NicAzel Forte – a Rosacea Supplement?


Touted as a dietary supplement, NicAzel Forte is the second generation of a prescription only supplement, made by Elorac Pharmaceuticals.

The first generation, the more simply named “NicAzel” contained Nicotinamide, but not the now fancily named blend – Azerizin.

NicAzel Forte is promoted as a “prescription dietary supplement for management of inflammatory skin conditions.” and further a “supplement specifically formulated to help manage skin inflammation caused by conditions such as acne and rosacea.”

In 2011, Rosacea News highlighted Elorac patenting Oral Niacinamide + oral azelaic acid.

Perhaps because NicAzel Forte is expensive and only available on prescription, it has not received a lot of attention or reviews from rosacea sufferers.

NicAzel Forte Ingredients

Each tablet of NicAzel contains;

  • Azerizin, 700 mg
  • Zinc (Zinc Oxide), 12 mg
  • Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), 8 mg
  • Copper (Cupric Oxide), 2 mg
  • Folic Acid, 500 mcg


What is Azerizin™?

Azerizin, a key component in NicAzel FORTE, is a unique blend of medically researched ingredients with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

More exactly, Azerizin is a blend of Nicotinamide, Azelaic Acid, Quercetin and Curcumin.

Weasel Words – Not FDA Approved

Even though this supplement is only available via prescription, it is not FDA approved as a treatment for any condition.

The statements about NicAzel FORTE Tablets have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. NicAzel FORTE Tablets is not intended for the treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease.

NicAzel Product Information

See here for NicAzel Product Information:

NicAzel Cost

One potential user suggests an alarmingly expensive listing price for the first generation NicAzel. One hopes that NicAzel Forte is not similarly priced, but we should probably expect it to be so.

hg24 says:

The doc originally prescribed Nicomide – a prescription supplement with niacinamide, zinc, copper, folic acid. My insurance wouldn’t cover it and it was $375 with a coupon.

I notice that NicAzel Forte is niacinamide (in the form of Azerizin – a blend of nicotinamide, azelaic acid, quercetin and curcumin). Plus zinc/copper, folic acid and pyridoxine.

NicAzel Forte User Reviews

There are only a few comments so far from NicAzel Forte users.

Kim tells us:

My dermatologist prescribed Nicazel Forte twice a day. It works better for me than Finacea. I have no redness on my face.

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5 Reader Comments

  1. Comment via facebook from Juanita.

    “This prescription is very expensive but the manufacturer did offer a rebate which made the prescription affordable. Used it for about a year…only noticed a little improvement with my rosacea….but personally needed something stronger.”

  2. Dee says:

    My dermatologist prescribed Nicazel Forte for my cystic acne and rosacea to see if it would be as effective as Ceftin, an antibiotic that cleared my skin better than anything I ever tried (including Accutane). I dropped the Ceftin from 500mg to 250mg in conjunction with the Nicazel Forte and things are still going well. The Nicazel Forte has dried out my skin and lips a little bit, and I had a headache the first day or two, but otherwise no adverse effects. I am hoping to stop the antibiotic entirely in another month. I also use Soolantra topical for the rosacea. It’s a shame there is so little info out there about Nicazel Forte. The retail price is close to 500 bucks for a month’s supply. However, my dermatologist directed me to a mail order pharmacy in CT that applies some sort of rebate, making the cost $40 per month. This is still way more expensive than the antibiotics, but I’m willing to stick with it since I’m seeing good results so far, and I’d prefer to stop the antibiotic if I can.

    • Genia says:

      Yes!! Me too love it. Helps my cystic acne and as I have gotten older I think it helps with general inflammation. I also go to the mail order pharmacy, so worth it

  3. Annie Bell says:

    I have been using Nicazel Forte for 3 years now and haven’t have a problem with my Rosacea since.

  4. Ilario silla says:

    like to know Pharmacy in CT. for mail order of Nicazel forte

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