New Pulse Dye Laser: Aesthetica, Platinum and Perfecta

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Press Release

Candela Corporation today announced the introduction of a new Pulsed Dye Laser Platform featuring three new models – the Aesthetica, the Platinum and the Perfecta.Practitioners will now be able to choose from three product configurations to treat patients looking for skin rejuvenation, removal of brown sun spots, leg and facial veins, facial redness, treatment of rosacea and much more

This new platform is a continuation of the successful Vbeam® product line. The new lasers feature a sleek, new look, a simplified user interface, can be customized and are fully upgradeable. The Aesthetica provides optimal rejuvenation results for patients looking to remove both vascular (red) and pigmentation (brown) spots on the skin, while the Platinum is ideal for treating patients with a wide variety of vascular (red) lesions. For practitioners looking for one machine that does it all, the Perfecta is designed for rejuvenation, vascular and pigmented lesions.

Faster and more powerful than other pulsed dye lasers, the new Platform allows practitioners to treat stubborn skin conditions more aggressively than before. With the new “Micro-Pulse” design, practitioners can now perform more aggressive treatments producing faster results without bruising that causes unnecessary downtime for patients.

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