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Some quick links to items from around the web.

1. Internet Searching leads to greater anxiety for melanoma sufferers

Of course everyone is now using the internet to read up on everything health related. You may be headed for some unnecessary anxiety though, so be careful.

Internet Use and Anxiety in People with Melanoma and Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

Dermatologic Surgery, Volume 37, Issue 9, pages 1252–1259, September 2011

… One-third of participants with melanoma, but many fewer participants with NMSC, reported higher anxiety after Internet use

Internet use is prevalent and increasing sharply in individuals with skin cancer. The majority of individuals describe their use of the Internet as a positive experience. Greater anxiety from searching the Internet is more common in individuals with melanoma than in those with NMSC.

2. Channel 4 Food Hospital wants Acne Sufferers

The producers of this new show say that the idea is “to explore the possible health benefits of everyday foods in targeting a wide range of medical conditions and symptoms.” For those following the influence of diet on health it will be interesting to see how the mainstream media tackles the idea of treating disorders with food.

The assistant producer wants to “speak to people who might be interested in knowing more about ‘The Food Hospital’. This could be people who are living with a condition which affects their life, or people who have recently started to experience symptoms they wish to address. One condition we are interested in looking at is acne.  We would love to feature someone who suffers from acne in the series and go into the scientific underlying causes of the disorder and potential ways of treating it using food.”  Contact me for more information.

Also see Medicinal diet under microscope in The Food Hospital for more info.

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5 Reader Comments

  1. Laurie Vieau says:

    From what my doctor has said, my rosacea is triggered by my menopause, she could be right since I have had to deal with hot flashes, perspiring, swelling feet when at the computer and disturbed sleep. Since then, the flashes and perspiring have gone down, and I’m now sleeping through the night, due to the help of some herbal remedies. BUT, the rosacea still remains and I hate going out, and will only go out if I’m talked into going out to an event, or even things as simple as getting bills paid which takes a huge leap of courage to do so.

    I have used a number of creams and just lately I have been on some antibiotic tablets that have cleared up a lot of it but there could be more improvement on getting the red out from where the rosacea pimples have been.

    Any extra hints on how to care for it will be very welcome.

    Thank you in advance, Laurie

  2. jeanettesavill says:

    what is a good eye test for ocular rosacea

  3. Olivia says:

    I suffer from acne and am interested in taking part in the channel 4 programme. Who do i need to contact?

  4. Elsa Collins says:

    I have acute acne, please help me!!

  5. Crystal Peters says:

    I suffer from an accute case of rosacea. Could a change of diet help my breakouts and reduce the redness? I would like to treat my condition without resorting to perscription drugs.

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