NRS Acknowledges Children Can Get Rosacea

The latest instalment of the NRS Ask the Doctors blog addresses the possibility of children suffering from rosacea. Dr. Paller says that the published literature does mention cases of rosacea being found in children, although it is rare. The possibility of childhood ocular rosacea is also mentioned.

My wife believes that our 10-year-old son might have rosacea. She is a sufferer, and he flushes a lot and has a lot of pimple-like bumps. Do children get rosacea?

While rare, cases of rosacea during childhood have been reported in the medical literature. Whether your son has rosacea or not, he may benefit from seeing a dermatologist for a proper examination, diagnosis and treatment as may be appropriate.

Also, if your son experiences any eye discomfort, make sure the doctor is informed of this as ocular rosacea may be especially important to identify and treat during childhood.

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5 Reader Comments

  1. Beth Lee says:

    To the comment for sun screen. I have found that any sunscreen with “chemical” screening ingredients, i.e.Olay’s 30 spf Complete Defence Sensitive will make my face raw and red. Only a mineral sun screen will work for me, such as a zinc based product.

  2. David Pascoe says:

    Hi Beth, perhaps your comment was meant for another page to do with sunscreens ?

  3. Maureen says:

    I very much agree that childencan have Rosacea. I know for myself that when I was young grade school age, I knew there was something wrong with my skin.
    I started some chiropractic care here a few years ago, and I got to know the Dr. well, that she shared with me that one of her young Families girl was just diagnoised with Rosacea she was 3 years old. Maybe this is a Gene Problem and it develops on people at all different stages and ages of life. I have been living with this for almost 50 years now.I hope and pray I get a few years of my life free of this diease.

  4. Pamela says:

    My son is 18 months and was diagnosed with Rosacea this morning. He had fever for 3 days of 102, 101, then 98 and finally broke. He then broke out in red bumps all over his face and body, everywhere but his legs. He has in his thighs and up. The doctor told me it is a virus and diagnosed Rosacea and said the red bumps are good because it was from the fever and he is only contageous during fever. He prescribed a lotion if he becomes dry or itchy and he could become irritable from it. He has been very cranky and tired. The first day red patches not really bumpy appeared, his eyes were swollen. Looked like he was extremely tired. I am looking on internet and I dont see a thing about what doctor told me. Concerned mom

  5. Maureen says:

    Pamela, I can’t believe it has been a couple more years since i have looked at this site, and also two more years of my life has gone by .
    I read your comment about your your son and not only should he see a good Dermatoligist, but also a good Eye Dr.
    Best of Luck

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