Ocular Demodex, Tea Tree Oil as a treatment

This recently published paper suggests that a variety of ocular symptoms might be caused by demodex infestation.

Six patients all having demodex present, and suffering with recalcitrant symptoms (including 4 diagnosed with rosacea) were given tea tree oil for a weekly eyelid scrub and tea tree shampoo for a daily scrub.

All patients showed a large decrease in demodex counts and relief from their symptoms.

Other recently published studies are showing that tea tree oil kills demodex. See ;

  • Clinical treatment of ocular demodecosis by lid scrub with tea tree oil., Cornea. 2007 Feb;26(2):136-43. Conclusions: Demodex potentially causes ocular surface inflammation, meibomian gland dysfunction, and lash abnormalities. Lid scrub with TTO can effectively eradicate ocular Demodex and result in subjective and objective improvements. This preliminary positive result warrants future prospective investigation of Demodex pathogenicity.
  • In vitro and in vivo killing of ocular Demodex by tea tree oil. [full text], Br J Ophthalmol. 2005 Nov;89(11):1468-73 Conclusions: Demodex is resistant to a wide range of antiseptic solutions. Weekly lid scrub with 50% TTO and daily lid scrub with tea tree shampoo is effective in eradicating ocular Demodex.

I have always pushed the line that demodex mites have thus far only been proven to be innocent bystanders in rosacea symptoms. In order to prove that the mites are responsible for some ocular symptoms we now need double blind studies to show 2 things – firstly that killing demodex does lead to a reduction in ocular rosacea symptoms and secondly some studies that show how tea tree oil works. We also now need larger studies that confirm that tea tree oil is a safe therapy for ocular symptoms.

Corneal Manifestations of Ocular Demodex Infestation, Kheirkhah A, Casas V, Li W, Raju VK, Tseng SC., Ocular Surface Center, Miami, Florida. Am J Ophthalmol. 2007 Mar 19

PURPOSE: To report the corneal manifestations in eyes with Demodex infestation of the eyelids.

DESIGN: Noncomparative, interventional case series.

METHODS: This retrospective review included six patients with Demodex blepharitis who also exhibited corneal abnormalities, which led to suspicion of limbal stem cell deficiency in three cases. All patients received weekly lid scrubs with 50% tea tree oil and a daily lid scrubs with tea tree shampoo for a minimum of six weeks. Improvement of symptoms and corneal and conjunctival signs were evaluated.

RESULTS: All six patients exhibited ocular irritation and conjunctival inflammation, while meibomian gland dysfunction (n = 5), rosacea (n = 4), and decreased vision (n = 3) also were noted despite prior treatments with oral tetracycline, topical steroids with antibiotics, and lid scrub with baby shampoo. These patients were proven to have Demodex folliculorum (n = 6) and Demodex brevis (n = 3) by microscopic examination of epilated lashes. Their corneal manifestation included superficial corneal vascularization (six eyes of five cases), marginal corneal infiltration (two eyes of two cases), phlyctenule-like lesion (one eye of one case), superficial corneal opacity (two eyes of two cases), and nodular corneal scar (two eyes of two cases). After treatment, the Demodex count was reduced from 6.8 +/- 2.8 to 1 +/- 0.9 (standard deviation; P = .001). All patients showed dramatic resolution of ocular irritation, conjunctival inflammation, and all inflammatory, but not scarred, corneal signs; three patients showed improved vision.

CONCLUSIONS: A variety of corneal pathologic features together with conjunctival inflammation, commonly noted in rosacea, can be found in patients with Demodex infestation of the eyelids. When conventional treatments for rosacea fail, one may consider lid scrub with tea tree oil to eradicate mites as a new treatment.

Update: For those interested in how to follow the tea tree oil treatments discussed in this paper, here are some related notes from a page titled Demodex treatment options ;

Dr. Safran said Dr. Tseng’s identification of tea tree oil to treat the Demodex is novel, and he has slightly modified the formulation. While physicians can buy tea tree oil from most health food stores, Dr. Safran has also used an ointment Dr. Tseng is working on. If using the heath food store variety, he said to cut the oil to 50% in Macadamia nut oil.

“I apply it with cotton tip applicators after one drop of tetracaine, so there’s no shield required,” he said. “I am very aggressive with trying to get the oil into the lash roots and along the lashes to kill any eggs. I also aggressively treat the eyebrows. I don’t like the applicator dripping wet, but it should be moist enough so I can see the oil getting onto the skin when it’s touched. I treat the brow first, then the lid to get rid of the excess oil where it won’t irritate as much. I’ll do three applications a visit, about 10 minutes apart, and then finish with a tea tree ointment at 20%, which I have mixed for me at a compounding pharmacy. I do this for three visits, each one week apart.”

Dr. Safran warned other physicians not to use full strength tea tree oil. “I tried that on myself, and it was not a pleasant experience,” he said.
The patient must institute hygiene at home, he said, and that includes tea tree shampoo, scrubs and face wash.

As Tea Tree Oil is a strong substance and your eye is such a sensitive organ, these sorts of therapies really are best undertaken with the supervision of a doctor.

This article also mentions that Dr. Tseng has filed a patent on the use of tea tree oil for ocular symptoms.

For further information on eradicating demodex mites I also strongly recommend that you read the related article just how do you kill demodex mites ?.

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40 Reader Comments

  1. Margo Ehrlich says:

    I have mild Rosacea on my nose and slightly on my cheeks right next to my nose, which is kept under pretty good control with Metro-Gel, which I have used for about 8 years. I also have ocular rosacea, which my opthamologist has tried treating with a regimin of doxycycline, and also
    Alrex ( Loteprednol Etabonate Opthalmic Suspension-0.2% )together, neither of which really helped. I suspect that I may have Demodex mites, and would like to try the 50% Tea Tree Oil weekly lid scrub and daily Tea Tree Shampoo scrubs, to see if that helps. The whites of my eyes are almost always very red. I have had this for about 10 years. I am 68 yrs. old. After the aforementioned treatments did not work, my doctor told me to just go ahead and use Visine ( although NOT daily ) whenever I wanted temporary relief from the redness.
    That is just a “band-aid” though, and is not getting to the bottom of the ocular rosacea, which is why I suspect Demodex mites.
    Where can I buy 50% Tea Tree Oil and the right type of Tea Tree shampoo that can be used in the eyes? I live in Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.
    Thank you,
    M. Ehrlich

  2. scott says:

    M. Ehrlich,
    You can buy tree tree oil like the one pictured above at most health food stores and definitely The Vitamin Shop. Or you can order online, I’m sure. It’s very common. Same for tea tree shampoo.

    Thanks for posting this information, it’s very interesting!

  3. A. Wood says:

    Like M. Ehrlich, I’d like to try the 50% TTO treatment but how do I prepare it? The product pictured above is 100% TTO. Do I dilute it 50-50 with regular shampoo or can I buy 50% TTO? Thanks in advance.

  4. This is a good question. Tea tree oil is not soluble in water, so it is not so easy to dilute it. It is soluble in alcohol, but I wouldn’t want to put alcohol near my eye.

    Actually I just found an interesting article so I will update the article above.


  5. jasper says:

    partial blindess has resulted from tea tree oil use near the eyes, and can also effect sexuality changes in men, believe it or not. there are big warnings about this recent experimental substance known as TTO. it has not been in widespread use for more than twenty five years.

    “Dr. Safran said Dr. Tseng’s identification of tea tree oil to treat the Demodex is novel” – oh, dear. Novel. How about “incredibly dangerous, and not only but also, it is immunising bacteria on other parts of the body and potentially leading to staph infections and auto-immune dysfunction.”

    er, i guess he wouldnt have said that, seeing as how some encouraging results have been seen in test tubes with a demodex mite and tea tree oil.

    sure, it is also possible to put a mite in White King Bleach, and observe strong anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic effects.

    the concern about TTO is that it’s negative and unwanted side effects can actually work via the olfactory nerve – sense of smell – and also, it is extremely aggressive toward skin cells, and will seep through many layers, very quickly.

  6. jasper says:

    if Dr Tseng has filed a patent … then it is obvious that part of his research is for money, and not for humankind. also, if it is for profit, then scientists paid to study the substance with him, will look for the good results, and not properly study the VERY obvious deliterious side effects.

    i just hope they have a good team of lawyers for when the insurance claims start rolling in.

  7. I don’t think you can say that because someone has filed a patent they it is only for money and not humankind. That seems a bit harsh. Patents are about protecting intellectual property. Very very very few patents get used to collect license fees. Without protection for intellectual property businesses would never invest in research or development of potential treatments.


  8. jasper says:

    thankyou, yes indeed. i do get somewhat over-strenuous in my opinions. many thanks for your moderating influence, and many wise words in general.

    as regards my own experience when trying diluted tea tree oil on my eyelids .. yes, there was some evidence of clearing of redness. and my ocular rosacea would affect my eyelids much more than the eyes themselves – i would have been much happier if it were the other way around.

    my very red eyelids made police suspicious of me, and only my best and most long-term friends knew me and respected me just as much as they did when i was 17, and had no rosacea whatsoever.

    so of course i was willing to try anything.

    however, i did experience hours of blurred vision, with no guarantee it would clear (thankfully it did) after using TTO anywhere near my eyes.

    anyway, if TTO was an effective treatment without side effects, i actually used it long before the doctor in the article used it, only my carrier oil was coconut oil – slightly effective on its own, actually 🙂 …

    so, really, the doctor who has filed for a patent actually has disregarded the fact that others have used it already to treat ocular rosacea.

    and yet, i do understand the commercial world, and how large companies need to see a patent before investing money in research.

    Brolene Gel (not the ineffective brolene drops) completely cleared my eyelids of ocular rosacea, however during that time, i developed a small yellow area on the right eye, with a red small vein connecting it to the corner of the eye. I believe the Brolene Gel caused this, because i used it for longer than was recommended. Perhaps this is why Brolene Gel is now no longer available (effective from about 5 months ago). the manufacturer, 3M has given no explanation.
    im not worried, as the yellow spot on the white of the eye itself is fading, the red lids are honey tan colour still, and also, the eyelashes no longer fall out from stye-affected areas.

  9. Daniel says:

    So Jasper ! Can you use TTO diluted on the cheeks? What else has worked for you that is simple, available and effective? Both hair, eyes and face ? Thanks.

  10. Adam says:

    I noticed my vision had deteriorated in my left eye about 4 months ago. Rubbing some 25% Tea Tree oil over my left eyelid and over the slit between my clenched lids
    a) Burned like hell and made my eye water.
    b) Improved my left eye vision by about 200%.
    This was an accidental discovery, and I thought, someone else must
    know about this. I googled [tea tree oil vision] and found this page.
    Thanks for the info.

  11. melanie says:

    wow, i’m just today reading about this stuff. i have RA and rosacea on my face, which i gave up on years ago, but it’s the ocular rosacea that is just simply driving me mad. i had puntal plugs put in about a year ago and it was the most relief and most comfortable i can ever remember my eyes being. it was miraculous. well, this TTO thing, mites, eye lid washes……i’d be willing to go through the whole thing. y’all send me updates when you hear anything. i’ll talk to my doctors about it. you know how they are, if it’s not a treatment in the standard of care, they just blow it off. good luck to you all. melanie

  12. Maridel says:

    I am reading with interest about the dermodex mites. Can you not just use a tea tree cleansing bar on your face and eyes? Is it not strong enough?

  13. melanie says:

    i devised my own treatment for my irritated eyelids, so here it goes: started 06-08-09 i started using men’s crew brand shampoo with tea tree oil, as shampoo and face wash. i let it sit on my face and hair while i scrub the rest of me in the shower. i’ve also been using jojoba oil (antinflammatory) and castor oil on my face for cleansing. it came to my attention the other day that i put olive oil in my cat’s ears to kill mites – old time remedy and i know it works. so, the first 2 days i had notable itching to my face, eyebrows particularly. i don’t have thick eyebrows and have sparse lashes. well, it’s about day 10 and my daytime irritation around the rims of my eyelids is way less and still having itching but it’s not as big of a deal. OMG, is this stuff working??? i’m afraid to use full strength TTO right on my eyelids. i may go see my opthalmologist soon and fess up about this just to see what he says. he told me i would have to use restasis daily for the rest of my life after he put in the punctal plugs. somebody e-mail me and tell me about how you are doing this if you have different ideas on products or whatever. i’d love to compare symptoms and stuff with y’all. thanks, melanie meiel@aol.com

  14. susanne says:

    melanie, I am sorry but I have no real different ideas about TTO..I would just want to be really careful about my eyes… My doc told me to use a drop of baby-shampoo in a small cup of water and mix it, then clean the rims with this liquid by help of a q-tip, every morning..
    However I was fascinated when reading about your ideas about cleaning your face and your eyes.
    I have lots of problems with ocular inflammation, and since February a huge hordeolum (sty) on my right eye. Every now and then there are new spots of inflammations of my lid rims. What exactly are you doing to your eyes? Using olive oil on them too?
    Thanks for telling us about your experiment, and your ideas and hope to hear more from you. Bye, Susanne

  15. Neil Madigan says:

    Hello Melanie

    Just read you comments on the Rosacea support org site regarding Tea Tree oil.

    I have been trying to deal with Rosacea for two years now and can highly recommend using tea tree oil.

    I started getting Rosacea two years ago when I was on a trip in Europe on a small cruise boat between Split & Dubrovnik. It happened overnight, suggesting it may have been something I had come in contact with. Perhaps in the bed linen. I had this 20mm red blotch on the side of my nose. It went way after a week but has continued to return in smaller typical Rosacea inflammations since.

    My dermatologist put me on Doxycycliine a year ago and this does keep it under control, 50mg twice a day. Whenever I stop the Doxy it returns with a vengeance. So back on the Doxy.

    Now for the good news. I have recently, three weeks now started using Tea tree Oil after reading an article on the internet. I purchased a 50ml bottle of 15% TTO in a water soluble solution. I also brought a 100% bottle and mix the two to make a 50% solution. I have been applying this 10 times a day to my nose and eyebrows with amazing results. it does burn, just a little, not for long, 10 seconds, and it has rejuvenated my skin.

    I was also having trouble with very sore eyes. I have had cataract surgery to replace the lenses in both eyes and my eyesight if terrific, but suffer from dry eyes. Sitting in an air-conditioned office in front of a computer screen does not help as I tend not to blink near as much as I should. Tea tree oils has helped this greatly as the application releases vapours that make me blink. I saw my eye surgeon last week and he said I had indication of demorex in my eye lashes, they leave marks on the eyelashes at the base where they attach themselves, but he could not find any. and he suggested I continue with the treatment. Ensure you keep the TTO out of your eyes, as it will burn a little and should be washed out with drops if you get any under your eyelids.

    My current theory is that I may have contracted the Demorex on the boat trip and I may now have them under control. I have had occasional relapses, one just this weekend, but it lasted only two days and has dries up already. I wonder if I will ever get rid of Rosacea for good, as they may be other causes, eg Red wine which I am partial to. I also have an identical twin brother that does not get Rosacea (yet), we shall see. I am also using TTO soap and have stopped the Doxy completely, and I do feel much better as the Doxy has side effects and no antibiotic should be taken longer than necessary.

    Good luck, please let me now how you go.

    • Kathleen Alyce says:

      I, too suffer from facial and ocular Rosacea. For maybe 10 years now and I am so very tired of fighting it. Eyes are the worst, tho. I’d like to try the TTO soap for my eyelids. Does anyone know where I might but it?

  16. KT says:

    Please help! I got tea tree oil in my eye last night-undiluted. It now feels like there is something scratching my eye. I imagine that it is simply an small abrasion. Help?

  17. Melanie says:

    KT – what did u do that for? Didn’t u read the part about not using TTO full strength?? Yeah, I imagine u did but figured more would work better right? I hope u flushed ur eye with a lot of water or saline. After sleeping & keeping ur eyes closed for at least one night, if u still have stinging you’d better call ur eye doctor. It may not be a small abrasion. Might be a big ulcer on ur cornea. I put a comment in back last June & I’m now using shampoo (any) with about 1/2 tsp TTO in a sm hotel sized bottle. If it burns a lot, I put less TTO in the next time. I put just a dab on a wet cottonball & scrub my eyebrows & lashes 2 x daily. Then I use castor oil on both ( at night ) and any night time eye ointment. My doctor told me the drops called Soothe are the same thing. I used it and it’s ok, I just think the oint is thicker and stays put better. My eyes are 99% better. I still blink a lot, but they feel soooo much better. Almost normal. If I miss one day of my routine the symptoms come back. I wish I could personally thank those that created this website and got me thinking on how to deal with this awful problem. Well, good luck & don’t forget – no undiluted TTO!!

  18. J P says:

    The following post I also posted on the other forums –

    I am wondering if a possible link may exist between the people who have Demodex problems & the amount of sunlight (or lack) they are getting.

    I have never had any allergies or any serious health issues, but I am now working indoors and for the past few years have not been getting very much sunlight.

    I have read that Demodex does not like light (sunlight or artificial) so I now wonder if there may be a link between Demodex overpopulations & lack of Sunlight…

    Are there any readers that get a lot of direct Sunlight and still have Demodex problems???

  19. hey guys I hear you loud and clear. I am an eye care professional and am trying to formulate a soln to help with lid problems and dry eye. You cant imagine how common these are in health care. Give me some time to test this and I will give you some ideas about how to mix this without burning and other issues. Note that tea tree oil has traditionally been used to treat parasites, viruses and bacteria. All of these conditions affect eyelid health.

  20. Melanie says:

    Ms baker…you will be an absolute hero to us all by giving us some professional advice. I think we all have experimented on our own without any real instructions and I’m sure we’ve all done some improper things by using OTC meds, TTO & just about anything we hear about that might possibly help. This is one of the most awful things I’ve been left to deal with mostly on my own. Horribly frustrating. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of us all & giving such nice words of encouragement. We’ll all be checking back – often!! Thanks again & good luck with your research. Melanie

  21. Janet says:

    Here is a basic mixture I use for my own purposes at home. I do not suggest this as any form of therapeutic treatment and anyone using this should check with their physician first and always test a small area for any signs of adverse reactions. Pour 0.8 ounce of high grade Tea Tree Oil into 16 ounces of mineral oil and store in dark container. Apply with clean cotton swabs. These items are all readily available and you will render a 5.0% soln of tea tree oil. I also put castor oil, flax seed oil and lavender essential oil in mine. I have used this on my own very sensitive skin without any problems. Good luck with this and I would like to hear from you.

  22. J P says:

    I have just posted the ‘Solution’ to my Demodex Mite problem on the “Just How Do You Kill Demodex Mites” Forum (March 4, 2010).

  23. Anna says:

    I have had rosacea for 4 years , and my eyelashes are shrinking, and also do not curl anymore. my eyes are dry and ichy and hurt at times. I know about the demodex mite, and suspect they play a big part in this.
    Yesterday I got a facial and the beautician used a machine on my cheeks that blows oxygen. She said it kills bacteria. I asked if she could also blow it in between my lashes, which she did.
    My eyes are still dry, but I have no burning/iching sensation at this moment.
    Has anyone else tried this? Does anyone know anything about it?
    No side affect from this treatment. 😉

  24. Pat says:

    After suffering from itching in my head, to thinking I had lice, I bought a box of lice treatment to shampoo with. Before applying the shampoo, I read the enclosed material. Since lice are about the size of a sesame seed, I quickly determined I did not have lice. But my head kept itching. So tonight I Googled “human hair parasites” and ended up on this website after again Googling Demodex Folliculorum. I intend to print out two copies of this entire article, taking one copy to my dermatologist and the other to my opthalmologist. Between the two of them, maybe I can finally get some relief from my itching scalp and blepharitis. I have been using Metro Gel daily to control acne rosacea with an additional application of 0.05% Desonide Cream when the rosacea does flare up. However, both of these caution to not use near the eyes.

  25. victoria says:

    Thanks for this informative article. My opthamologist did not inform me about MITES, and I am switching to another opthamologist who had treated a friend w/ TTO effectively. As a writer & consultant the last few months have greatly impacted my life. I’ve changed my diet, exercise, water intake, and vitamins/nutrients, esp. Omega 3’s etc., so this will hopefully offer me much-needed relief & expense to the doctor(s(.

  26. Melissa Masters says:

    If you like healthy chemical free shampoos (and I do), the Made from Earth Tea Tree Shampoo is a real treat. It contains real tea tree and peppermint oils that produce a tingly sensation when put to work. I have pretty short hair so a quarter-sized dollop is plenty. I rub it into my wet hair and soon feel the cleansing sensation of the peppermint oils. After just a few minutes I rinse it out and my hair feels very clean.

  27. Diane Wiser says:

    Pleaseeeeeeee! Just keep any information you have coming. I do use the Tea Tree Oil facial wash and the Tea Tree Oil shampoo. I seems to help some. I also put warm compresses on my eyes for 10 minutes at night and then apply some A and D ointment which seems to help my eyelids as much as anything. Still not enough. My eyesight is deteriorating in my left eye and my eyes are very dry feeling. Bright light is actually painful.

  28. Melanie says:

    Diane, are you seeing an opthalmologist? I hope so, you need to know why your eyesight is worsening. I have rheumatoid arthritis & sjorgens disease – causes very dry mucous membranes. I’ve used Restasis for yrs now & about a yr ago I asked if there’s was any other treatment for the dryness. My doc said a cool mist vaporizer would help & he gave me a new Rx for Lacriserts. They are tiny hard clear “things” that are in a package like a pill. You peel back the foil and I pick them up on a damp finger to place in the lower eyelids. I put them in sort of like a contact, but not on the front of my eyeball, down in the pocket that’s made from pulling your eyelid out. They slowly melt and coat the entire eye. I mostly sleep with them, they will blur your vision. My doctor said most people don’t like Lacriserts. I just don’t think I could live without them now. They are a pain, sometimes they get “glued” to my eyeball & it takes awhile to get them loose, with drops & heat. But overall, I Love them. I’m still using my receipe for castor oil & tto. It helps a whole lot. Good luck, I very well know how frustrated you are. Don’t give up!! Melanie

  29. andre Harris says:

    try using lavender oil instead of tea tree oil. It is much more gentle and antinflammatory so it reduces redness as well. i cured the eye irritation and bags under my eyes by putting lavender oil under the eye area. the eyes then water for a few minutes because of the fumes- but it worked a treat.
    Mix the lavender oil with a ground up caffeine tablet (such as proplus) and you can use it for an antiredness solution

    • Dustin Schultz says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! I know it’s 4 years old, but you’re the first person I’ve found online who had both demodex and dark bags under their eyes. It’s been 6 months of this cloudy hell, and I’m really ready to kick it altogether.

  30. Antea says:

    I wish to be in touch with some of you regarding this infestation of demodex, causing rosacea, swollen nose which I can’t touch at all, blepharitis, and some other ailment respiratory (this before I decided to use TTO at full strength which I can feel invades my lung with the smell and even taste it in my mouth) .Also parts of my body are scratching horribly and I sometimes become desperate. I have decided to acquire a very good microscope and develop my own medication against demodex mites, long and short. In the past when I was very young I already made a cream to cure me from scabbies as there was nothing to be had then and there. I succeeded.
    Will you join me?

  31. R says:

    Yes it seems that the TTO is effective but really strong I would not recommend anyone to use it unless they are doctors and know how to deal with it.
    I read an old article about it but maybe they made more reserch on the TTO ofter this article I dont know , but importaint to know that it is really strong!
    Here is the article.

    kind regads!

  32. mic says:

    Je suis avec vous, en gros j’ai lu tous les articles sur ces encombrants DEMODEX.
    Je vais essayer de me procurer Tea Tree Oil shampoing. Une première démarche auprès de ma pharmacienne qui me dit qu’elle ne connaît que l’huile essentielle ce qui ne convient pas pour les yeux, même mélangé a 50% avec autre produit.
    LE DEMODEX A ÉTÉ DÉTERMINÉ, chez moi par un médecin de l’hôpital D’Angers.
    J’ai déja utilisé une pommade interdite depuis (mercurie) depuis je-patauge dans la semoule avec des produits souvent pas remboursé, et toujours inefficace. C’est a croire que les toubibs font du chiffre avec du vent. Les seules améliorations que j’ai constaté viennent d’un produit “ivermectine” ou similaire, que je ne conseillerais a personne, étant donné le peu d’efficacité.
    Merci pour ce site et a bientôt

  33. Alaina says:

    I have suffered for years with horrible Rosacea and finally opted to try a Tea Tree Oil regimen. It worked! After 3 months of demodex “die off” and choosing to not even leave the house some days it was so bad, my rosacea is completely under control and I am a much happier person. I used Trader Joes TTO Shampoo and Conditioner every day, washed my towels and pillowcase every day with 10 drops of TTO in the wash, washed my face every morning and night with Trader Joes TTO soap, applied a mix of 1tsp TTO/1 tsp Castor Oil/3 tsp Jojoba oil to my face every night, and applied Prosacea every morning and sometimes afternoon. The Rosacea is under control now and I still use the same regimen. I make the oil mix and it last for a few weeks. You just apply a thin layer every night. Once a week I would apply a 50/50 mix of TTO/Castor oil in the beginning as well. It’s also a good idea to take immune boosting supplements, fish oil and a multi vitamin. I used Immuplex from Standard Process and Nordic Naturals 369 Fish Oil. I don’t even know which site I originally read this info on, but I’m telling you it works!

  34. Comment via email, in French.

    “Bonjour et bonne nouvelles, de France.
    Les Gaulois était très malin, les gênes doivent fonctionner plein pot.
    Demodex affaire réglée pour moi !….
    En parcourant ce forum, j’ai compris que personne n’avait encore trouver de solution a son problème Démodex.
    Par contre je vois aussi des gens mal intentionnés bourrés de mise en garde pour freiner sans doute votre recherche. A l’instar de ce médecin chinois qui viens à la pêche aux info.
    Pourquoi je dis cela, parce que depuis dix ans, comme beaucoup d’entre vous, j’étais infesté de Démodex et que depuis cette période on vend très cher des pommades non remboursées par notre système de santé. Elles son inefficace et inutile. Ou bien comme la mercurie, pommade au mercure très dangereuse et désormais interdite chez nous. Multiplier ces produits rapportent gros à ceux qui nous les vendent.
    Comme je le disais je pense avoir trouvé avec l’aide de certains sans doute une bonne solution pour mes cils et paupières infestés. Je n’en ai point vu de référencé, ainsi, ici sur ce blog.
    Il s’agit seulement de faire des essais et de rajouter de la menthe poivrée en quantité suffisante. Pour que ce produit sois vraiment actif en profondeur. Il peut entraîner avec lui l’huile de théier en shampoing, mélangé 50/50 avec l’huile de noix.
    Le dosage est à trouver par chacun suivant la quantité. Menthe poivrée en huile essentielle.
    Ne pas toucher au bord des cils ni déborder sur l’œil.
    Voilà c’est aussi simple que cela, à bon entendeur salut.
    mn “

  35. Michael Harrison says:

    I have suffered from facial rosacia for over twenty years and problematic ocular rosacia for about 10 years. After reading this page and the comments I tried tea tree oil – full strength – nightly for a few weeks on my face – including eyelids – before bed plus a weekly scrub of the eyelashes specifically.

    The first time I applied it to my eyelashes they began to swell up at the outer edges as the mites died.

    The relief from the eye problems was readily seen within a few days, and were especially noticeable after one week. While I was using lipid drops many times a day I now only use them once or twice a day or not at all. I have switched my shampoo, soap and face wash products all to tea tree oil and am feeling much much better.

    I am disappointed that neither my optometrist nor my ophthalmologist ever mentioned demodex mites to me as a potential cause, or contributing factor, and that I had to go through this for years.

    The prescribed antibiotics and antibiotic gel plus the hot compresses etc..that they advised me to use did not have any result for me. Tea tree oil was the only thing that made a difference.

  36. I have had facial rosacea for 40yrs but under control.
    Is it possible to have ocular rosacea in one eye only ???

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