NRS Introduces Clinical Scorecard For Evaluating Rosacea Patients

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From NRS Press Release.

The National Rosacea Society (NRS) has introduced a Rosacea Clinical Scorecard to help physicians identify and evaluate the signs and symptoms of rosacea. This scorecard builds on the Standard Classification and Standard Grading System that were published in 2002 and 2004.

“Especially because of the variability of rosacea from one patient to another, we hope the scorecard will be useful in clinical practice as an adjunctive tool in the diagnosis and assessment of individual cases,” said Dr. Richard Odom, professor of dermatology at the University of California at San Francisco and a member of the consensus committee. “It is intended to serve as a guide for noting the presence and severity of any of the potential signs and symptoms.”

Rosacea’s primary and secondary features may be rated as absent, mild, moderate or severe in separate sections on the scorecard. Additionally, physicians may record their global assessment of each subtype as absent, mild, moderate or severe, and also may note the patient’s global assessment

The score card is downloadable from the NRS website as well as from the Skin & Aging website.

Using this standardized classification will help patient and physician speak the same language and may help selection of the appropriate treatment.

The Rosacea Clinical Scorecard are available for physicians in pads of 50, made possible by a grant from Intendis, the manufacturers of Finacea.

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