Ocular Rosacea: Antibiotics, Eye Drops: Refresh Celluvisc

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From: Linda Sy MD
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 09:32:27

Dawn, I am more conservative than your derm. Metrogel was not formulated for ophthalmic use and I worry that it might irritate the eyes. Of course, baby shampoos do help some with seborrheic derm; but rosaceans have such sensitivities and you have to be careful not to get the stuff into your eyes. I would like to see the published article first. If you do try this and it helps, pls let us all know. I am frequently learning something new from this group!

P.S. Here is the regimen I often suggest to my accutane patients who also have very dry eyes and it seems to work well for them: During the day, apply Refresh Plus eye drops as often as necessary. (This is like Celluvisc, also from Allergan, except less thick). At night, after applying Refresh Plus, follow up with an ophthalmic ointment such as Baush & Lomb “Moisture Eyes Eye Ointment” or “Duratears Eye Ointment” or “Stye Eye Ointment” – all OTC.  All 3 contain petrolatum & mineral oil for ophthalmic use and they all work well. Don’t apply the ointments until you are ready to close your eyes ’cause you will have bleary vision for a few minutes.

Linda Sy M.D.
Linda Sy Skin Care

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From: Dawn Glover <oldstuff@_.net>
To: Linda Sy MD <lindasy@_.com>
Date: Wednesday, May 05, 1999 9:24 AM
Subject: Re: [rosacea] Noritate w/ dimeth / zinc avail., Dr. SY: topical antibiotics?

Hello Dr. Sy,

Thank you for the time you spend calming our fears and answering our questions. Although it’s not expressed in our forum as often as it should be, I am certain everyone feels as grateful as I do.

I will ask my derm for some Cleocin T lotion. I am using Celluvisc daily, but my eyes continue to deteriorate. I am starting on the Noritate / Zinc / Dimeth compound in a few days and hope to see some improvement in my skin.  BTW, have you ever heard of a derm suggesting a patient use Metrogel for her eyes? Mine said push it right up to the lash line and it will help w/ eye inflammation. He said he’s been recommending this a long time, but a study (to be published soon) confirms that it does work. What do you think?



From: Linda Sy MD <lindasy@_.com>
Subject: Re: [rosacea] Noritate w/ dimeth / zinc avail., Dr. SY: topical antibiotics?
Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999 12:50 PM

Dawn, Topical antibiotics such as Cleocin T (clindamycin), Erthromycin do help but they take time for your skin to respond. You just have to be more patient. I suggest using lotion rather than the pads, gel or solution as lotion is less drying. With regards to antibiotics for ophthalmic use, I am not an expert on this and suggest you discuss this with your ophthalmologist.  I do believe that frequent applications of moisturizing eye drops help ocular rosacea significantly.

Linda Sy M.D.
Linda Sy Skin Care

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From: oldstuff@_.net <oldstuff@_.net>
Subject: [rosacea] Noritate w/ dimeth / zinc avail., Dr. SY: topical antibiotics?


PS: Dr. SY: I can’t take oral antibiotics for awhile…maybe forever.  What about topical antibiotics for skin and antibiotic drops for eyes? Do they work and will they irritate my face or eyes? If any of you have used them PLEASE lemme know ASAP. Gotta derm appointment tomorrow just after lunch.

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  1. sherri says:

    I have been using two drops of tea tree oil added to a quarter sized amount of Cetaphil Gentle skin cleaner for my daily face cleaning and it has helped me. The itching and burning stop and the gritty sensation in my eyes lessen. I tried this because I read that a build up of eyelash mites can aggravate the eyes and cause flare ups. The mites hate tea tree oil so many will simply leave the eye area. The tea tree oil also is a natural antibiotic so it helps eliminate some of the irritating bacteria that live on and around the eyelash mites. If you want to try it, I suggest starting with only one drop added to your face cleaner. You can find tea tree oil at any health food store.

  2. Please be extra careful with applying Tea Tree Oil to your face. It is toxic to the eye and very harsh on the skin for many rosacea sufferers.

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