Oracea prescriptions grew 110% over 3 years

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An interesting graphic emerged from a recent presentation from Menlo Therapeutics, the owners of the recently approved rosacea treatment Zilxi. Menlo quote from statistics showing the typical growth of rosacea prescription sales 1 year and 3 years after a product is approved.

Oracea Sales Increasing

Here you can see that Oracea is the stand out performer with an impressive 110% growth in prescriptions over 2 years. Oracea prescriptions numbered over 500,000 in 2009, growing from 245,000 just 2 years before. This quite ancient history now but it is interesting to see such a big increase. Sadly it is difficult to get recent and accurate sales data for these products.

Mirvaso Prescriptions Decreasing

Another interesting discovery from this presentation is that Mirvaso prescriptions dropped from year 1 to year 3 post approval. This was the only rosacea prescription to drop. Rhofade was newly launched at that stage.

Soolantra and Finacea experienced more modest growth compared to Oracea, growing 53% and 43% respectively.

No doubt the makers of Zilxi are hoping that their new rosacea treatment will experience significant growth as well.

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  1. Thanks for the post. Without a doubt we should be hearing more about Zilxi eventually but so far the forums are silent about it. Probably they are discussing it in the rosacea social media groups.

  2. HarryLeo says:

    the post is very helpful know about the oracea

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