Oracea Sales “Excellent”, Gaining Market Share

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How much does Galderma earn each year from Oracea sales ? Well the actual amount is not published, but in September 2011 court proceedings we learnt that Mylan Pharmaceuticals projected sales of $260m in 2011 for Oracea.

The parent company of Galderma, L’Oreal does not publish Oracea sales figures, so this press release is as close as you can find to something that resembles an official comment.

Galderma and L’Oreal are obviously very pleased with the current sales and sales growth of Oracea.

L’Oréal: News Release: First quarter 2012 sales

Clichy, April 12th, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.

First quarter 2012 sales



Galderma’s sales increased by +6.6%, like-for-like and +18.4% based on reported figures.
Epiduo (acne), Restylane (hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler) and Azzalure (muscle relaxant for frown lines) all recorded strong growth.

The Asia, Pacific zone showed strong growth led by outstanding performance in China. In Europe, solid growth in Germany was partially offset by the increase in sales of Loceryl generics in France.

Growth in the United States was impacted by the anticipated entrance of Clobex shampoo and lotion generics, but Oracea (rosacea) et Différine 0.3% (acne) boasted excellent results. Epiduo, Oracea, Restylane and Azzalure showed vigorous market share gains.

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  1. Carla McMillin says:

    A couple of months ago, I read and article and watched a video from this cite about best cleansers and cleaning methods for rosacea. I can not pull that info up again and wondered if you could let me know which cite that was.

  2. Sorry Carla, but I’m not sure which video that would have been.

    If you go to the search page


    and type video you will see links to quite a few videos that have been linked to. Most of them are pretty general knowledge stuff – I couldn’t see one that would have mentioned cleansers in particular.

    good luck,

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