OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Plus kills demodex mites. Really ?

Written by on December 4, 2008 in Demodex Mites, eyelid care, Ocular Rosacea with 15 Comments

Here is a good example of why not to believe everything you read on the internet.

Today the internet news stream has a `release’ titled OCuSOFT(R) Lid Scrub(TM) PLUS Proven to Kill Demodex Mites. In it we read ;

“SYNACON/OCuSOFT(R) a broad based supplier of ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and supplies is pleased to announce the latest findings from a recent study(1). OCuSOFT(R) Lid Scrub(TM) PLUS, in its unique “Leave-On” formulation, was shown to effectively eradicate Demodex mites. Significantly, NO other eyelid cleanser used according to manufacturer’s instructions kills Demodex.” (emphasis added)

This is a pretty big claim, and I felt sure that I had never read this before. The brief product description from ocusoft.com says that Lid Scrub Plus is “An Extra Strength eyelid cleanser utilizing a low-level preservative and moisturizer blend offering a wide range of anti bacterial properties.”.

Further reading will reveal that indeed the only claim that is proven is that OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Plus is able to kill “Staphylococcus epidermidis — the most common bacteria associated with blepharitis. This bacteria is often found on the skin and in mucous membranes.” Note that there is no mention of demodex mites.

So the press release is a fabrication, who would have believed it 😛 Sadly the internet is full of inaccuracies about demodex mites.

Another page about OCuSOFT based research, Rid the Lid of Disease, reveals more about how their lid scrubs are used in practice.

I use OcuSoft Lid Scrub Plus for all my blepharitis patients. I recommend patients use a hot compress for 10 minutes and follow with the OcuSoft Lid Scrub Plus formulation once a day for two weeks. The hot compress expands the pores and oil glands. This doesn’t necessarily mean the lids absorb the scrub faster, but the product will at least dissolve the hardened meibum.

So eradicating S. epidermis may help your blepharitis symptoms, but what else do we know about demodex mites and ocular symptoms ? We do know that tea tree oil is effective at eradicating ocular demodex and that this might lead to a reduction in ocular rosacea symptoms.

We also know that demodex mites are resistant to a wide range of antiseptic solutions. Some of the products that are known to kill demodex mites include 100% alcohol, tea tree oil, carraway oil, dill weed oil, ether, benzen and xylol. Be careful with carraway oil and dill weed oil as they are toxic to the eye.

So keep an eye out for what you read and believe, especially these sorts of publicity seeking press releases. There may be truths behind press releases, but sometimes you have to dig deeper to see what information is worth taking home.

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15 Reader Comments

  1. thomas says:

    I don’t work for Ocusoft, but I think to call the news release is a bit extreme. Here are some references to review.

    (1) Yee, M.D., Richard. Efficacy of OCuSOFT(R) Lid Scrub(TM) PLUS on Eradication of Ocular Demodex. 2008, July. Study on file.

    (2) A . Kheirkhah, et. al. Corneal Manifestations of Ocular Demodex Infestation. American Journal of Ophthalmology, 2007 May; 143(5):743 – 49.

    (3) Norn, MS. Incidence of Demodex folliculorum on skin of lids and nose. Acta Ophthalmologica. 1982 Aug; 60(4):575-83.

    • shana richardson says:

      I conducted the study with Dr Yee. It does, indeed, kill the demodex mite. Thank you for standing up for this product!

  2. thomas says:

    sorry-let out “news release ‘a fabrication’ is a bet extreme”

  3. Hi Thomas,

    surely you jest – how does one review a `Study on File’ ?

    Do you know what is the active ingredient that is capable of effectively eradicating demodex mites ?


  4. jasper says:

    perhaps the ingredient is boric acid?

    mites in general do not like acid. for example, crows have a mite-repellant technique where they go and stir up a bullant nest, allow the ants to bite their feathers (not the body) .. the hydrochloric acid in the bullant bite will destroy arachoid mites (of which demodex are a sub-family).

    imho, the issue with the eyes is not to blast demodex mites out of there, it is more about making the eyes “least attractive to demodex” .. and just as importantly, “least attractive to infected demodex”.

    anything which the bacteria inside the stomach of the demodex does not like should be seen as a “good thing” and by virtue of connection, a strong anti-demodex treatment.

    therefore, even if ocusoft’s promo claim is slightly hype-worthy, i am actually going to buy the product.

    David, you mention tea-tree oil in passing – i must repectfully say to you .. well, i say hi! 🙂 and also, i mus say that tea tree oil is one of the most dangerous substances .. it works on the oestrogen .. it can turn the testosterone of young boys into oestrogen, in one medical study. that sounds very far fetched, however that is what they claimed. said there were similar issues with lavender oil.

    people say tea tree oil is good … well, don’t believe everything you read. yes, it can help lessen rosacea symptoms for a time, but it is so extremely toxic to the human system that governments need to regulate it.

    • Lee Sanders says:

      This product works for me! I also use it on my cheeks where I have the same nasty mites causing my Rosacea! My problem is these things are small and I need 6-8 per day to make a difference!!

    • Lee Sanders says:

      I refuse to use tea oil as I am super sensitive to it and not at all to Ocusoft Plus wipes! I am wondering if it is NOT a combination of these ingredients that make them work and not a single one?!

  5. Hi Jasper,

    TTO is definitely something that needs to be treated with respect. I would caution anyone using it to use the smallest amount and only under supervision.

    I’m not sure that I’d agree that the promo is hype-worthy, just plain false seems a more accurate description.


  6. g.g. says:


    Whats this about tea tree oil being dangerous to human system? I use a tea tree oil shampoo for scalp dandruff I have always found it helpful. Shouldn’t I be using it. Or do you mean undiluted tto.


  7. Paul says:

    I recently started using TheraTears Sterilid, which is a cleanser containing Tea Tree oil. The improvement has been dramatic for me — both eyes would get extremely blurry and inflamed. Now the vision in my right is great and only the left is a bit blurry.

    I am convinced Demodex has caused my Blepharitis, so my next step is to use tea tree shampoo, soap and considering using diluted tea tree for soaking my eyes.

    My blepharitis has been a horrible condition for me — my eyes were so blurry that I would struggle to work in the afternoons (on a computer) and I was getting the occasional corneal ulcer and conjunctivitis. So definitely give it a go!!

  8. jim walsh says:

    ocusoft has more than one product, including a demodex cleanser. The one in the lead article is not that. Look for “Oust”.

  9. At the time this article was written, the author was correct.

    However now Ocusoft have the “Oust” cleansing foam that contains TTO.

    Whilst a bit irritating, I find Cliradex wipes to be the most effective though.

  10. Jane says:

    I have had eczema/dermatitis/and now found out it’s blepharitis on my left eyelid for 8 years. I’ve spend hundreds of dollars and seen many medical and natural health practitioners. I’ve been prescribed steroid creams and of course now have a cataract. This information and comments is encouraging. My opthamologist recently did not suggest anything but warm compresses on my eyelids, but that in itself doesn’t work. I’m so tired of this issue and all the work I’ve done trying to resolve it.

  11. Lee Sanders says:

    Jane, I was in the same boat exactly! Till I started using these wipes nothing helped. Sure wish I knew what it was or what combo is working so I can make it myself for face, back and scalp!!

  12. TJ Bernard says:

    I have suffered from mild Blepharitis for a little over a year now. Just went to eye dr and she prescribed the Occusoft Plus. Within a couple of days, noticeable improvement and I don’t have to use any more creams on my lids. I love this stuff. I think the poster needs to examine his position a little further.

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