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I can’t say that I know how much industry weight is carried by the publication Medical Marketing & Media, but they have awarded Galderma the Gold Award for `Best Individual Product Advertisement in Consumer Press’ for their marketing of Oracea.

Apparently, “in order to drive product demand, the ads needed to educate consumers about the disease state. They also needed to be sensitive to the fact that the condition upsets and frustrates patients.”

The campaign is further praised for `sensitive drawings of people with the condition and an illustration of how the product works under the skin at the root of the problem’.

Further praises included `demonstrating the condition without making it unnecessarily heavy’ and `very charming execution that would make a reader stop to read more.’

I guess it is kind of cute to promote the whole `works from within’ angle. If you want to see the print advertisement you can click on the graphic above or view the video version at oracea.com.

Even though Oracea is a delayed release form of already available treatment, it is clear that  Oracea is successfully creating it’s own market segment. In the year ended July 2009 Oracea was responsible for revenue of $104m. Additionally we know that 2 rival pharmaceutical companies, Impax Laboratories and Mylan Pharmaceuticals want to get a piece of the 30+10mg doxycycline market.

So what is Oracea, really ?

I find it fascinating that a company can take an existing product, such as periostat, do some research and development, obtain a handful of patents, identify a market segment by targeting a disease not well serviced, and come up with a product we now know as Oracea.

The new owners of Oracea – Galderma, gladly added Oracea to their rosacea portfolio that already included another of the rare rosacea targetted prescriptions – metrogel.

Of course it is a massive venture to get a new drug through the FDA, but so far it looks like the venture has paid off financially.

All of this despite being able to make an argument that Oracea is comparable to 50mg a day of generic doxycycline.

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  1. A report indicates that antibiotic “resistance to doxycycline can occur in a few days, with resistant bacteria in abundance after just seven days of treatment with 100 mg doxycyline daily according to a presentation at the Skin Disease Education Foundation Hawaii Dermatology Seminar. See the report:


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