patent: reduce redness and blood vessels by adding phytosphingosine to retinoid

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This patent is for a product containing a retinoid, which can cause irritation for rosacea sufferers. The invention adds `salicylic acid, a phytosphingosine, green tea, hinokitiol, gorgonian extract, and polysaccharide’.

The main inventor is Dr. Neelam Muizzuddin who appears to work for Estee Lauder Companies.

Patent: Anti-irritating rosacea treatment

The present invention relates to a cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition for topical application to the skin afflicted with rosacea and treated with a retinoid. The composition for treating rosacea comprises an anti-irritating component and several other components for treating rosacea. The other components form a mixture of a salicylic acid, a phytosphingosine, green tea, hinokitiol, gorgonian extract, and polysaccharide. The invention also provides a method for decreasing the irritation on the skin caused by the heightened sensitivity experienced by skin suffering from rosacea. The other components are effective in treating the rosacea condition, but particularly, in treating the telangiectasic symptom of rosacea.

The compositions of the present invention include a cocktail of ingredients especially designed to alleviate the irritation experienced when treating rosacea, especially with a retinoid. Further, it has been surprisingly found that the inclusion of a phytosphingosine with the other active ingredients of the present invention, improves the condition of telangiectasia associated with rosacea. Although redness occurs with an inflammatory response or a deranged regulation of cell growth and differentiation of keratinocytes, the redness due to telangiectasia is vascular, and therefore, treatment for redness due to an inflammatory response will not necessarily treat redness due to vascular dilation, and most likely will not at all. Thus, the treatment of redness associated with rosacea, even when the skin is being treated for rosacea which can further irritate the skin, with the phytosphingosine and the other components of the present invention is unexpected. Some of the other active agents in the rosacea treatments of the present invention have been previously used in the treatment of rosacea. However, they have not been previously used with the phytosphingosine or collectively with one another as they are in the present invention to reduce irritation associated with a retinoid-containing rosacea treatment.

the phytosphingosine acts in combination with the other components of the present invention as a vasoconstrictor. After four months of treatment, blood flow to the facial skin is reduced by about 25 percent. In addition, the presence of phytosphingosine also contributes to other known benefits such as treating acne comedones, serving as a building block for new ceramides, inducing de novo biosynthesis of ceramides, and acting as an important physiological regulator of growth and differentiation of epidermal cells

The polyphenol is a catechin, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and is also believed to have antibacterial properties. The polyphenol is also known as an antioxidant

The extracts of gorgonian are also known to have antimicrobial activity

the ability of these polysaccharides to reduce irritation associated with the rosacea condition has not previously been described


… free Base lipid which is the key biochemical precursor/building block for Ceramide 3, Ceramide 6 and Phytoceramide 1. Phytosphingosine is highly effective in the restoration of the skin’s lipid barrier function. Phytosphingosine is a key regulatory lipid in the skin, important in regulating lipid biosynthesis and modulating enzyme activities. Phytoshingosine has been demonstrated to have broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, lending to applications in acne preparations.

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  1. Joan Bardy says:

    I have had Rosacea for years and an content with the cream I am using but I have one question – I have noticed for quite some time that my right ear gets very red and warm as well as the left side of my face which feels swollen – is this a normal flush from Rosacea? Thank you, Joan Bardy

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