North East US has the most Rosacea Sufferers

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An interesting graph published on the NRS Blog shows that there is a high concentration of rosacea sufferers in the North East of the USA.

The graph shows the residents of New England have the highest incidence of rosacea in the country.


Puts a different spin on red states vs. blue states eh?

The NRS did a geographic analysis of their 82,720 members to determine their state, and using the 2010 census data and an estimate of the total number of US residents with rosacea was able to calculate an average incidence rate.

Dr. Jonathan Wilkin said of the data

"Rosacea has been found to be very common in the fair-skinned people of England, Ireland and northern Europe, so it’s not surprising to see such a high incidence in New England, the industrial Midwest and other areas with large concentrations of these ancestries."


“In addition to genetics, a more temperate climate may also contribute to this prevalence pattern, as changes in temperature are common factors that can exacerbate the condition,” Dr. Wilkin said.  He noted that Florida may be an exception because of its large number of retirees from the Northeast.

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