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The article I highlighted in December – Rosacea News: diagnostic test for ocular rosacea was funded by the NRS. Although I missed it at the time, I thought it was worthwhile highlighting it now.

A 2004 Grant of $21,419 was awarded to Dr. Mark Mannis and Dr. Lenio Alvarenga. The grant was directed at Ocular rosacea: identifying tear film alterations. Further notes at the time of the grant:

They note that despite its frequent appearance, ocular rosacea often does not receive attention from the medical community, and that the vision-threatening aspect of rosacea is virtually always associated with undiagnosed and untreated cases. They plan to look for abnormalities in the proteins and lipids present in the tear film of rosacea patients, and believe that significant differences between rosacea and normal patients might reveal a marker for the early diagnosis of ocular rosacea.

The grant has resulted in the following published paper:

Glycomics Analyses of Tear Fluid for the Diagnostic Detection of Ocular Rosacea , Journal of Proteome Research, 2005 Nov-Dec;4(6): Page 1981-7.

This is great news for rosacea suffers – donations to the NRS’s research program is resulting in measured advances in rosacea knowledge. Please support the NRS in anyway that you can.

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