Oracea worth $104m a year, good news for Sansrosa

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According to a press release via Reuters, sales of Oracea were approximately $104 million for the twelve-month period ending July 2009. This figure is up almost 200% from the previously reported sales of $52.5 million in 2007.

As you can see Oracea is a great source of revenue for Galderma.

I believe that rosacea sufferers are entitled to ask Is Oracea too expensive ? Given that Oracea is only marginally different to 50 mg a day of generic doxycycline, do rosacea sufferers benefit from the availability of Oracea ?

If you have full insurance coverage and cannot benefit from 50mg a day of doxycycline, then perhaps Oracea is for you. Otherwise ask you doctor if Oracea is worth the expense for your situation.

As I have said in the past – products like Oracea will benefit all rosacea sufferers in the long run by proving to Galderma that rosacea is a disease worth their R&D dollars. Many rosacea sufferers are waiting for Galderma’s in-development anti-redness rosacea product know as Sansrosa to become available.

New products like Sansrosa take millions of dollars of effort and many years of work. Good Oracea sales can only encourage Galderma to target rosacea sufferers.

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