Olay Complete Body Wash (with petrolatum) improves dry skin

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Petrolatum-depositing body wash to improve dry skin under challenging conditions, Keith Ertel, PhD, The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH, United States; Arielle Kauvar,MD,New York Laser&Skin Care,New York,NY, United States; Janyl Plante, MS, The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH, United States

Environmental factors can have a profound influence on skin condition. The role of cold, dry weather conditions, and the dry heated indoor conditions that go along with them, is well established as a factor contributing to development of dry skin. While weather conditions are improved during the summer months in the northern hemisphere, the skin is still subject to a number of environmental insults that can lead to dryness, including sun, wind, and water (chlorine) during swimming. There is also a greater likelihood that skin on areas such as the legs is visible during the summer, and dry skin appearance may be less acceptable under these conditions.

We previously presented results from controlled application studies that show a new petrolatum-depositing body wash can improve dry skin condition and barrier function (skin health). To further demonstrate the benefits of this technology, we conducted two ad libitum usage studies.

One study was conducted in a cold, dry environment using ski instructors as subjects; the other was conducted in an arid setting using members of a masters swim club as subjects.

Both studies involved a 1-week washout period followed by 1 week of ad libitum use of the petrolatum depositing body wash for showering. Moisturizer application to the legs was prohibited. A second product, a synthetic detergent bar, was included in the study conducted among swimmers as a control.

The petrolatum-depositing body wash provided significant dry skin improvement in both studies. These results demonstrate that the petrolatum-depositing body wash can improve dry skin condition, even under challenging environmental conditions.

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Author disclosure: All authors except Dr Kauvar are employees of The Procter & Gamble Company. Research and presentation sponsored by The Procter & Gamble Company

Poster Discussion Session P1119, American Academy of Dermatology, 64th Annual Meeting, March 3-7 2006, San Francisco.

Supplement to Journal of The American Academy of Dermatology, March 2006, Volume 54, Number 3.

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2 Reader Comments

  1. jenna says:

    Ok so as an esthetician/skin care specialist my view on petrolatum in skin care products. It is harmful to the skin look at it this way they recomend to put it on a diaper rash to keep the babys bottom dry! why would you want to stop moisture on the skin? you don’t you need moisture to generate new skin cells collegen and elastin petrolatum is used as a cheap filler in most products and promotes shelf life to products same as mineral oil and lanolin although these products can be helpful to some skin irritations roseca is not a skin condition i would recommend using petrolatum on. this is a scam to sell sell sell cheap crappy skin care products for the cost of professional products that actually do what they say they do LADY’S I DO NOT RECOMMEND PUTTING ANY SUCH PRODUCT ON THE SKIN IF YOU WANT TO KEEP IT LOOKING YOUNG AND HEALTHY

  2. Ann Jourdain says:

    I sent a letter to Virginia Drosos, President Global Beauty Proctor & Gamble, dated 5/19/11 regarding my complaint against Olay Body Wash containing petrolatum
    (byproduct of petroleum) as the 2nd ingredient after water with no response. Petrolatum is used in skin products because it is very cheap.
    1. When the Olay Body Wash is poured onto a pouf or washcloth, it comes out thick and when spilled onto the water, it does not dissolve. It remains as a lump floating on top of the water.
    2. Years ago, I found the Olay Body Wash formula w/o petrolatum to be excellent. As a matter of fact, when the water drained from the tub, the tub was left clean w/o any residue. Other people confirm this pleasant outcome. The body wash containing petrolatum leaves a residue around the tub.
    3. The Olay Triple Effects Body Wash leaves a film on the body . . .yuk . . . plus you see that it repels water (it does not absorb into the skin . . . probably just as well).
    4. I agree with Jenna’s comments to the effect it is harmful in certain cases.
    I purchased 3 Olay Body Wash Triple Effects because it was on sale (2 are unopened). If you would send me a prepaid postage, I will return them for a refund or coupon rebates to purchase Olay Body Wash that do not contain petrolatum if one is available available. I believe you guarantee your products.
    Ann Jourdain, 102 New York Ave., Chicopee, MA 01020

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