NYP Hospital looking for trial participants, oral rosacea treatment

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Department of Dermatology, New York Presbyterian Hospital at Columbia University

The Clinical Research Unit is seeking men and women, at least 18 years old, to participate in a research study of a new oral investigational treatment for Rosacea.

The study requires 10 visits over 16 weeks.

Participants may be eligible to receive:

  • Free facial skin examinations
  • Free medication
  • Compensation of up to $250


  • Department of Dermatology Clinical Research Unit
  • Telephone:  212-305-6953

Email:  cc2241@columbia.edu

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9 Reader Comments

  1. tessa says:

    Awesome! I wonder if it is a new medication or an existing medication that they are trialing for rosacea.

  2. Alice White says:

    Age 76…I have had Rosacea for 40 years. After using a mud face pack purchased from a drug store my face became cheeky red and eventually graduated to my nose. If your investigation might be following this line of research please let me know. Every dermatologist says “that could not happen on one mud packfacial” but it did! No one else in my family history has ever had Rosacea and my complexion was great until then. ACW

  3. Doug says:

    Email I received regarding the study…

    Thank you for your interest in our Apremilast for Rosacea Clinical Trial. My colleagues, Angela Campbell and Carol Coppola informed me of your inquiries into the study. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis of rosacea.

    Our study is a phase II open label clinical trial with the goal of testing the safety and efficacy of Apremilast in the treatment of moderate to severe rosacea. Apremilast an anti-inflammatory medication taken by mouth. Prior studies in which the medication was tested in humans with asthma and psoriasis showed the medication to be well tolerated with mild side effects of headache and nausea.

    As a clinical research unit, we conduct patient oriented research and thus do not personally conduct studies on mice and rats. However as part of the drug discovery process, drugs are tested on animals before they are allowed to be tested on humans. Thus, animal studies have been done, however their results are superseded by the results of the studies conducted in humans where the medication was shown to be well tolerated.

    We are looking for subjects who have moderate to severe redness, papules or pustules (10-40 bumps) as well as small visible veins around the cheeks and nose.

    Our clinical trial takes place at Columbia University Medical Center in NYC. In this study, you would be taking an oral medication, Apremilast, daily. Participation in the trial requires that you come to our clinic for 11 study visits over the 16 week study period.

  4. Hey Doug, thanks for posting this update from the trial organisers. Good luck to anyone who lives close enough and can take part !

  5. Jasmine 215 says:

    I did investigate this clinical trial, as I would love to take some type of oral medication for my chronic Rosacea symptoms, but unfortunately I live too far away, so I will have to wait a few more years until something else comes out. Until then, hope a lot of progress is made with this!

  6. i would like to try the psoriasis research progream i’m a mal 52 years of age how can you help me i’m not working at this time thank you .

  7. Francine says:

    There is a trial this year, today is Oct. 10, 2011, and I’m wondering if it is for the same or a different drug. I’m trying to contact the research doctors but we keep phone tagging.

    Thank you.

  8. Doug says:

    Keep us updated… I wonder how the trial went from last year?

  9. Francine says:

    Best to call the office if you want to participate. I tried connecting, hasn’t happened yet. 212-305-6953

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