NRS highlights Neurologic form of Rosacea

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The NRS Blog today mentions the recent publications that raise a possible new Subset of Rosacea.

Even though this is just a passing reference, it is good to see that the NRS is willing to openly consider changes to the Standard Rosacea Classification.

As the NRS was responsible for the assembling the expert committee that first proposed the standard classification, many will look to the NRS to sponsor any additions or exclusions to the system.

The NRS Expert Committee has always said that the classification and grading system for Rosacea was a work in progress, so discussion about changes should definitely be encouraged.

Certainly more study is required to consider more patients that exhibit neurologic symptoms and the relationship to their rosacea symptoms.

New Subset for Rosacea?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Individuals with prominent neurologic symptoms might be considered a subset of rosacea, according to a report by Dr. Tiffany Scharschmidt and colleagues at the department of dermatology, University of California-San Francisco.

In their study of 14 rosacea patients, the researchers found that a high percentage had neurologic (43 percent) or neuropsychiatric (50 percent) conditions such as headache, depression, essential tremor and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Rosacea is likely to have many causes, they explained, such as contributions from dysfunction of blood vessels as well as the innate immune system – the body’s own self-defense. Based on their clinical findings, they proposed that improper functioning in the nervous system may be comparably important in developing the symptoms of rosacea, and that the role of the nervous system may be a significant consideration for the optimal treatment of this disorder.

Nerve dysregulation may contribute to rosacea via various mechanisms, they said, including the release of inflammatory chemical substances, vascular instability and nerve injury leading to symptoms of burning and stinging.

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