Oracea and Metrogel FREE for low income no insurance

Being prescription items, Oracea and Metrogel 1% are too expensive for many rosacea sufferers, even those with basic medical insurance.

Thanks to a tip from chenoarae; Oracea and Metrogel 1% are both available for free for residents of the US who don’t have insurance of any sort and are on a low income.

Some pharmaceutical companies offer a Patient Assistance Program (PAP) where they provide their products for free or for a much reduced rate to individuals or families who are under-insured or uninsured.

Thankfully for rosacea sufferers, Galderma offers such a program and generously includes both Metrogel 1% 60gm and Oracea 40mg.

Do I qualify ?

If there is just 1 person in your household, and your incoming including social security and pension benefits is less than $21,660 then you may qualify for the Patient Assistance Program. The income limit is $29,140 for a couple and $36,620 for a household of 3, $44,100 for a household of 4.

Further, the following additional requirements are applied;

  • Medicare Part D enrollees are not eligible.
  • Patient must not qualify/or must not be eligible for any private insurance prescription coverage such as an HMO or PPO.
  • Patient must not be enrolled in Medicare Part D, and must not qualify to any state/federal assistance with prescription medications.

The drugs are supplied only for the use of the patient, who has a medical need and cannot afford them. We are also told that they are not to be sold or traded.

How do I apply ?

The application form needs to be signed by your doctor and faxed to the Galderma PAP for each prescription fill.

To confirm whether the Galderma Patient Assistance Program is still active head to RxAssist Search and search for company name = Galderma. At the time of writing, you could then take two links – one to Metrogel Topical Gel 1% and also Oracea Capsule.

Within 8 days of the application you will receive a prescription card that will enable you to pick up your prescription at any local pharmacy.

Are there other options ?

If you don’t qualify for this program you may find that generic metrogel or 50mg a day of generic doxycycline offer you similar benefits to the branded treatments at a much reduced cost.

Galderma also offers an Oracea and Metrogel 1% Coupon program it calls the Oracea Savings Card and Metrogel 1% Co-pay Card.

The Oracea Savings Card will allow you to co-pay as little as $15 a month or even a $0 co-payment. You will need comprehensive medical insurance for this option of course.

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8 Reader Comments

  1. ERIK says:

    Hello, thank u for the info.

    I lost my job and with little money to pay for my prescriptions and will apply for this program. I will be collecting unemployment benefits so I will call them first. Thanks!

  2. Egarza says:

    Thank you for the link to the Oracea website. I just paid CVS only $20 (instead of my insurance co-pay of $55 OR $35 for generic) for Metrogel 1%. I printed out the card and took it to CVS along with my insurance card and they only charged me $20

  3. Clarence Estus May says:

    Please I hurt on my nose bad and have no insurance, I need the help now!! PLEASE

  4. kathleen delunas says:

    Yes I need to apply for assistance for my rosacea medicine.
    I am not working right now. I do baby sit and make 500.00 a month and that is all.
    My husband is collecting social security and a small disability check from the veterans.
    Together we make only 17,00.00 monthly. Our mortgage is 11,00.00 a month.I just recently started with break outs of rosacea on my nose. It hurts so bad. I am taking the antibiotic prescribed by the dermotologist but I can not afford the metrogel. It keeps coming back and worse each time. I am wondering if I should even continue the antibiotic if I can not get the metrogel. I have been so depressed out my appearance when I have a break out. I don,t even want to go outside. I don,t want to use make up because I think that just makes it worse. It is so painfulful and hurts to wash my face.
    My biggest fear is everything I read about this says it will get worse if not taken care of and I seen pictures of what can happen and it is devastating to say the least.
    I have worked all my life in the medical offices and had insurance but I am not working now and I don,t know what to do. Please help me if at all possible.

  5. Ann says:

    Blue Cross/Blue Shield has taken this off their list of medications. I have insurance at work which is very expensive, taking the largest part of my check. How does anyone pay $400.00 dollars for a prescription? My dermatologist was giving me a card and I could pay $25.00 until 12-31-2011 when this was stopped. I am trying the generic doxycycline and it does not stop the burning eyes and the nose that burns like acid, the eyes are what is bothering me the most. When Oracea was available for me I really did appreciate and did not take it for granted, I was very thankful that a medicine could do so much.

  6. Frank Fitzgerald says:

    I am presently unemployed and in need of assistance with my prescription for metro gel. Is this program still active. Can you email an application. I would be very thankful.

  7. Adam T says:

    If anyone could please email me the application for this program it would be very appreciated. My self esteem has been destroyed by this disease and I cannot afford the medicine. I also am suffering from pain as other sufferers have pointed out can happen. I hope this program is still going and would, again, greatly appreciate any help!

  8. Angela S says:

    I am trying to get mirvaso for my 14 yr old son. I can not afford the $280. I got a coupon from his Dr. but when I went to pick it up the pharmacy told me the coupon was only for 18yr olds and older. What do I do now?

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