Nose Bumps fibrous papules electro-cautery

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From:  Linda Sy MD; <lindasy @_.COM>
Date:  Thu Mar 25, 1999  9:55 am
[rosacea] Nose Bumps fibrous papules electro-cautery


What you are referring to are also called fibrous papules – quite commonly seen on the nose and T-zone. I usually just use electro-cautery on these lesions and it is quite effective without much recurrence. This is simple, inexpensive unlike CO2 laser which does work but may be an over-kill for this simple problem.

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Date: Friday, March 19, 1999 11:29 AM
Subject: [rosacea] Nose Bumps

Hi group,

I have noticed that some people are complaining about ‘nose bumps’ that do not go away. Let me share some information.

Chronic inflammation of the nose (redness, irritation, blood vessel dilation) can induce the growth of many things on the nose.

1. Papules — small red inflammatory bumps that come and go

2. Pustules — small to large inflammatory bumps that are filled with pus

3. Sebaceous gland growth and hypertrophy — abnormal function and growth of sebaceous glands. Sometimes shown as dilated pore and/or keratin in the follicle

4. Angiofibroma — this is a small nodule or bump that is somewhat firm.  Furthermore, these bumps or nodules never go away and seem to grow slowly, but steadily. Some are flesh tone in color, while others are pink to bright red. The color depends on the degree of new blood vessel formation with the red nodules having the greatest degree of blood vessels. These growths are NOT dangerous (not cancer). But, they never seem to respond to any topical or oral treatment. There can be one or two bumps on the nose up to ……….. These bumps are formed over a background of inflammation. They are caused by over activity of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts (a cell type in the facial skin). These bumps are not easily treated by conventional methods. Some derms try to excise them with a scalpel or try to freeze them. The rate of reoccurence with the above listed methods is very high. This is because they do not get down to the origin of the fibroblast proliferation.

Treatment with the CO2 laser is the best treatment available. One zap with the laser eliminates these unsightly bumps. Most times they do not reoccur.  If they do they are usually one-tenth the original size. I had 4 bumps that would never go away — CO2 laser performed 2 years ago was the answer. NO sight of them since then. But understand, that you must also try to address the chronic inflammation of the nose, because, this is a perfect environment for these bumps to grow in those patients predisposed for this form of inflamatory growth.

Lance, is it possible that those two bumps are angiofibromas? See your derm and ask. Furthermore, you can usually get a free consultation with a plastic surgeon — they could tell you in a heartbeat.

Hope this helps,


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4 Reader Comments

  1. Natalie says:

    I know that hydrocortison cream may not do much, but is it not worth trying to use it, so that the things does not get any bigger, at least, that way you only have a small one.

    I live in London, UK. And my doctor told me he could see nothing. I am not vain, but I am not pretty either, I have too many health complications, and too many ugly sights, this just adds to my uglyness. My GP told me to FO. And I have been told this since I was 20. The same with my leg. I give up now. My only chance to get hold of some supplements that might work. It is a shame you are men disusscing your noses, well I am a girl and my GP told me to FO. HOw do you think I feel?

  2. Annie says:

    My son had a bump which we assumed was acne, but after a month it had not improved at all so we saw a dermatologist, turned out it was a trauma which caused a blood vessel to grow out, and he had it shaved off and cauterized, we’ve had no problems since, and he is very happy.

  3. Joseph says:

    Today, after consulting with a plastic surgeon, he advised me that because of my long history (25+ Years) that I had Angiofibroma. He suggested that he could shave them off, but was somewhat evasive. After I asked about the procedure for a second time, he ushered me out to the skin care specialist who proceeded to recommend cleansers, Vitamin K and another topical with Azealic acid. These 3 bumps have been on my nose for years and I’m eager to be rid of them. Will these topical treatments rid me of these bumps or are we treating the redness of Rosacea.? Thanks, Joe

  4. Larry says:


    It sounds like I have a quite a few Angiofibroma lesions on my nose. Do you recommend a Dermatologist or someone to evaluate and treat this condition in the Southern California (Ventura or Los Angeles County) area?

    Thank you

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