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The new Rosacea Support Forum is up and running. This forum is one the companion forum to the email based Rosacea Support Yahoo!Group.

The new forum is fast, friendly and fun !

I’m sure that once everyone who uses rosacea-support sees how much fun the new forum is and how easy it is, many will want to move over and start using the forum.

Forum posts appear immediately so you can join in a conversation quickly and easily. Whilst the email group at Yahoo!Groups does have a web interface, it doesn’t group topics together well. The Rosacea Support Forum does a much better job of keeping a conversation together in one spot.

So if you would like to try this new forum, here is how you join.  Once you get there you will see many of the familiar friendly faces from the rosacea support email group.

There is a lot of detail here with lots of steps, but it is straight forward and very quick. Click on each small image to see a bigger one.

1. Go to the address and click on the Register link.


2. You will come to a page where you agree to behave nicely and not do anything offensive, unfriendly or illegal. Click I agree (if you do :).


3. Create a username, password and fill in your email address. You will have to also type in the fuzzy letters you see at the bottom (this is so that spammers will find it harder to get into the board). Click submit.

We will send you a copy of your username and password to your email account.


4. Now you are ready to login. Click the login link.


5. To login, use the username and password from above. Click Login.


6. Once you are logged in you will see your username mentioned near the top. Now you can choose one of the forums that you would like to read.


7. Once you are down in a forum, click the NEW TOPIC button to start a new topic.


8. Fill in the subject, type some words and click Submit. That’s it, after a short delay your new post will appear, ready for all to read !


9. If you want to reply to an existing topic, click the POSTREPLY button and you will be able to add your own comment or question to the topic.


10. Much the same as creating new topic, just type some text for your comment and then hit Submit.


So that’s it. In just a few moments you will able to register and join the new Rosacea Support Forum. Give it a go, you’ll probably never go back !

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About the Author: David Pascoe started the Rosacea Support Group in October 1998. .

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