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Periostat (20 mgs doxycycline hyclate) has been helpful to some rosacea sufferers. Originally developed to combat periodontal disease (gum disease), periostat was approved by the FDA in 1998.

Recently the FDA approved the introduction of generic periostat equivalents. Ivax Pharmaceuticals and CorePharma are now free to sell their generic equivalents of Periostat.

Oracea is a new form of doxycycline, the same active ingredient as CollaGenex’s gum disease treatment Periostat. CollaGenex is shifting its focus to the dermatology market following the approval of generic competition for Periostat.

Colin Stewart, CollaGenex’s president and chief executive officer of CollaGenex, said he believes the product could “significantly expand” the current $500 million market for prescription drugs to treat rosacea.

The lead investigator for the trial, says

“Oracea provides therapeutic efficacy in rosacea through anti-inflammatory and anti-collagenolytic effects and is devoid of antibiotic activity. Therefore, even with long-term use, development of antibiotic resistance is not an issue. Many rosacea patients will benefit from a once-daily formulation of doxycycline that has been optimized to treat rosacea effectively and safely.”

Oracea is a new sustained release, once a day 40 mg tablet. 10mg of this 40mg is coated to delay the release of the doxycycline.

As part of the latest Phase III study for Oracea, when compared to the placebo, erythema showed a trend towards improvement. In a second study, the reduction in erythema achieved statistical significance as erythema scores improved (again against placebo).

CollaGenex is also developing a new once-daily version of Periostat, called Periostat MR, to protect it position in the dental market. Collagenex has restructured their sales team around the fact that Periostat is about to become a generic label.

The company is also seeking to expand the label for the drug’s main ingredient to include its use in treating a variety of skin disorders including acne and rosacea. Additionally Oracea may also be targeted towards treating ocular rosacea as well.

Promoting Oracea

Oracea is promoted as safe and effective for long term use. It was reported that the average duration of Oracea therapy is 4 months, compared to an average of 2.5 months for other rosacea prescriptions.

Collagenex are holding up to 6 patents relating to Oracea. These patents cover Oracea’s method of use, mechanism of action and pharmacokinetic profile (i.e. how it is absorbed and acts over time).

Collagenex reports that Oracea is equally effective as 100mg of doxycycline. That particular press release is a culmination of a trial that we have reported previously – oracea plus metrogel, better than 100mg doxycycline plus metrogel ? and also a 2007 SkinMed paper; maximum effective dose of doxycycline is 40mg a day.

See more about how Collagenex are promoting Oracea.

Oracea Plasma Concentration

The following graph, sourced from Collagenex, shows the blood plasma concentration of doxycycline for Oracea compared to 50mg once a day of generic doxycycline. The horizontal axis stretches out to 24 hours post dosage. The vertical axis is in nano-grams per milli-litre (ng/mL). The anti-microbial threshold is listed here as a concentration of 1000 nano grams/mL (i.e. 1.0µg/mL).

oracea (click for a larger view)

I read this graph to suggest that Oracea is able to maintain a sustained release of the active ingredient doxycycline without venturing into anti-microbial territory. The advantage of a delayed release product is that Oracea can offer the `area under the concentration-by-time curve’ delivery, but at sub-antimicrobial dosage over 24 hours.

Method of Action

As part of Collagenex’ push to promote Oracea and Incyclinide, a new web site developing the idea that rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease has been created. Be sure to check out the video of the the suggested Doxycycline Method of Action.

A Cheaper Alternative ?

As Oracea is a new prescription product it can be quite expensive, especially if you don’t have comprehensive insurance coverage. One possible alternative you could discuss with your doctor is 50mg a day of generic doxycycline. Whilst this dosage won’t have exactly the same profile in your blood, it is likely to be very close. As with all systemic treatments both, Oracea and a low dose of doxycycline can cause unwanted side effects so the supervision of your doctor is important.

Galderma and Oracea

Galderma is now the owner of Oracea, having purchased Collagenex in 2008.

Is Oracea Too Expensive?

Given that Oracea is really just doxycycline with a low dose and modified release mechanism, is it worth the extra expense compared to generic doxycycline low dose? Many are wondering if indeed Oracea is too expensive.

Your Thoughts

Have you tried Oracea or another low-dose doxycycline ? How long did it take to see some benefit ? Did you experience any side effects ? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Paul says:

    I was a former accutane patient in my early 20s. I took it for five months. I was clear for years. But in my early 30s I started getting occasional big pimples around my chin and nose at the most inopportune times – e.g., big date, family event, etc. I also developed eczema (redness and scaling) certain times of year, which aggravated any coinciding acne. It sucked! It was like the Black Plague!

    I went to a dermatogist, tried creams, etc., but nothing was effective. I went on 40mg Oracea, and it really worked! However, it is so expensive. So I switched to 50mg Doxcycline, and the results are just as good. I’m told 50mg Doxcycline is just as safe and can be taken long-term. I have been on it for 2 years, and very few breakouts, and no eczema. Wow, really cool!

    Oracea is a clever marketing scheme. Dont spend the money. There is no difference between delayed release 40mg Oracea vs. 50mg doxycycline. The only difference is price. Dont be fooled! Take Doxycycline.

  2. Lori says:

    I have been on Oracea for over a month now. It has helped with the bad acne alot. I don’t seem to have any side effects and my face is clearer. I still have a “breakout” occasionally but not as severe as before. I signed up on the Oracea website and got a card that pays my insurance co-pay so, for right now, I’m not paying anything. Looks like the card expires in 2010 so we’ll see what happens then. My doctor, however, told me I’d probably be on it for years. Is that safe? I see others are only on for short periods of time. I went off to test to see if it really was helping and immediately started the severe acne again. I’m gonna take it!

  3. Lori says:

    To “It’s not working” post #81…it sounds like you need something stronger in the beginning to clear up what’s going on right now. I started out on 100 mg of doxy twice a day for 8 days and then 1 a day for 2 weeks BEFORE going on Oracea. I had SEVERE pimples on one side of my nose for over 6 months. Everyone asked what was wrong with my face (people can be so insensitive). Within a few days of the double dose of doxy my face cleared up. Of course I still have the red splotches that will clear eventually from the scarring. I am also using a sulfur face wash that was prescribed. Maybe ask your dermatologist if the higher dose of doxy and a face wash would work for your case. Good Luck.

  4. ItsNotWorking says:

    Hi Lori,

    Thanks for your message.

    for a long time I have been using rosanil which i believe is a sulfur wash, what is the brand you are using?

    so i have been off oracea for a few days, the second day my skin cleared up so much i was like screaming with joy… but then the next day i was working around the house on a hot day and my rash came back. i dont know, i think i will just stay off it for a while and see. my next visit with derm is not until next week. will see how it goes.

  5. Dean says:

    Hey everyone. I have been reading through all the posts on this site and doing a lot of research on Rosacea. I am NOT an expert by any stretch of the imagination but what I HAVE gleaned is that, unfortunately, Rosacea seams to act differently for each person AND the meds seem to do the same. Its one of those diseases where one size doesn’t fit all.

    Take me for instance–I started on Oracea over a year ago and it worked fabulously until the prescription ran out the first time. When my Dr and I determined that the monthly prescription was going to be like $300+ per month he put me on good ole doxycycline at 100mg per day.
    At this point I began reading everything I could about the disease and found that SOME people can wean themselves to smaller doses which is what I’ve done.

    I now take 100mg of doxy every OTHER day and I haven’t had a breakout in almost a year except when I was experimenting and trying to figure out what the best dose was for ME. But I DID have to figure out what the correct dose was. I tried going for 4 days, then 3 but that didn’t seem to work. Well I finally got to 2 days and it seemed to stabilize and I’m fine.
    But in general it seems that the proper dose of doxy is 50mg a day. Oracea works in a similar way if I understand it. Except it has a time release factor built into it so it releases slowly during the day.

    Some people swear that the metrogel helps them too but it has zero effect on me so I stopped using it. That doesn’t mean YOU should if it helps you.

    In reading about rosacea it APPEARS that if you have an eastern european heritage you are more susceptible to getting rosacea so thats something you might look into. It also appears that moist heat, say from a hot shower or sweating, exacerbates the condition in SOME people. This happens to me OCCASIONALLY but not every time. In some people stress will cause it to flare up–but again not every time.

    Its a strange disease that the medical community doesn’t seem to be able to put any “absolutes” on. Again–one size doesn’t fit all.

    I recommend that you keep a diary or notes on your flareups. Include what meds you are taking–ANY meds for ANYTHING–including even aspirin, vitamins and meds for other illnesses. Note how often you get flare ups, what they look like and any other pertinent information such as “Just took a shower and my face is now broken out”. I did this and it helped me narrow my medication down to 100mg every other day. It could also help your doctor with your diagnosis.

    I have noted that some of you haven’t read a lot about this disease or about Oracea and doxycycline. Some have expressed a fear of taking an antibiotic for long periods. Well rest your fears folks. The studies are showing that 50mg a day of doxy or Oracea doesn’t even act like an antibiotic at that low dose. It acts like an anti inflammatory which is why it helps the “flare ups” that we all have. I have read about many who have taken these drugs for years with no side affects or any build up of a tolerance for antibiotics.

    There is no cure for Rosacea–yet. But don’t lose hope. Keep trying different things until you find whats right for YOU.

  6. DavidPaul says:

    Hey Digital Davo (or anyone else who can help),

    Well, after years of avoiding medicine, I think i’m finally going to give Oracea a try. I have worked very hard over the past 7- 8 years to keep my rosacea routine all natural, which I have been able to do at about 95%. The one and only thing that I cannot seem to find a natural help with is the Papules and Pustules (bumps and tiny white heads). My oatmeal and jojoba oil routine work great for the overall condition, except the P&P’s. I was just wondering if my insurance will cover Oracea or not?? Also, I read above that it seems to be okay to take long term. My derm said that I could try it for a few months and then get off of it to see how it does or I could use it from now on, what do you think? His suggestion was that rosacea is a long term condition, therefore treatment is usually long term as well. I have also considered Metrogel, but I really don’t want to add any extra steps to my routine, seems like it would be more trouble. I heard that Oracea and Metrogel both target the P&P’s, so I figured just the Oracea would be fine. One last thing, i’m still considering IPL, can I get IPL done even though i’m on Oracea or should I get any IPL treatments done first before I start Oracea. Any advice would be appreciated.


    – David T.

  7. Hello David,

    Oracea and other low doses of doxycyline, say 50mg a day have been shown to be quite effective at reducing the papules and pustules of rosacea. In fact that is what it does best. Indeed Metrogel is in the same category. they work well together and one could expect better results if you use both together (and can tolerate them).

    My doctor was happy for me to continue on 50mg a day of doxycycline for several years because I continued to see a benefit. I have been able to cease it since then though.

    You can be on doxycycline when having IPL treatments. Best confirm this with your doctor though to be sure they are comfortable with it.

    all the best,

  8. Lori says:

    To “It’s not working”….The sulfur wash I’m using is a generic and I can’t remember the name (I’m at work right now). It starts with an “S” though. I’m glad your going OK off the Oracea and it seems to be ok. I don’t like taking any prescription meds but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. I hope you find you don’t need it. I did notice something unusual….I have these tiny hairs that are coming out of my enlarged pores on my nose. If I pluck them (which ain’t easy cuz they’re so tiny), there’s a long thick “root?” on the end. What’s with that? Rosacea is such a mystery. Two of my brother have it but their’s is ALOT worse than mine. One brother’s face is constantly red. He’s on Metrogel and tetracycline as needed. We’re the only ones of 8 kids my family to have it and we’re all blond. My mom said my grandfather had it too. He ended up with the bulbous nose. Yikes! Hope the meds stop that from happening to me. Now I’m paranoid, I swear my nose is getting bigger. Thanks for listening. Lori

  9. Ellen says:

    My derm gave me a pouch containing the Oracea 4 day sample pack along with info and the discount card. Total with insurance and card was $5 for a 30 day supply. I just began taking it last week but was already noticing a difference. I live in hot humid south Florida and went out the other afternoon to do some yard work. Of course I came back in with a very irritated face. My bad though – I know over-heating is my biggest trigger. I’m hoping along with the Oracea and Metrogel (which helps me quite a bit) I can get this under control. Like so many of you I’ve had this for about 10 years, been on and off Doxy – which did help but upset my stomach -and have tried everything from natural remedies to other antibiotics to keeping a diary. I am also fair and blond and my father has rosacea too. It is a drag for sure, and everyone’s treatment is different. My derm has suggested Accutane if Oracea doesn’t work but I’m afraid of it. I’m hoping to see some positive results within the month -and I’ll be doing yard work in the early a.m. from now on!

  10. Keith says:

    I too suffer from my recently prescribed Rosacea. I wish I could show a picture, but its not the traditional redness and is only on my left cheek. There are dark colored spots too that appear. It used to go away completely from time to time, but now its pretty much a mainstay. I went to a highly accomplished and respected doctor in my area who diagnosed it as Rosacea so I guess thats what it is. Other Derms have said sundamage, Folliculitis, so it is still uncertain to me. It seems to look okay right when I shave, then the spots get darker as my hair grows out. Anyways I just started taking Oracea 2 weeks ago and using Rosac Cream. Still no huge improvements to brag about. Does anyone have info on how long it takes Rosac to work as well as Oracea. I have taken Doxycycline (temporary results) and one Derm prescribed me Accutane for 4 months. It went away after the first week then came back again and hasn’t left since. Help.

  11. David says:

    Hi All,
    I’m new to the site, lots of good info here. I was recently diagnosed with rosacea. I’m 46, male, engineer. I’ve got rosacea on my forehead and scalp, I’m bald so it’s out there for the world to see. My skin is red, sore and got lots of P&P action. My derm put me on Metrogel and 20mg of doxy 2 times per day. I’ve been on this combo for 30 days and I’ve gotten worse not better. I’ve got a couple of questions:
    – how long does it take to see results from this combo?
    – is it normal to get worse before getting better?
    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  12. Lori says:

    Hi Everyone: I had reported previously that I was taking Oracea and a sulfer face wash. Well that’s all changed. I began getting a bad breakout on each cheek so I stopped using the face wash which seemed to irritate my whole face. At my next dr apt they were surprised that I was worse. So they did a biopsy and it came back Rosacea and Seborhiac (spelling?) dermatitis. Anyway, they switched me to Doryx 150 mg which is a doxy timed release like Oracea but stronger. My entire face is now clear for the first time in 8 months. I don’t know how long I can take it without resistance but it’s working for now. She also gave me samples of Finacea but I haven’t used them yet as my face looks so clear. Praying it continues this way! Thanks.

  13. Dean says:

    I have been taking low dose Doxy now for about a year and my rosacea disappeared in about 5 days after I started it. I actually take 100mgs every OTHER day and it works great. NONE of the creams or gels had any effect on my skin so I never use them anymore. I think it just depends on the person. The studies done show that low dose Doxy SEEMS to do just as good as the Oracea but again I think it depends on the person. I have read of people using Doxy for years with no ill effects. Its because its USUALLY only 50mg a day. It doesn’t work as an antibiotic at that dose. It works as an anti inflammatory which is basically what you are trying to fight in rosacea. But I wouldn’t get discouraged if it doesn’t seem to work in just a couple of days. Give it some time. Maybe as much as a month but I would think you would see some results in 2 weeks or so and hopefully less. If one doesn’t work try another one. You might have to start out at 100mg a day until all the redness etc is gone than back down slowly to 50mg a day.
    Good luck.

  14. Dan says:

    Help, does anyone know of what can be done for ocular rosacea. I am able to keep my face relatively clear with finacea and doxy. However, this dreaded condition has gone to my eyes and I can’t seem to find any relief. I have read most of the postings and did not read much on ocular rosacea. I hope I am not alone, the worst part of it is the grittiness and redness. Eyedrops work for about an hour is all, I can’t stand it and it seems to be getting worse. Does anybody have any suggestions.

  15. Rhonda says:

    Hi Dan, So sorry about your eyes. It’s a bummer all right. As I understand it, one should get to an opthamologist pronto. I haven’t because of the cost. I am cleaning my eyelids with lots of soap/water and doing drops. It seems to help the more I wash them. Maybe it’s just the cool water that is soothing, I don’t know.

    Yes, over the counter drops don’t last long. Yesterday I was reading on this web site about using tea tree oil and cutting it at least 50% and people having very good success. I think the problem with fooling around (if it is bad), is the possible repercutions to the cornea. Anyway, if you have the money I would see an eye doc as soon as possible. I will try to find the discussion that I was reading about and get back with a link when I can locate it. Maybe Digital Davo can help here. Good luck, Rhonda

  16. Rhonda says:



    I think this is the best place to start if you want to try an over the counter treatment for your eyes. There are alot of links if you search, but this is a very good one.
    Take care and good luck, Rhonda

  17. Rhonda says:

    David, I was wondering if you have had any relief from the therapy your docs have you taking. You mentioned in your post that it had been about 30 days and you had not experienced any relief and if anything it appears to be worse.

    I was thinking that perhaps 20 mg twice a day might not have the desired anti-inflammatory effect. Just thinking and not really knowing. Orecea once a day provides 30mg immediately and 10mg in sustained release form (hopefully I ‘ve got this right). Since it appears the jury is still out on the real cause, and if you continue to have no results with 20mg twice daily, why don’t you consider trying a 50mg generic doxy once a day? The 50mg generic is very inexpensive and in 30 days (or much less) you should know if it is effective or not. Read Pauls post above, Digital Davos post above and Deans post for helpful info. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but I only realized last night that 20mg coursing thru the blood stream twice a day might not have enough of a wallup, like 30mg does. Maybe I’m way off base here, but what the heck.. its food for thought. Good luck, sincerely Rhonda

  18. Dan says:

    Rhonda, Does the tea tree oil help to calm the grittiness and redness? I am not having problems with inflamation or P/p. Only the irritation, grittiness and redness.

  19. David says:

    Hi Rhonda, Thanks for the reply. The answer is no, I have not seen any improvement. I was wondering the same thing, maybe a higher dose would help. I’ve got an appointment with my derm next week. I hope he will have some ideas about how to improve my situation. Perhaps a higher dose of doxy? I’ll report back

  20. Rhonda says:

    Dan, Here is another link to occular info. http://rosacea-support.org/treating-ocular-rosacea-from-aao.html (I’ve listed it at the end of this note)

    (You might know this already..) There are different kinds of over the counter dry eye drops. I tried a 3 pack of small vials and they were definately different. The one for overnight use had a slight filmy covering and it lasted longer and I’m guess we don’t need keen vision while sleeping.. My dreams were a bit foggy however.. lol Anyway, you might might to try other types of drops in smaller sizes.

    The answer to your question about redness, grittiness, etc. and tea tree oil remedy as posted on the link… is “I don’t know”. BUT, IF demodex mites in eyelashes are causing inflammatory response in eyes… (thru whatever mechanism) then it appears from other folks here that some forms of tea tree oil treatment on the lids/eyelash might be the ticket for relief. If you can afford it, I still recommend getting to an opthamalogist for accurate diagnosis and possibly prescription medicines.

    ok.. this link is definately worth reading.. .. as are tons of articles Dave has sorted thru for us… http://rosacea-support.org/treating-ocular-rosacea-from-aao.html
    Good healing, Rhonda

  21. Lori says:

    Re: Ocular Rosacea
    Well, guess I have joined the ranks of the sufferers of ocular rosacea. 2 weeks ago I discovered a stye. Well, I have had these before so I didn’t get too excited. Then another popped up and another and another, 5 total. I began putting warm compresses on my eyes several times a day. They slowly cleared up. Now I make sure to wash my eyelids carefully twice a day. I do have some grittiness etc but mostly in the evenings when my eyes are tired. The worst part is that I wear contacts and HATE glasses. I’m interested if anyone has tried the tea tree oil treatment. Bet it burns like crazy if it gets in your eyes! If it works on the eyelids, wouldn’t it work on the face as well? I am going to the eye doctor soon so I will ask him about this.

  22. Dan says:

    Rhonda, Thank you for the Links. I did see an opthamologist. Turns out that Meibomitis is the cause of the grittiness and blurred vision. I will go on 250mg of tetracycline 4x a day to get it under control. Meibomitis is an infection of the oil glands in the eyes which is commonly associated with ocular rosacea. For all the others who may have this. The Dr. has me doing eye scrubs 2x a day with a cotton swab and warm water and warm compress for 5-10 min, 2x a day. Along with the tetracycline he has prescribed Tobradex eye drops 2x daily and fluorometholone drops 3x a day. This seems to help, the tetracyline needs to be taken up to 3-4 months if I remember correctly and then titered down to manage the condition. Yes,it is getting expensive and Thanks again for the links. My ophthamologist said that there are no over the counter treatments for this. I am not excepting though and will continue to look for otc remedies. Forunately, the tetracycline is not expensive.

  23. Rhonda says:

    Dan and Lori.. Thanks so much for the update and your comments. Because of your update, I understand alot more about the glands in the eyelids, etc. Here is a very nice article that explains alot and makes it pretty clear why the warm compresses work and lid scrubs and antibiotics work. Note the comments about fish and flax oil, too.

    As to what is causing the problem, well that seems harder to determine, but treatments are pretty clear in this article. I’ll put the link at the end of this note. I purchased Tea Tree Oil yesterday and they also had Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Soap bars, too. The shampoo has peppermint in it. I should be smelling very strange as I try this out. The bar soap was just too stinky and I’m not that desperate yet.. ha. Anyway, I’m going to use a diluted eye lid scrub (keeping it out of the eyes) and see what happens. And I’ll try the warm compresses. Looking forward to relieving eye discomfort and fuzzy vision. I’m glad I don’t wear contacts with this problem.

    Ok.. here is very good reading about Meibomitis and/or occular rosacea. Note that if you go to Home page you will see main article on severe dry eye which is more extensive. http://refractiveeyecare.com/v13n3-gilbard.html

  24. R says:

    Hello everyone, good to find this group. Hope my ideas are not that crazy and contribute to alternative cheap ways of treating rosacea.

    Well, I looked up the plasma concentration curves and interestingly see the 50 mg boost all the way up over the threshold of 1000 mg/mL.

    1. So 50 mg generic wil do that and become a problem causing bacteria resistance and side effects so I think 50 mg of Doryx extended release will be a much better bet/option because the release is slowly through the day so I doubt it will ever go over 1000 mg/mL and it seems to be cheaper than doryx.

    2. I did some interpolation using the data from the curves graph. A 40 mg generic dose will go up to ~900 mg/mL around 1.5 hr after taking the medication and remain at the top ~900 mg/mL for 3 hrs to start decaying interestingly not lower than the oracea baseline of ~200 mg/mL. Perhaps a higuer baseline is better for inflammation and taking it once a day should be ok.

    “remember oracea is just like a generic of 30mg once you take it so the 3 hrs of the curve should be similar to a generic 30 mg so the 40 mg would be in between 😉 ”

    3. 20 mg generic doses twice a day should work fine as well, maybe try 20 mg in the morning and then 20 mg during the day with your own extended release method… yes crush it and put it in your water bottle and start drinking it 2-3 hrs after your morning dose so it can keep the does constant.

    Hope this mathematical scientific method helps…

    yes try the cheap way and save the $$ away from big pharma brother.


  25. David Paul says:


    Plain english please.

    – D.P.

  26. Lori says:

    Hi all: Well the oil gland problem has cleared up pretty well. I still get a spot or two now and then but the warm compress clears it up right away. I make sure to clean my eyelids every time I was my face. I think I’m losing eye lashes more often, but what can I do. The problem now….the Doc has lowered my Doxy from 150 mg timed release to 75 mg with the goal of 50 mg within 3 months. Immediately upon lowering the dose I broke out big time. I went back to the 150 mg for a couple of days and cleared up. Now I’m trying the 75 mg again. I’m feeling pretty miserable about this. What if I can’t ever lower the dose?

  27. Dan says:

    Lori, What did you do to clear up your problem with the oil glands. My doc has got me on 1000mg of tectracycline for 6 weeks along with 2 kinds of drops. I have had flares with the roscea since I switched meds. Am curious what worked for you. Thank you

  28. Lori says:

    Dan: Actually I’m not using anything other than the 150 mg of doxy that I’ve been on all along. I do use the warm compresses as needed and wash my face with Ivory Soap (I’ve tried others but they are too irritating. Both my dermatologist and eye doctor said there wasn’t anything else to treat it…just the warm compresses. I do, however use pretty warm water. It seems to work better than the lukewarm water. I run the water and put a cotton ball under the running water and put it on my eye just til it starts feeling cooler than do it again. I do this about 20 times and then rub with the cotton ball a little and all the white spots are gone. I did have a little tiny scab once doing it this way, but this is working well for now. I don’t know if it’s the doxy or the almost hot water. I hope you can find the combination that works for you. Hang in there!

  29. Marc C says:

    Hi friends, guess were all in the same boat here. I was recently diagnosed with Rosacea. It started with a few bumps that would come and go- then finally went to Doc’s when they(bumps) decided to stay. I’ve been taking the 100mg of doxy and it’s gradually clearing things up. Hate taking those pills because they upset my stomach. Got 2 more weeks at 100mg, then hopefully go to 50mg and hope it holds it- See what happens . Good luck to all of us 🙂

  30. Kathy says:


    Thanks for all the posts! I am 48 and was prescribed Oracea for this hormonal acne that has decided to appear about 8 months ago. I am 48 and can’t believe I have more acne than when I was 16! Seems every day I wake up and almost don’t want to look in the mirror to see what has appeared today..Well I am fearful of meds to the extreme and just used the clindamycin topical but that isn’t working very well..They just keep popping up but only on my chin..He wants me to try for 2 months but after that won’t my face explode again? I mean why bother for 2 months? I am afraid of yeast infections and side effects..What do you guys think? Do you have side effects? I took one yesterday and was sooo tired I passed out at 8:00pm and didn’t even wake up until 6am..Plus head feels achy. Appreciate your input because I am super sensitive to meds and surely there has got to be a better way than this! I think I should just stop after the one puill because I am afraid after the 2 months it will be even worse..What do you think?

  31. Candace says:

    I have had rosacea for a few years, papules on the nose and scalp, especially the hairline. Plus I have facial flushing for hours sometimes and ocular burning, itching, scratchy feeling, loss of eyelashes. I have used generic doxycycline twice a day for a few months. I bought the 100 mg, tablets and quartered them, taking 25 mg. morning and night. I was hoping that kept the level steadier and also below antimicrobial level. It worked just great on the papules within a couple of days, but was less effective on flushing. But I could go out in public without feeling like a freak.

    Now I have had to quit because I have developed an allergy to doxy! I get a few small hives, but still, not a good thing as I worry it might suddenly turn into anaphylactic shock. I am also allergic to clindamycin. I don’t know where to turn next. Tetracycline is in the same family as doxy. I wonder if I would therefore be allergic to it. I took it as a teenager without problems. Is there a sub-antimicrobial dose for tetracycline? Anybody had success with it?

  32. David Paul says:

    Hey Candace,

    I can definitely understand how frustrated you are, I have been dealing with rosacea for over 10 years now and I’m only 30. Unlike you, I have never used any sort of medication, including Doxy. I have always chose to go the natural route and it has worked out pretty well. I have chosen not to use medication because I fear the possible side- effects. You may want to try changing your diet to reduce inflammation naturally. Stay away from spicy and especially sugary foods and drinks. I have struggled with sugary foods and drinks for years and have finally given them up. Eating better makes a huge difference. also drink plenty of water. You can also try taking omeg- 3, it helps reduce inflammation. What do you use to wash your face with? Hope some of this helps.

    – David Paul

  33. Lori says:

    Hi Everyone: Well I went down from 150 mg to 75 mg of doxy (for previous poster…no side effects at all for me) and my face broke out big time. I hate this stuff! I tried Finacea which seemed to help at first but then didn’t seem to do anything so I stopped it. Should I continue to use it even though it didn’t seem to help? I only used it for about 10 days. When I discontinued it it seemed to help the acne, but now it’s back to where it was. I’m 51 years old and have to deal with this stuff again. Not fair!
    I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I get down to 50 mg which the doc wants me to do soon. I think I’ll break out even worse then. How am I gonna get off the meds ever? By the way, my older brother (58) has just started getting the really red cheeks…no acne. He doesn’t have insurance (laid off like everyone else) so he doesn’t have treatment options right now. I’m curious about the “no sugar” treatment. Does it really help? Thanks for letting me ramble.

  34. Ol' Skool says:

    Hi there! I’m new to this forum, and hope someone has some insight to share: I am on week 3 or Oracea & haven’t noticed much of a difference yet, but am still hopeful. Have any of you Oracea/Doxy success stories suffered from enlarged pores, and if so, did the medication help at all?

  35. marc c says:

    I’ve been taking 100mg doxy every day for 2 months and my Rosacea has improved slowly(still have itchy/blotchy spots on my forehead and redness on my cheeks.) Now, my doc wants me to try it every other day for a month and see if it keeps it in check(then try to strech it to 3 days-after that.) I changed my soap to a sensitive skin brand and use spf 30 sunscreen when I go out on sunny days. I’m also trying to drink more water and take omega-3 2x a day. Moreover, i’m trying a few drops of johoba oil on my face after i wash it(it seems gentle to me.) I’m 47 and have had sensitive skin all my life, but now it seems i have to take extra precautions/care. I’ll post in another month or so with my results. 🙂

  36. Lori says:

    Just an update…I did continue the Finacea and now have clear skin for the first time in a long time. I still get a small pimple now and then but they usually clear right up. My treatment is as follows: Wash with Ivory soap (I lather up once and then rinse off and then do it again. I’ve been doing this for years…recommended by a doctor) morning and night. At night, I rub in a dab of Finacea cream to cheeks, nose and around mouth (my breakout zones). I take 75 mg of Doxy once a day….will soon go down to 50 mg. Don’t know it’s just a fluke but seems to be working for now.

  37. Bob says:

    Oracea works for me if i maintain the regimen…wash gently in cool water. Oracea at night about an hour after meals, and Metrogel in the morning. Watch for triggers, i have learned alot in the three years i have been on Oracea…chocolate, spicy foods(like salsa, or peppers), acidic foods, like tomatoes, beans like navy, northern, or pinto beans; hot showers, using a blow dryer(heat again), or being in diect sunlight for more than just 10 or 15 minutes will cause flareups. You have to learn what triggers your flareups, and accept that this is how it is going to be from now on. Lifestyle adjustment, and medication that works for you. I mostly get the P&P’s on my forehead and nose. The nose cleared up enough that i dont use the Metrogel unless i get a flareup. But the Oracea must be taken every day. If i miss a couple of days, i start to itch and break out.

  38. Mary U. says:

    I got the four-pack of Oracea last Wednesday, took the first one Thursday morning, and by Thursday afternoon, I knew a yeast infection was headed my way. I kept taking the pills, started reading this support forum, and bought myself some over-the-counter yeast infection medicine.

    I’m wondering if others have ever had this happen? Does this mean I’ll be yeast-infection girl the entire time I’m on Oracea … or will they *only* come 2-3 times per month.

    Good lord, it’s like a bad horror movie: Door No. 1 means your face is hideous but your coochiesnorcher is intact … Door No. 2 means your face is radiant but your crotch is in shreds…

    So tempted to say screw the “better living through chemistry with Oracea” with the yeasties coming so raging and fast out of the gate, but maybe I should just stick with it and my body will adapt??


    What say you??

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Is Oracea only meant for long-term use? If I stop taking the pills will the redness and bumps come back? My doctor prescribed Oracea for a course of 8 weeks and I’m wondering why I should bother with taking the pills if the problem is just going to come back once I stop taking them.

  40. Hello Elizabeth,

    Oracea has been officially tested up to 12 weeks usage, but because of the low dosage of doxycycline used the side effects are lower. Thus taking Oracea or doses like 50mg a day of generic doxycycline for long periods are is generally considered safe by doctors.

    The challenge is to maintain the reduction in inflammation that you will see from Oracea. A good skincare regime, daily sunscreen, keeping an eye on your triggers; will all help keep the inflammation at bay and see your need for systemic antibiotics reduce over time.

    all the best,

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