Nielson disciplined over Nase’s misrepresentations

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The Texas Medical Board has issued a press release with a list of their most recent discipline orders. One of its orders relates to Dr. David Nielson.

Dr. Nielson became known to rosacea sufferers via the way that his Rosacea Institute of Texas was heavily promoted by Geoffrey Nase. The results being promised and the treatment protocols proposed raised the suspicion of some rosacea sufferers. Now, a few years later we can all see that the partnership between Nielson and Nase was indeed based on unsustainable promises and poor medicine.

Medical Board Disciplines 70 Doctors and Issues 671 Licenses
Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nielson, David Hugh, M.D., Lic. #K0962, San Antonio TX

On February 5, 2010, the Board and Dr. Nielson entered into an agreed order requiring Dr. Nielson to complete 15 hours of CME in medical record-keeping, risk management and ethics within one year; and pay an administrative penalty of $4,000 within 60 days.

The action was based on the Board’s finding that Dr. Nielson

  • failed to keep adequate medical records
  • failed to use proper diligence in his professional practice, and
  • failed to adequately supervise the activities of those acting under his supervision.

The Board found that digital photos that were part of patient records were inadvertently deleted and that Dr. Nielson authorized a person to represent his clinic and that person misrepresented risks and procedures for Dr. Nielson’s treatment of rosacea.

The full disciplinary notice is available publicly and offers further statements detailing the reason that Nielson has been ordered to pay a penalty and undertake extra education. More specifically the medical board made the following findings with respect to the partnership between Nielson and Nase.

  • Nase was heavily involved in treatment plans, even though not present, with the care and treatment of patients at the Rosacea Treatment Institute of Texas.
  • Nase conducted telephoned and email consultations, on Nielson’s behalf and under Nielson’s authority.
  • Nase misrepresented risks and procedures for the treatment of rosacea generally, comparative risks related to Nielson’s treatments, the professional superiority of Nielson’s treatment procedures and optimistic outcome of Nielson’s treatments citing minimal side effects, long-lasting improvement and in some cases, even permanent improvement.

I think the rosacea community is well within its rights to feel especially aggrieved about this last finding. Rosacea sufferers, especially those desperate for relief deserve better than being preyed on by unscrupulous practitioners.

This order comes just a few days after we learned that Dr. Syed had been charged for posing as a doctor.

I wish I could offer better advice than the obvious statement that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Be careful out there.

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9 Reader Comments

  1. Peter says:


    Given the amount of nonsense that Nase was pushing out in public to promote the RTIT venture, then you really didn’t have to be a genius to work out that it was a con. Who could ever forget the famous flushing wing that he claimed was being built and all the associated mumbo jumbo that came with it. Not prepared with just using his own name, then Nase started inventing different aliases to hype the Clinic and it’s treatments even further. I could go on but I would just be repeating what is contained in many threads on the RF and covered in detail on the Debunking Nase site.

    I have often asked myself why are people so gullible and why do they fall for the silver tongue charms of these charlatans? Well I suppose having severe rosacea can make you so desperate that you are prepared to believe anything in the hope that it will bring some relief and normality to your life.

    What disgusts me is the people out there who despite all the evidence as to his real motives have supported Nase and have enabled him to remain in a position of power to deceive people far longer than should have ever been possible. I will not mention names but they know who they are.

    You are correct by saying the rosacea community should feel aggrieved about all this but then I will add if more people had done something about it and complained, then maybe all this might have never happened or be buried well in the past. Nielson has been disciplined but Nase is still out there peddling his wares, most probably out of Indiana where he thinks he is untouchable.

  2. Hi Peter,

    It does seem unfair that only Nielson gets disciplined and publicly chastised when Nase was found to be the source of the problems. This is of course because Nase doesn’t hold a medical license anywhere but is still able to give medical advice.

    It seems clear that anyone considering Nase’s current promotional ventures should note well that Nase has now been officially found to over hype the benefits and downplay the risks of supposed rosacea treatments.

    To repeat my warning: everyone be careful out there especially with individuals who are unlicensed and also with promotion of unproven treatments.


  3. Jenny says:

    I read the seven page court order a few days ago and I agree that Nase shouldn’t be allowed to get away ‘scot free’ but sadly the law has its limitations. Nielson really should have done more homework before authorising Nase to undertake phone and email consultations on behalf of the RTIT. Mind you, if memory serves me correctly, Nielson was warned by several concerned citizens of Nase’s past. Nielson should have taken those warnings more seriously at the time!

    I wonder what will happen to those people who paid for phone and email consultations with Nase through the RTIT? I believe it would have been pertinent of the Texas Medical Board to add into the order that Nielson repay those clients who received bad advice from Nase. Its one thing to serve disiplinary action on Nielson, its another thing to make right with the clients who were duped!

  4. Bill K. says:

    I personally concur to the findings of the Texas Medical Board regarding the questionable practices of Dr. Nielson and Dr. Nase. I had 5 IPL treatments for Ocular Rosacea that did absolutely nothing for that condition. Although the IPL did help with som of the spider veins around my nose and cheek areas, the treatment did nothing for my Ocular condition and was a COMPLETE WASTE of time & money!

  5. Peter says:

    Nase isn’t an MD, doesn’t live or operate in Texas and therefore the TMB can’t touch him. However the bad publicity coming out about the RTIT and the lies he told will just prove even more what a fraudster he is.

    I called the RTIT myself and asked about Nase but they quickly went quiet and refused to discuss him. After this I wrote to Nielson and told him everything I knew about Nase, including sending a link to the DB site but received no response. No doubt Nielson thought they would get away with the deception but maybe he didn’t reckon on people submitting complaints to the TMB.

    Syed eventually got nailed because people would have complained about him and forced the authorities to take action. The same applies to Nase because the more complaints that are received about his fraudulent activities then the sooner he will brought to justice. As Nase still lives in Indiana (forget about his faked PA drivers licence image) then this is a good place to complain if Nase has conned you.

    You could also contact Fishers PD at:

    Of course if you were conned by Nase and given bad advice about rosacea treatment at the RTIT then you could always complain to the TMB and ask them to try and recover your money from Nielson:

  6. jonathanchi says:

    I am glad to be hearing that Dr. David Nielson has been punished for something. When the truth comes out about his shady practices, he will be punished for MUCH more!

    Dr. David Nielson knowingly commits crimes against humanity every day when he lies to innocent prospective patients and tells them that ETS surgery has very minimal risks. He won’t tell you about the patients of his who killed themselves because of the horrific side effects of ETS surgery that did to them. And he won’t tell you about former patients he left mutilated in wheelchairs and on respirators. Hard as it is to believe, they lie to prospective patients for the money. They don’t care when you call them crying after you’ve realized the sheer horror of living in a disabled body. Google the side effects of ETS surgery. Save your life and don’t ever get ETS surgery and don’t ever trust a corrupt ETS surgeon. To top it off, Dr. Nielson has just been disciplined by the State of Texas Medical Board. That is just the very beginning.

  7. jonathanchi says:

    Nielson and Nase were working in cohoots together. Nase had ETS surgery by Dr. Nielson, attempted to sue him, and then, in a bizarre turn of events, wound up working with him, obviously for cash. Nase is crazy, and so is Nielson. Don’t you think it is crazy to purposely harm people for money?? Don’t think for a second that Nielson wasn’t in on the scheme – get people into the Rosesea clinic, give them treatments that intentionally don’t work, and then refer the “difficult cases” to Nielson to perform ETS mutilations. And advertise Nielson as a “Rosacea expert” on line all of a sudden. When you can’t breathe or find yourself sweating so profusely in the torso area you can no longer work to provide for your family because of the scary effects of ETS surgery Dr. Nielson lied through his teeth to you about, you’ll know what a criminal really is. People in the know refer to Nielson’s ETS scheme as “Texas Chain Saw Massacre”. I think you get what a frightening beast Nieslon really is.

  8. Jenny says:

    Hi Jonathan

    It sounds like you have had ETS yourself and if that’s the case, I am so sorry for what you have had to go through. One of my close friends had ETS and regrets it every day.

    Thank you for being ‘out there’ warning people!

  9. jonathanchi,

    Just to be clear the discipline proceedings being discussed here are to do with rosacea treatments and “advice” offered by Nase. It had nothing to do with ETS.


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