Your Ocular Rosacea Questions Answered (Part II)

Written by on March 17, 2006 in Ocular Rosacea with 1 Comment

The Rosacea Support Resource Pages have been updated to include more questions and answers relating to ocular rosacea from the interview with Dr. Mark J. Mannis, MD, FACS, Professor and Chair, epartment of Ophthalmology & Vision Science at the University of California at Davis.

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  1. alice ziroli says:

    I have been through the ringer trying to figure out what is wrong with my eyes. Finally I had a dermatologist tell me I have ocular rosacea. She has me on 40 mg ORACEA (doxycycline). I use TheraTears also for dryness. I still have dryness which makes me use the tears and then my eye tears our water, so I constantly dab it and then occasionally get an infection. Should I be taking a stronger dose of Oracea. I take it once a day. It has helped but I am also wondering other than the warm compresses and qtip cleaning what else I can do ? Any ideas of a good physician also in the Los Angeles area would be helpful. Thank you.

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