Ocular rosacea: Oligosaccharide Based Treatments

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An interesting looking patent that was filed in 2006 has come up as reaching filed status. This patent covers the relationship between an oligosaccharide specific to an inflammatory disease, more specifically ocular rosacea. The discovery may lead to both a definitive diagnostic test and new treatments for ocular rosacea.

One of inventors of this patent is well known to rosacea sufferers. Dr. Mark Mannis has been friendly and helpful to online rosacea sufferers, see his interview – Ocular Rosacea: Dr. Mark J. Mannis, MD. He has also been mentioned in Rosacea News in the past; wearing contact lenses and ocular rosacea and was a contributor to the standard classification of rosacea.

Rosacea News first highlighted a possible diagnostic test for ocular rosacea in late 2005. The journal article from the Journal of Proteome Research concluded that “The high abundance of oligosaccharides in the tear fluid of patients with rosacea may lead to an objective diagnostic marker for the disease.”

An objective diagnostic test for ocular rosacea would be an excellent achievement for rosacea sufferers. Being able to be definitively diagnosed with ocular rosacea, especially if no other other rosacea symptoms are present, will enable those sufferers to seek immediate treatment. As we all know an accurate diagnosis is almost the most important step in getting better.

United States Patent Application 20090118141, May 7, 2009. METHODS OF OLIGOSACCHARIDE PROFILING FOR THE DETECTION OF OCULAR ROSACEA, Lebrilla; Carlito B.; (Davis, CA) ; An; Hyunjoo; (Davis, CA) ; Alvarenga; Lenio S.; (Sao Paulo, BR) ; Mannis; Mark D.; (Carmichael, CA)

The present invention provides methods for identifying oligosaccharides specific to an inflammatory or infectious disease, methods for diagnosing an inflammatory or infectious disease by detecting the presence or absence of such oligosaccharides, and methods for treating an inflammatory or infectious disease by administering antibodies directed to such oligosaccharides. The present invention also provides methods for diagnosing ocular rosacea by determining the presence or absence of specific oligosaccharide markers. In addition, the present invention provides markers for ocular rosacea comprising 0-linked oligosaccharides as well as kits for diagnosing or treating ocular rosacea.

The patent raises the possibility of an ocular rosacea treatment that uses “a therapeutically effective amount of an antibody that binds specifically to a unique oligosaccharide”. This suggests that a new class of rosacea treatments might arise from this invention.

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