. I am looking for new products and creams to help– for use on a daily basis. Any opinions as to OTC vs RX products that work? I have saved some ideas here, but may not be able to get an RX quickly. OTC would be nice.

    I also wanted to let you all know that in my experience my Rosacea as well as this hand break out problem is directly related to my intake of foods I am allergic to. I went to the allergist and I am highly allergic to wheat and oat and some trees (avoid veggies with piths..). Wheat and oat intolerance equates to gluten intolerance as well as the potential for future diagnosis of Celiac disease which has symptomology that includes rashes like Rosacea. I am unsure the line between the gluten allergy vs Celiac diseases and inter -elation with Rosacea or other skin rashes except to say there is some. Any more information on this would be great.

    The only time in 10 years my hand and nose and face ever cleared up was when I had an extremely limited low calorie diet free of gluten and sugar. I cant recall if that was when I also avoided starch. AVOIDANCE OF wheat and oat is the most critical for me. It is very hard to maintain a diet like that, but it works to keep my skin clear. The relationship is absolute after my ten years of travails and discoveries… only problem right now is.. I like to eat and my face shows it!

    Doctors routinely also suggest tanning beds as a cure and the ones that tan the outer skin layers work best. The sun heals my skin. And it seems better than antibiotics bc I hate to build a resistance.

    Everyone is different I know, but this is my two cents worth.

    I am also in the process of changing all my make up… Tarte has a base with no Gluten at Sephora and for sensitive skin… Mac only has gluten free base at professional make up stores, L’Oreal I hear is good, and only hypo allergenic and sensitive skin products. It takes alot of investigation and people with sensitive skin– no matter what the cause- Rosacea, Celiac, Eczema, Allergies, etc. those people must watch what they eat and put on their skin. I even have to use the dermatologist recommended detergent or Era etc.

    Any additional recommendations appreciated! Thanks for all your insights!

  16. Faye says:

    I have rosacea and saw a dermatologist, who wrote a prescription for a cream that was over 200 dollars, and a am a senior and medicare would not pay. They don’t seem to think that older people would like to be able to be treated the same as young.

  17. sherry says:

    I started to suffer from Rosacea for several years now. I went through treatment for thyroid cancer and the radiation/ treatment has just wrecked my body but saved my life. My skin just went insane, my stomach is bad and I have fought yeast infections since! I am an elementary teacher so I am no stranger to stress as well. I have also developed food allergies in just the past 2 years.
    Life stresses is something we all have to deal with but the temp in a room can break my face out. I just have this red itchy rash on my face and it has gradually gotten worse with each flair up. Someone told me that if you kill the mites with the cream they treat scabbys it will help. So after my dermatolgist gave me meds and it didnt clear my skin I tried it. You should have seen the look on my reg doctors face when I asked for the lotion! She wouldnt even write it on my chart! At this point in time I was willing to try anything. We were asked to adopt a baby who was in the NICU for several months so in between the doctors/medical test and everything else. I started to realize after my stomach started to give me so much trouble and my face broke out, maybe it was all tied together! I think the cure will come from within and then show on the outside. I am now on a quest for health. If I am stressed badly my face shows it, actually right now with state testing my face is a mess. We are going to have to help ourselves because it doesnt seem the medical community has the answers!

  18. Susan Bennett says:

    I have super-sensitive skin and rosacea which I regularly have IPL for and it helps the appearance immensely. More importantly, I’d like to recommend to anyone with severe skin problems organic skincare products from Living Nature New Zealand. I turned to them in desperation when I had a dermatitis outbreak so severe that literally my own mother would not have recognised me. It was that bad I thought I would be scarred for life. Products I had been able to tolerate up until then suddenly exacerbated the problem. I stumbled across Living Nature in a health food shop and I just can’t speak highly enough of them. They make a rescue gel you can dab on irritated skin and that’s what I use on my rosacea. Often trouble spots heal just about overnight, whereas before it could go on for weeks. The products are not inexpensive but I can vouch for the fact that they are worth every single penny I pay for them. I really can’t speak highly enough of Living Nature and I hope their products might help some of you as much as they have me. They also make products for acne prone skin. I also use Mastey shampoos and conditioners as they are the best for me in avoiding dermatitis. Unfortunately the only Living Nature products I’m not keen on are their shampoos and conditioners which completely cure the dermatitis on my scalp, but are also not cleansing enough for me. Good luck everybody. Hope this helps.

  19. Kelly says:

    I’m in the same position as many of you except that my situation has only really just started getting worse. I’ve had a small red spot on my nose for about 2 years and just recently have noticed a lump has formed underneath it. My doctor tells prescribed my Rosex cream 0.75%… Has anyone used this and is it worthwhile?? Have an appointment at a cosmetics clinic tomorrow for a laser assessment but want to know if laser treatment can get rid of any lumps?? If you’ve had laser can you please let me know the best type of laser treatment for this condition and well, please share any other information you might have??? Desperate!!!!! Also, I heard the helicobactor pylori (however you spell it?) might have something to do with it, and possibly food allergies? Any info on this and also, if food allergies associated with roscea then how do you discover what these are?

    Sorry… So many questions.

  20. Cyndi says:

    Where do you get nicotimamide in a reasonable strength? I see it talked about on
    some acne cure sites where they are taking 500 mg. I see it listed as NADH in some
    vitamin sites but only with 5mg and it is about 15.00 and up. One person on the acne site mentioned it helped with rosacea swelling. Does anyone have any info
    on where to get this at the best price? I am having a second laser treatment this
    week. The first helped swelling for about 3 days and did nothing to heal a festering
    papule that is still slowly healing after 5 weeks. It was a waste of money. I will be
    trying the V-Beam with a new doctor on Wed. I had posted this about 2 weeks ago
    but had to postpone it until this week. I will post results here in case anyone wants
    to know. Back to the nicotimamide–please post more info on this. I have given up
    on all of the antibiotics and topicals at this point. I have also found all of the red, blue and invisible (infrared) LED lights to be aggravating it. What type of tanning bulbs would make rosacea better?
    Someone posted this as helpful? I have
    avoided the sun as much as possible yet still have a swollen nose and cheeks. Forget food allergies. My nose is swollen no matter what I leave out of my diet -(cheese, yogurt, soy, wheat, citrus, vinegar, etc.) I really need info on this nicotimamide so please let me know where to get it.

  21. julie says:

    Hi there fellow (red faces)…..I’ve suffered with a red,hot face and acne for years(cystic in my 20/30s)…I’m 51 now……My redness extends all over my nose,both cheeks all the way to the jawline & a bloody deep red CHIN in an almost perfect circle…..with growing bumps on it.Looks like I fell in beetroot….I was constantly on”the tetrocycline group” etc….always had thrush…etc etc…The pill Brenda helped..but I had to stop taking it last Jan,& now it’s getting worse…….the heat that comes with the blushing & flushing is rotten.I always carry a fan in my bag!!!!! Yippee…now I have menopause to look forward to…..It was suggested that I use ROSEX….haven’t tried it yet…..MINERAL POWDER IS THE BEST FOUNDATION TO APPLY ….covers very well and doesn’t irritate.Never heard about the mites ….so I’ll google it…Good Luck & God Bless to all…….I feel a lot better after sharing…..

  22. cyndi says:

    Hi Y’all- I am just realizing all the chat regarding sea buckthorn oil is in one of the
    other categories. I just bought some (the seed oil-not the flower). I added it
    to the Benzaclin topical treatment my new dermatologist gave me. Overall, after
    2 weeks of the Benzaclin and oral dose of red clover (strenthens capillaries), I think
    the sea buckthorn oil has settled my nose down the most. I only got it 5 days ago.
    I was able to apply it several times during the day under my makeup. It was hot
    and humid and my nose didn’t do the usual spot fizzle sensation that indicated another welt. Just wondering which brand of mineral foundation is good-I have
    had some success with dropping my old brand and going with a cheap one with no
    sunscreen or retinyl palmitate. Many of the newer foundations are full of things
    for antiaging such as the retinyl palmitates, vitamin e, etc. The less of these “anti-
    aging” ingredients, the better for my nose. Are we allowed to name makeup brands
    here? I love Bobbi Brown’s stuff and the L’oreal color match (C-1 shade is such a
    great color!) However, I have decided to keep them off of my nose! I just use old
    fashioned regular Cover Girl (the regular) and the red welts seem to be less aggravated. Meanwhile, I am sooo thankful summer is over!!

  23. Morten says:

    The problem is the fat type and the pressure on the stomach, plus fat amount and fluid amount. It will help you in the long run if you only drink water when you need it, and if you drink beer, then drink Wheat beer(the protein in the beer or the unfiltering is good), if you get pressure on the stomach, and with unstable fat(The socalled healthy oils, sunflower oil, canola oil an so on) before sleeping, then you will be sure to get that nose the day afterwards. The stable fat, which is good for your nose in small amounts of course, is: butter, chocolate (real chocolate from powder(The best thing to cure in a short periode is drinking chocolate with suger and hot water, nothing else(if you can’t, then use very little milk))

    The things you eat will get the nose result 2-3 days afterwards, that is why you should be very observable to see any connections between the things you eat and then see some days afterwards. The biggest mistake is to judge the same day on the food or the fluid to fast. The result will always appear much later than you think. And when you start changing your diet, then it will take from 6-10 days before you will see chances, and when you have done it for 3 weeks, then you really see the result. The most dangerous thing is to eat burgers or drinking 10 normal beers or something, then the result will be 7 days with that nose, for 1 days stupidness. Especialy the wheat beer helps with the nose.

  24. cyndi says:

    Referring to the Julie post–what is the Brenda pill? And the next post regarding
    diet is confusing. I don’t drink any beer (wheat or otherwise) and I don’t eat chocolate fat. Any other suggestions?

  25. Barbara says:

    I keep my Roscea under control by not eating anything red, or too acidic, or too rich. If I think oh it hasn’t been too bad lately I will make the mistake of having another go at say a tomato, eating lots of lvoely things at a family gathering and then next day out it pops. I found that Azclear is the best cream to use, especially when the spot has it’s own pulse and is very painful. Azclear can be bought over the counter at any Pharmacy. Hope this helps.

  26. gary says:

    Hi is there anywhere in watford that people can meet? im 39 and would like to see others thanks gary

  27. Joyce says:

    My husband is 61 and has that horrible rudy red bumpity nose that I have been reading about, and it was diagnosed to be “rhinophyma”. Surgery is recommended, but it is considered to be cosmetic surgery and insurance will not pay for it. He is very tempted to just cut it off himself! I know that would not be a good solution, but we need to hear from someone that has “the” answer! I read one article that suggested X-Ray’s treatments. Someone please advise.

  28. Rose says:


    I’ve found that the only thing that helps my rosacea (besides avoiding anything red– I wonder what it is about tomato sauce, red wine, even bbq chips flares my rosacea?) is something called OPC-3 Beauty Blend, which is made by Market america. It has pycnogenol in it, which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory- I’ve found it helps to keep the redness down. You can find it at
    Good luck!

  29. Joyce says:

    Thank you Rose and all that help share information. My husbands Rhinophyma is just huge and only on his nose. I did not know that the foods he eats effects his nose! I shared that with him… I’m hoping to hear from someone that has had some kind of surgery to remove it, whether your insurance paid for it or not. We have B.C./B. S., and how your results are working out for you.
    Has anyone found a home remedy like bleech or something that will kill this aweful growth on his nose that he himself says:” it stinks”.

  30. Hi Joyce,

    The best non-surgical options is probably accutane. Even this will likely only offer limited benefits though.

    From How to cure a Red Swollen Nose

    Isotretinoin has also been demonstrated to decrease nasal volume in rhinophyma. The most significant regression has been noted in younger patients with less advanced disease.

    Isotretinoin has also been demonstrated to decrease nasal volume in rhinophyma. The most significant regression has been noted in younger patients with less advanced disease.

    Biopsy specimens from phymatous skin prior to isotretinoin therapy showed numerous large sebaceous glands. During isotretinoin therapy, the glands diminished in size and number. Other studies have confirmed the usefulness of isotretinoin for phymatous change.

    [See treating rhinophyma with accutane]

    If the growth is severe then there isn’t really another option than some kind of surgery. This surgery can be expensive, painful and will have other down sides based on what sort of procedure is chose. Sadly I think you need to shop around surgeons to weigh up which option might suit your husband best.

    Xray treatments are experimental, but there are options like Erbium YAG/CO2 Laser and also other options like Microdebrider + Floseal and Photodynamic Therapy.


  31. julie says:

    Hi Cyndi…Brenda is the generic name for the more expensive pill DIANNE.Contraceptive pill that helps eliminate acne.Hope this helps.

  32. Linda says:

    yes I have the red checks and red nose and 2 or 3bumps my nose…But does anyone have a itchy and i mean itchy itchy nose…I can’t stand it?? Linda I do use metrogel 1mg..I am wondering if there is a stronger gel than 1 percent

  33. Gillian says:

    Linda, i’ve been using Sulfacet-r for the past year or so and have good results. It doesn’t do much for the redness but does keep the eruptions under control. It is by prescription 2x daily just on the affected areas. They vary a bit but come up in roughly the same places if I dont use it regularly and when it is quiet it is easy to forget! Not sure about the itch as it seems to be indvidual lesions rather than the whole nose but that is inclined to swell a bit at times. Metrogel has never worked for me neither has Finacea. for me the 2x daily cleansing with a gently cleaner such as Cetaphil is essential for keeping things down to a dull roar and I use cosmetvs sparingly, Mind you I am quite old so I have the luxury(!) of not caring too much and take the comments of my children with a pinch of salt! Take heart one of these days there will be something that works —for everybody. There’s money to be made isnt there!!

  34. Avi says:

    hey guys try homoeopathic medicines , they are world class efficient in curing these ones! i have seen rosacea and vulgaris as well being controlled and cured upon with minute doses… xoxo

  35. doris says:

    i take tetralysal twice daily and i have read all your comments. i would be greatful for any advise that you can give me. i have tried to hide it and am feeling depressed over it. best wishes doris

  36. cyndi says:

    Doris- The BEST thing to do is not eat dairy. That stopped the huge red burning welts. At this point I only let warm water in the shower on my face. No soap and
    only a little Covergirl makeup (get the Regular Covergirl and not the Sensitive Skin
    or the Oil- Free!!!). The Sensitive Skin Covergirl burns. I eat alot of nuts for
    carbohydrates rather than crackers and breads. Too much flushing niacin in the
    ingredients.If I go to bed with a full stomach of carbohydrates such as cookies
    or cereal or cake-my nose really swells. i now eat nuts for a snack.
    I got a hold of some low dose Accutane (generic Rotin it is called 20 mg) I took it
    for a week and then once a week. That has helped but good luck getting your doc
    to prescribe it. Keep everything else off your face until it heals. Sunscreen (all types) burns my skin and so did Metrogel. I also stay away from the milk substitutes (soy is the worst) and Almondmilk only because it contains vitaman E
    which causes welts for me. Otherwise, almonds are fine. I have been dealing
    with this for 7 years and can say it is now limited to one side of my nose and
    a bit of swelling on the tip. You can get it under control with diet. If you eat
    before bed, drink a glass of water too. I also sleep with my head and shoulders
    on three pillows. I spent $50 on pillows but it helped! Good luck!

  37. cyndi says:

    I agree with the above post about Accutane (low dose). There are ways to get it
    -it’s called the internet!

  38. Rocio says:

    please can someone tell me if you have tried Marina Chicet’s products? I like the idea that they are all natural.
    Please let me know before I waste my money, I am considering reading your reviews the rosacea ltd, I am very desparate and with so much out there I don’t know who to believe at this point, it is very frustrating now that my rosacea is getting worst!!! nothing seems to work!!!

  39. cyndi says:

    All natural means nothing when it comes to rosacea. I am down to pretty much
    nothing on my face and my rosacea is just now on one side of my nose where I have two
    red papules. Will do another round of amoxillon again since I can’t afford Oracea and
    it really didn’t work. I heard a post on another site about using Nasalcrom nasal spray (cromolyn solution) It seems to help if I use it topically even though it is a
    nasal spray. Unlike the prescription ones this one is NOT a steroid. I bought it at
    Walmart where it was the cheapest. I leave as much makeup off my nose as possible and forget any sunscreen or soaps because they ALL aggravate it.
    Haven’t had dairy, fruit juices or much of breads (very limited) in weeks. I am
    now thin and not an ounce of cellulite as a bonus. I am looking into a new topical
    as well called Aczone discussed on the Rosacea Forum and will talk to doctor about it and see if it is something he
    could prescribe. So far the topical Nasocrom is the best but not totally bringing
    down the swelling on my nose tip which is still there every morning.

  40. cyndi says:

    Started with Aczone (topical dapsone gel) about 3 weeks ago under a new doctor.
    I was happy that at least he was interested in something new for my nose. It worked great worked
    first week but now I am swelling again but it is just patches on my nose that are
    red. I really
    don’t have the money for these IPL treatments but may try again. If you need
    many it is so expensive. My nose currently is similar to the one in the picture
    only a smaller bump. David, are you still running this site?? I am wondering
    how you ever got rid of that or do you still have it? Should I try the discs? Also,
    I may inquire about liquid nitrogen for this. Has anyone tried it?

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