Photodynamic Therapy is being used for cancer too

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Photodynamic Therapy (a treatment usually consisting of a photosensitizing agent, light and tissue oxygen) is gaining popularity for its ability to treat more than just skin diseases.

Internal organs and cancer sites are now being treated with PDT using endoscopes and fibre optic catheters.

Even though some research papers about rosacea and PDT are available, as a rosacea treatment the usage of Levulan and light therapy combined is still experimental. Beware of possible adverse reactions if you are considering PDT as a skin treatment.

Fighting cancer with light

Though far more common in Europe, light-based therapy is gaining proponents in the United States.

Called photodynamic therapy, the technique represents part of medicine’s continuing quest for treatments that target tumours while sparing the rest of the body from unpleasant side effects. Though far more common in Europe, this light-based therapy is gaining proponents in the United States, where it has long been approved for treating certain lung and skin cancers.

… the therapy does have one significant side effect. The medicine that makes the tumor cells sensitive to light has a similar effect on the rest of the body. Regular cells excrete the medicine more quickly than do cancer cells, yet the kind of drug Correa received still had a fairly long impact. She would have to stay away from bright light for several weeks, or else suffer a bad sunburn.

In a randomized European study, photodynamic therapy had extended the life of patients with inoperable bile-duct cancer by more than a year, on average — in some cases several years. It worked so well that the trial was stopped early.

Correa received her infusion of the light-sensitizing medicine, called porfimer sodium, on Dec. 15. Two days later, she was placed under anesthesia, and Loren inserted an endoscope down her throat and into her small intestine.

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