Oracea approved by FDA for oral rosacea treatment

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Collagenex has announced that Oracea has received FDA approval. I doubt many will get excited about this announcement. In effect Collagenex has re-gained the patent it used to have for periostat, albeit with a changed delivery, name and therapeutic target (from gum to skin).

Periostat was 20mg twice a day, used for gum disease ; oracea (great name don’t you think, when targetting rosacea) is 40mg once a day, and officially certified for rosacea. Whereas periostat would need to be used off label for rosacea, now oracea can be prescribed directly for rosacea.

Collagenex has struggled to make money since the patent on periostat expired.

There are only a handful of drugs that have been FDA approved for rosacea. Plenty for acne, psoriasis etc. but not that many to `officially treat’ rosacea.

Given that this drug will be seen as new and has rosacea written all over it doctors will no doubt prescribe it. Rosacea sufferers might well save money by going for another form of low dose doxycycline – like a generic periostat for eg.

In my opinion the good news behind this announcement is that it might help push collagenex back into the black and thus allow them to fund other drugs that they have in development. Sansrosa, now called Col-118 is an example of a possible future rosacea treatment that will require funds to develop, test, certify and bring to market.

[update]: since this article was written, Collagenex has been purchased by Galderma, so Oracea will join the metrogel and cetaphil stables to become a mainstream rosacea treatment.

Any company that is developing products to directly treat rosacea should be seen as a friend to us all.

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