NRS Continues Leading Edge Research Funding

national-rosacea-society The National Rosacea Society recently announced that they will be continuing to fund 5 existing rosacea research streams.

Confirming their faith in the on-going NRS sponsored research, the NRS has announced additional funding to the following researchers.

1. Dr. Richard Gallo – Cathelicidins

The NRS is also continuing to fund studies by Dr. Richard Gallo and colleagues at the University of California-San Diego on the potential role of cathelicidins in rosacea.

For more information see NRS Blog: cathelicidins show allergic basis for rosacea ?

2. Dr. Joseph Rothnagel – Kallikreins

Dr. Joseph Rothnagel and colleagues at the University of Queensland, Australia, received further funding to study kallikreins and rosacea.

We learnt in 2009 that Dr. Joseph Rothnagel, and Dr. Manuela Trabi, adjunct lecturer,Department of Molecular and Microbial Sciences, The University of Queensland, Australia, were awarded $18,000 for their study, "The role of tissue kallikreins in rosacea."  They noted that these previous studies reported involvement of the enzyme hK5 and protein CAP18, and hypothesize that at least one other enzyme is also elevated in rosacea. They will study whether proteins known to be crucial for skin integrity are also digested at a higher than normal rate by these enzymes, allowing easier access for pathogens.

3. Dr. Thad Wilson – Nerve Activity

Dr. Thad Wilson and colleagues at Ohio University will study nerve activity in rosacea.

In 2010, Dr. Thad Wilson, associate professor of physiology and medicine; Dr. Kumika Toma, postdoctoral fellow; Dr. Michael Tomc, associate professor of otorhinolaryngology; and Dr. Dawn Sammons, assistant professor of dermatology, Ohio University, were awarded $25,000 for their study, "Role of skin sympathetic nerve activity in rosacea."

4. Dr. Aki Ikoma – Neurovascular Aspects

Dr. Aki Ikoma and colleagues at the University of California-San Francisco received their grant on the neurovascular system and rosacea.

5. Dr. Noreen Lacey – Sebocyte Cells

Dr. Noreen Lacey and colleagues at the University College in Ireland are studying the effect of antibiotics on sebocyte cells in rosacea.

Dr. Lacey is a coauthor of the article that has sparked interested in the role of demodex mite bacteria in rosacea inflammation.

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