Rosacea Pictures: papules, pustules, red nose and acne

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Here are some photos of some rosacea flare ups from the year 2000.

At that stage I was trying to work out whether they were caused by being too experimental with new treatments or trying to cut out the antibiotics too quickly.

Being mostly fair skinned, a rosacea red nose stands out a mile away. Many people mistake this redness as sunburn, acne, or may even call it acne rosacea, but in reality, you need to understand rosacea as separate disorder in order to treat it.

Until I was formally diagnosed with rosacea, I could never answer the question – Just why is my nose red? and Why do I get acne on my nose at my age? Perhaps you, too, would like to answer these questions.

Almost everyone who gets diagnosed with rosacea is shocked that what looks like a teenage skin problem comes to visit them middle aged or even as a senior.

As you can see, my rosacea symptoms include acne, papules, pustules, red nose, mild swelling and flushing. These kind of symptoms would last for several days, and even more papules and pustules would take over as current ones healed. I convinced myself that new acne bumps and lumps would grow overnight ; each morning more would be there.

Rosacea Red Nose

Rosacea Papules Nose

Rosacea Pustules

Rosacea Red Nose

I would say that I had these rosacea symptoms for about 15 years or so. It was very frustrating for sure.

This is some of the worst rosacea pictures of me that I have photographs of. Like most rosacea sufferers, I didn’t like my photo being taken, so I don’t have records of any more `impressive’ symptoms than these.

See also my successful rosacea treatments for more information about how I’ve become symptom free.

Update: I recently wrote an article titled How to cure a red swollen nose. I hope that this also helps you battle your red nose !

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166 Reader Comments

  1. claire says:

    Hi everyone, it is so refreshing to hear everyone giving feedback on their exepriences with their Rosacea. I am 34 years old and I was wrongly diagnosed 7 years ago. I have gradually seen since then my skin get progressively worse, it is now in its advanced stages. I have the redness, then the painful bumps, the burning is the worse feeling and tight and sore. I have tried Metro Gel, Eurythromycin anti biotics, which worked at first but then just decided to stop working? I was then at my wits end so payed £58 for Zenmed which did absolutely nothing. I am now on Tetrasyl antibiotics which also started to completely clear all my horrific symptoms and have now began to stop working also. I am today experiencing my worse ever flare up. My entire face is red and swollen my eyes are sticky, it is all burning beyond belief to the point where I have now cancelled all plans for my weekend off work. I am utterly miserable and cant cope with this any more :O(. I dont know who to turn to next, my partner doesn’t understand how bad it feels and when I have my makeup on he says “Dont worry you look fine”. If anyone can let me know ant coping mechanisms I would be eternally grateful. Thanks for listening all!

  2. pitanjara says:

    Hi! Claire,
    I’ve been through it. In my case thank goodness much later in life, when you don’t have to get up in the morning and go to work. Your right, the burning is the worse part. After many unsucessful remedies (including (Intense Pulse Laser)) it always came back slightly worse with ups and downs. Eventually my Doctor sent me to a Specialist who lectures at one of our Universities, besides practising in a variety of fields. He commenced me on a cousre of a medication. A tablet (AROPAX:Paroxetine) an antidepressant. Within a fortnight the flushing stopped and the burning subsided. The first time in years. It did not help with the damage already done (areas of surface veins, mainly on the cheeks). There are SIDE EFFECTS taking these DRUGS. Fortunately in the begining I was O.K. for about 2 years. Now I am on a similar drug as the PAROXETINE slowly lost its effectiveness. I am taking (ZOLOFT:Sertraline). Once again I am O.K.. I guess my main problem must be of a nervous condition, although I am not the nervous type? The Specialist explained that I was all the time apprehensive of another attack of FLUShING and BURNING, and that was one of the main triggers for me.
    I always got up in the morning to LOOK at last night’s damage. . I use a tinted oinment which works wonders as a cover up. All the best. pitanjara

  3. BB says:

    I have been searching for information and I came accross your website. I was wondering if you know of a product that can clear up the red lines on my cheeks and especially my nose (or at least prevent new ones from forming?) that I have recently learned is called Telangectasia? thank you for any help you may be able to provide. thanks BB

  4. Hi BB,

    My understanding is that avoiding flushing triggers is the only viable way to try to prevent more telangectasia forming.

    As to treating existing ones, IPL and some lasers are the best known way of eliminating them. I’m not aware of any topicals or other therapies that are known to eliminate telangectasia.


  5. Jillian says:

    Thank goodness that I found this website! My rosacea started years and years ago but it didnt become a problem until about 5 years ago. I went to a dermatology clinic nearby as I was fed up with facial hair. To my surprise the dermatologist suggested that the hair was not such a big problem but the red patches were it was rosacea and that I was an excellent candidate for IPL treatments. They were terribly expensive and I could only afford 3 of them. Cetaphil face cleaner was advised. Maybe 4 years ago,I started to break out with the pustules and things. Back to the dermatologist and minicycline was prescribed. tolerated that quite well and it did work along with the Metronidiazole cream—- for a while. I was just about to “sign up” for yet another course of minicycline but after reading a couple of ads for Sea buckthorn I decided to take a look at the website. Not at all impressed with what I read, I Googled rosacea and sea buckthorn and eventually landed up on this website.
    There is so much information here that it is reassuring to know that other people have problems and are willing to share their experiences. I will look for a couple of the products mentioned here but will probably have to wait to try them as I am having a partial knee joint replacement in a couple of weeks and one is “requested”to stop all non Rx lotions and potions!!
    One thing is becoming clearer the “triggers” are multiplying and the weather is one of them, Heat and cold.
    I use Metronidiazole 1% cream 2x daily,the Galderma products Cetaphil cleaner and their mositurizer and usally use a 60 sunscreen made by LaRoche-Posay very expensive!! I have just bought Galderma’s mositurizer with 50 spt as it is a bit cheaper but it rremains to be seen if it is as good. Sunhats with wide brims are a must as well.
    Now if anybody has any other helpful hints for this 76 year old, getting very crabby woman, I would be most grateful to hear them. Thanks.

  6. Steve Brogan says:

    It is interesting to find others who have had to deal with a red nose or rosacea. It is very embarrassing to have a red nose, especially when a teenager or really I guess at any time. Also, it is associated with someone who drinks a lot. I noticed when I was a kid that when it got cold my nose would get very red and my playmates would point it out. Later as a teenage I had a very itchy scalp, dandruff, and flaky eyebrows etc. Then I had big pimples and white heads and my pores got big. What a bummer to have to deal with! My nose is large to begin with and I can actually see my nose and see it is red without looking in the mirror. This is a creepy affliction to have. I guess it is kind of like early baldness or something that doesnt seem to have an easy remedy. I guess someone could say why me? but others could say why me with cancer, being a midget or whatever. Just embarrassing basically to have a red nose. I do notice that skin problems run in the family on my mother’s side, most of my relatives on that side have had acne or some form of rosacea.

  7. Abby says:

    Hi David,

    After reading your article i’m hoping you could provide some insight into my condition. I’m 19 and my nose seems to have been permanently red for several years…I constantly break out with pustules on my nose so I’m not sure if that redness is attributed to teenage acne. It’s been like this ever since i’ve hit puberty and began to see acne. I’ve never noticed any swelling or anything other than the redness from the acne so i’m not sure if this is a sign of rosacea. I have some very faint redness in my cheeks, but i’m sure I had that all my life. There have been several occasions when my nose was clear from acne and the redness seemed quite a bit lighter…My doctor refuses to recommend a dermatologist so i’m not sure what to do. I’d appreciate any advice you might have..

  8. Hi Abby,

    It would be unusual to have visible swelling with papules and pustules when you are only 19, so it is quite possible that you have papulopustular rosacea. Thankfully this is the easiest type of rosacea to treat – with antibiotics and metrogel et. al. I would say that if the redness comes and goes with the papules and pustules then that is also another sign that you might have rosacea.

    It is important for a doctor to confirm this though because there could be other conditions too of course. Any chance that you can see a new doctor ?

    all the best,

  9. Hi there,
    I was wondering if somebody can answer this question. I found food to be probably the largest trigger of a outbreak. Sugar the worse culprit. Is natural sugar from pure juices like apple and pineapple the same? also are smoothies the same? please help.

  10. pitanjara says:

    Hi! Maryam,
    I do know your age, but I am guessing that you have Acne Vulgaris and not Rosacea.? You should see your doctor (or a doctor) and ask for an appointment to see a Dermatologist. There woul be so many variables for this complaint that teatment via the internet may not have much success. All the best, pitanjara

  11. Barbara says:

    Hi all!
    I’m new to this site and have started doing research on Rosacea. I have an appointment with a dermatologist soon, but want to throw out a question…I have these bumps under my eyes and my eyes have these big bags under them. Ugh. Bumps AND bags! I’m 63 so I expect some loose skin, but I’ve noticed some days they are baggier and the bumps are bigger than others. Do you think the swelling is caused by the Rosacea? A new thing is all these little whiteheads all over my forehead. It looks like the skin of a teenager (except for the baggy eyes).

  12. Sylvia says:

    Hi there,
    I have recently aquired the red nose syndrom this past year. My GP suggested it is Rosacea and as I read through the chats above I’m beginning to agree but one strange occurance in my case that I haven’t read in others. I have a hardening ( call it a lump ) that can be felt in the inside and the outside of my nose. To the touch on the inside it is very painful and sensative. the Redness / swelling started on one side of my nose and I now am developing a hardening on the other side which is not red. ( I’m thinking it going to develop and come over to the other side in time. I also had rhynoplasti 20 years ago and I am am suspicious something may be going on with the scars inside my nose. Any thoughts….
    I have tried a round of prescription creams, gels and antibiotics with little to no results. I’m desparate for some relief. Help !

  13. andrew says:

    hi ,i find the wind and cigarette smoke two causes of rosacea but not only causes the hot weather causes it too,i apply omega 3 oil to my nose nightly it helps to keep my nose frm drying to mch,avoid alcohol too ,cheese ,chocolate and tomatoes,see if that helps dont expect a miracle but it might help in some cases.

  14. Benny says:

    Hello Sir,

    I was wondering if this product would help me, I am still not sure if what I have is Rosacea or if is something else; see I have these patches of moist soft skin (usually a light coat of skin on the top) of my chin, nose and wrists. If I scratch them I can get rid of the top surface (white skin) and then its all red for a couple of hours then is like I had never had anything there and it’s all new skin and no more bumps or white moist skin, until the next time usually one day. I went to see a dematologist and they told me it was a skin infection and gave me medication for it Retin-A, but that didn’t work for me. Could you please help me?
    Thanks in Advance,


  15. help says:

    I have the lump too, many lumps infact. They are soft tissue becoming hard from inflammation I believe. Recently my nose is always inflamed and noticeably wider and bigger in the mirror. I am scared. I am alone. I am 22. I may be having erbium laser for the bumps but now that my nose has gotten bigger from within the bumps are of little concern to me. Now Im scared of my nose just continuously growing with nothing I can really do but live with it.
    I cant handle this. I didnt get to live yet.

  16. zebkid says:

    i began to develop a red nose when i used clearisal when i was about 14 years old, and i first attributed my red nose to the alchohol in that, but ive stopped about 3 years ago and my nose is getting redder and redder. I have no pastules, just small white bumbs and bits of dry skin. what should i do? is there a chance my condition could develop into serious nose growth or deformation, or will i just allways have a red nose? please help!!!

  17. rejna says:

    hi . i am 29 years old female newly married ,i have simple small papule infront of my nose for 7 month duration i used retinoid topically no response for your kind management please

  18. Michelle says:

    I am 36 and have facial flushing across nose/halfway across cheeks. I have never had pustules or pimples with my rosacea but I do have flares of increased redness. I tried metrogel but during that time my entire face (not just where I put the metrogel) has become extremely ‘tight’ and dry feeling. I also suddenly now have lines spreading across the bridge of my nose when I smile. It almost feels painfeel to smile! Any idea what could be going on with my skin? Was it the metrogel that did it? Can vitamin D supplements cause dry skin? I appreciate any help you can provide!

  19. jessica says:

    I’m so impressed that you respond to all these folks with rosacea troubles & questions! Good for you.

    I’ve just started with Nicotimamide (plus zinc oxide, cupric oxide and folic acid – all in one tablet). It’s generally used to treat acne – but it’s an anti-inflammatory and so far it’s been a dream for treating my rosacea. Needless to say, I’m really excited about it.

    Doxycycline worked well for a few years but then stopped working and, from what I read, because Nicotinamide isn’t an antibiotic I shouldn’t have to worry about developing resistance. Also, it has very few negative side effects. And some lab studies with mice show some pretty sweet positive side effects (increase endurance, reversing Alzheimers, and decreasing immunosupression).

    The only downside is that my insurance doesn’t cover it and it’s $80/month. But…totally worth it if it continues to work.

    Anyone else trying nicotinamide?

    **Note: From what I read, Nicotinamide interferes greatly with the absorption of doxycycline so if you’re on that and it’s working don’t try nicotinamide (not that the doc would prescribe it in that case, but…)

  20. PK says:


    I have got same problem on nose since 5-6 yrs. I tried almost all different type of treatment available in the market. I just got fed with this problem as this is on my nose and sometime it comes as a big pimple on my nose even more worse as i seen in some photo. I consulted with my GP. Actually, even he was not any idea what it is Rasc… or acne. He recommended me Isotrtenoin , i tried it for 2 week. But i realised it had more side effects than any good effect. I didn’t find any difference after finishing with this treatment. GP Dermatologist doesn’t have to recommend after this . I am looking to go some private clinic like skin clinic for laster or microdermasion or any suitable treatment for my skin. I would like to ask other friend who are facing same problem that whether this type of treatment is really effective or not it is just waste of money.

  21. Christina says:

    I just started using Emu oil on my acne scars and every morning when i wake up it looks like the redness has gone away a little bit. It’s been two days since i’v been using it. I am breaking out a little bit by my jaw bone but i dont think its from the oil…it could be though. I didn’t know about this lotion till i went to a supplement store looking for pre- workout and the lady that works there said a dermotologist came in there and told her about that lotion and they sell it that she told me about it and i gave it a try ill let you guys know how it goes. 🙂

  22. Jen says:

    I was told a few years ago that I had Rosacea. I had a really horrible rash that started in one spot and spred all over my body. It was a little raised, and pusty looking so I thought maybe it was ring worm, but the doctor told me Rosacea. He said that he noticed the redness on my nose and in my checks. It’s still pretty visable in my checks.
    I get rashes every now and then, not like that one, but it just depends. It’s mostly a stress thing and when I expose myself to really hot water. Which is a bummer because I used to like to take hot baths and now I can’t.
    Anyway, the rashes are not only thing. I do get these papules. Also when I am stressed. I have one that starts in the direct center of my forehead and one on my cheek. It’s always a pimplish bump, and then it swells, and turns more red. I also noticed the glasses thing like one of the other users.
    I wear glasses, but before I was told that I had this, I wore contacts.
    I ran out of my contact perscription, and started wearing the glasses. That’s when I started getting the break outs.
    I have also developed horrible social anxiety, and depression due to this.
    It’s imberassing, and I can’t find myself confronting people anymore, so I no longer have a front of house type job.

  23. Liz says:

    I feel so sorry for you guys, as you describe your nose and skin problems – at least we women can disguise the condition with make-up.
    With my rosacea, I don’t get redness, but itchy areas, and awful papules. The worst part is when you can feel them coming. I get a drawing sensation, and a horrible crawling under the skin, it’s vile. And the scars last forever.
    I’ve just started on low level antibiotics, and have been using Calmin cream, which does cool the face down, but thanks to some of you, I’m going to try Emu oil, which I believe would be cheaper, (- I’m on a pension!)
    Does anyone know why some people get rosacea, and most do not? My GP says it’s a virus.

  24. Gillian says:

    I am trying to avoid yet another round of antibiotics but think I’m fighting a loosing battle. The very very cold weather and wind have played havoc this winter and it ain’t over yet!!

    New derma Rx a lotion Sulfacet R which I will pick up tomorrow as Noritate doesn’t help any more.
    Has anyone used this lotion and if so would you mind commenting? Thanks/
    The derma also suggested DORMA 211 plain and DORMA 211 with a 30 UVA UVB for moisturizers, I am using them and so far think they are better than Cetaphil but I still use their cleanser.

    I read here about FINACEA and although Health Canada gave it their OK last year it hasn’t been marketed. I tried to contact the company but found it had been sold. Still tracking but does anyone have any more information? Thanks

  25. pitanjara says:

    Hi! Gillian,
    Just a quick note. Will come back again later. Instead of FINACEA try ACNEDERM by egopharm. Much cheaper and more effective. Azelaic Acid 20%. Availble online from They are an Australian co. but seem to be world wide. Have a large range of skin products. I have my rosacea under control using only their products, washes, even makeup by tinting EGO Skin Cream a moisturiser which when applied really cools the l skin and a wonderful concealer for red facial areas. If you have trouble contacting the site let me know.

  26. Gillian says:

    Thanks pitanjaram tried the site but no info re rosacea, contact from Canada not available only Aus NZ and USA.

    Will pick up the new lotion and give it a try fortunately this flare up has subsided over night so I think that makes it a bit easier to judge its value.

  27. Icey Myrtle says:

    Shiela – I have been fighting a flair up of Roscea for several months now and I found it was from the medication the Dr gave me for a acne Vulgaris that broke out on my face last March.

    I found an article that said treatments for the Acne Vulgaris can make your Roscea worse! So I stopped using the medication for the Acne Vulgaris and my face has cleared up and I have NOT had those horrible breakouts on my nose and chin since and the papules and pustules have appeared to have gone away.

    I also stopped drinking Caffiene coffee, I stopped eating the yogurt I had once a day, stopped going for Mexican food every week because of the hot sauce, stopped eating Bananas because I found another article that said they can increase the swelling (they do not cause Rosecea but can make the swelling worse).

    I went to my Dermatologist last week and told him about the medication for the Acne Vulgaris making my rosecea worse and so he has now given me the Metro Gel to try to calm down what is left to the Roscea! I am also taking a oral antibiotic.

    I have been using Solbar sun screen that works well for me. I had IPL treatments back in 2006 and my face looked GREAT! But this Acne medication has caused my rosecea to worsen….

    Don’t know if any of this helps but thought I would send to you just in case.

  28. Barb says:

    I am trying a new approach . . . since all the basic medication and potions have not seemed to work.

    I am going to change my diet ; kind of extreme for me, but I know diet has a lot to do with how you feel and how your body works. I haven’t felt great, headache, sinus drip, sneezing, lethargic, disgusting skin etc. . . .

    I know, I have just given you a spot on description of the month of March . . . but, ever hopeful, I am going to try eating in a new way for a month and see how my skin looks. And how I feel !

    I’m going to eliminate dairy,wheat, sugar and junk food. Instead of having three big meals, I’m going to eat about four meals per day. Lot’s of fresh filtered water, many things made with fresh vegetables and some fresh fruit. Fish will see more action on the grill. Lots of thing that “stay with you”, add fiber, and doesn’t turn to sugar right away, like maybe steel cut oatmeal in the mornings with some fruit and a handful of nuts.

    I’m working on the premise that my system is already “stressed”, so I am going to give a few organs a break. I want to get at least a half hour of sun every day and make sure I get good exercise.

    Added to a better diet, I will add a combination vitamin pill. Heavy on C, D F, (for the good fats) zinc, amino acids, enzymes, and YEAST FREE !

    I have had an overload of demodex mites, with really bad result. Really bad.

    So instead of trying to murder them with toxic poison; that hasn’t worked . . . I am going to try to allow my natural immune system to eliminate the excess, and let the rest go back to the follicles quietly. I am convinced that antibiotics FEED them and do nothing to help your body stay in balance.

    Your body remembers every bad thing you have ever done to it . . . and now is the time to pay the piper. I think the days of letting the dermatologist handle it and finding that magic pill are over.

    Meantime, really try to cut down on stress ! Say “no” to get yourself some free time, . . . a nap perhaps?

    This is my latest shot at feeling better and having a good complexion . . . all of the time ! I’ll let you know if it works.

  29. pitanjara says:

    Hi! Icey,
    The IPL treatment is great if handled by an experienced practitioner.. I started 5 years ago with about 6 treatments and there after every year a light follow up treatment of about two to three.. They certainly level the facial skin, removing papules and spider veins.. The Specialist gives me an application of a half hour cooling with soft gel ice packs before and after treatment.. Keep cool..

  30. pitanjara says:

    HI! Everyone,
    This just a thought and perhaps maybe not acceptable to all.. I correspond by SKYPE with some of my friends who have Rosacea.. We swap ideas.. It is possible to block ANYONE you don’t wish to have on your list so that you can reserve your privacy.. We all use a SKYPE NAME..

  31. Scarlett says:

    Hi everyone

    I just wanted to say I have read all your comments and have been suffering from Rosacea for about 12 years now. I have redness across both cheeks and nose area, I tried IPL treatments and felt not only were they expensive but did little to help the problem.
    Last April I came across a site during a google search called Demodex Solutions that treats the mites that could be the cause of the Rosacea condition. Having tried other lotions unsuccessfully I thought I may as well try this.
    The site recommends using the lotions and the soap for a least 4 months but I have now been using them for nearly a year. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin, have suffered from little breakouts, spots and redness are pretty much under control and I have gained a lot of my confidence back. I need to share this with you because I have had so much success using this system and will continue to use their products. Please try it for yourself and see the benefits.

  32. Barb says:

    Scarlett . . .

    I am so glad you found something that is working for you. Rosacea can really wreak havoc on your self esteem.

    What stage of rosacea are you in? I am evidently quite up the scale of symptoms. I can cosmetically handle the redness and broken veins. But now I am in a turf war for my eyes and nose. I realize that I will not look like I used to . . . so I am striving for best possible. I can deal with the “no eye brows” situation. Plus have thrown away all eye make up.

    Here is my current situation: I have a great deal of peeling, and look much older, since the mites have siphoned off all the cytoplasm. Does any one have some make up tips for improving the damage ? What kind of moisturizer can you use the the mites won’t feast on?

    I need to find an “anti-prune” cream or lotion to handle the scaling and peeling, plus a tinted make up so I can walk out the door. Oh, also, my lips peel and ordinary lipstick no longer possible. I am looking for a tinted stain.

    Does anyone have any tips that might help me out? If so . . . sharing would be much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from someone soon !!

  33. Paul says:

    I get these too. I find worrying about them can be the problem to an extent. I just accept I have a bit of a red nose an its just the way I am. Of course keep it under control if it really really flares up but try not to worry. People can make you feel paranoid but rise above them and move on. My girl freinds in the past dont seem bothered about it and when Im clubbing with friends If anyone comments I simply just agree yea its a bit red etc and not worry about it.

  34. melanie says:

    hi can you help me ive been dealing with a skin problem since nov ive been to see a derm and he is not sure its rosacea im gettin a lot of pimples face does get red much but ive noticed my face has got flat red dots on it i never had spots b4 im 40 now and dont understand why now my face is a mess im full of spots everywere its really getting me down do you have any advise

  35. mat topd says:

    i fell bad for u guys
    live life
    live is heaven

  36. Rachelle C. says:

    My doctor diagnosed me with rosacea, delusional paristosis. The medications for these did no good. Then another dermatolgist with an allergist diagnosed me with demodex (skin mite) allergy. Since I have very many allergies, this was a good bet. I treat itchy and red areas with tea tree oil and have managed to reielve my problem almost completely. The dermatologist also thinks a monthly treament with Kwellada-P would help further.

  37. jazmine says:

    I was told i had rosacea and was given metrogel. i felt it was making me worst and i stopped. The dermotologist gave me Elidel cream which didnt help me for nothing. I dont know what can help me cure this!!! I am desprite for help. Its most on my cheeks. PLEASE HELP!

  38. curtis says:

    Hello all,

    This may sound crazy but I have had good results from applying RAW honey to the affected areas – it is a natural antibacterial and has wonderful healing properties; it also nourishes the skin. It seems to work especially well with sebhorreic dermatitis. It is a bit impractical having it on whilst sleeping but a couple of hours each evening works well.

    Good luck.

  39. Max Oscar says:

    Hello 🙂

    i haven’t tried any treatment, as i really don’t have spare time to see the doctor but I was wondering if anyone knew of a tint that i could use on my skin that wouldn’t block the pours and create alot more red blotches than i already started off with?

    I know it’s probably impossible, as in order to cover your skin in a colour, it must be thick enough meaning it will block the pours.

    if anyone has had any luck, as my symptoms don’t have time to heal or they get worse, because i keep blocking them up with tinted moisturiser.

    going outside without this tint isn’t an option, so the healing process is very hard for me.

    anything that can cover my redness while fighting the problem rather than making the problem worse?

  40. JIM says:


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