New Demodex Treatment: MooGoo Demodectic Rosacea Powder

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Came across an interesting looking new product from MooGoo – Demodectic Rosacea Powder, that appears to be available to order.

The product is an innovative approach to try to eliminate demodex mites by making the surface of the skin an environment where the mites cannot survive. If this demodex-hostile environment can indeed be achieved whilst also not rendering the skin too dry it may be a good `natural’ solution to demodectic symptoms. Their box artwork calls the product `Demodetic’ Rosacea Powder, but the rest of the web site spells it Demodectic Rosacea Powder, not sure what is the actual official product name.

From the MooGoo Web Site;

MooGoo Demodex Rosacea Powder

We at MooGoo have spent a long time trying to develop something natural to help treat Demodectic Rosacea. We have formulated a special powder and licensed it as a medical device to do just this. Basically, this powder works to create an environment on the skin that irritates the mites and absorbs excess sebum which they need to survive. Our customers who have given it a try have had excellent results so far. 🙂

What is MooGoo Demodectic Rosacea Powder?

This powder is said to be  “A proprietary mix of all natural mineral complexes.” and further “We have machined specific minerals and micas into a super fine powder. The size and shape of the particles is such that it interferes with the shell casing of the mites and they can no longer survive on your skin. It also soaks up the excess Sebum that the mites need to survive.” The powder is available as Night Powder and Day Powder. The Day Powder also contains mineral foundation.

Rosacea Powder Pilot Study

On the 15th of May Moo Goo, via a post on their Facebook Page asked for volunteers who live near Drummoyne in Sydney to try the Rosacea Powder and then compare the demodex population after 2 weeks and 4 weeks treatment.

What is a Class 1 Medical Device?

A Class 1 Medical Device is a designation from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and  relates to the risk and intended use for a medical device. The listed example Class 1 Medical Devices are “elastic bandages, tongue depressors, cervical collars, slings, non-sterile dressings”. A search for MooGoo at the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) reveals some of their other products listed, but not yet these powders.

We want your review!

If you get to try these powders, I’m sure many other rosacea sufferers would love to hear from you.

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22 Reader Comments

  1. N may says:

    Could u please advise me on how to order this powder,
    many thanks N may.

  2. You could try the links above to Night Powder and Day Powder and contact the company to see if they are shipping to your country.


  3. DaveM81 says:

    Hmmmmm. Not sure what to make of this! I personally have been longing for a demodectic rosacea-specific treatment to be marketed, however…..this all seems a little bit vague to me. And the apparent spelling error on the packaging hardly inspires confidence.

    Much more information please, Moo Goo….!

  4. Brady Barrows says:

    Good find Dave, right in your own backyard.

  5. Julie says:

    I went in today to be part of the MooGoo testing on demodex mites causing Rosacea. The testing today was to see if I had the mites. If I do I will be trialing the powder as part if their study. I don’t know the results yet. I will know in a few days.
    I will keep you posted.

  6. Thanks Julie. Great to have some first hand feedback. All the best.

  7. Julie says:

    Just got the results of my test to see if I have demodex mites. The results show that I do which is a big relief to know what causes my Rosacea. I also asked if that explains why my face is sometimes itchy and they said yes. So next week i’ll be going in to start the testing of this powder to see if it makes a difference. It will be interesting to see. I’ll keep you updated.

  8. Donna says:

    Is any of this available for purchase? I hope this is available soon!

  9. Elizabeth S John says:

    After I read the Rosacea News article about Moo Goo & their Demodectic powders I ordered the Night one from a UK source. – a very prompt delivery.

    Results so far: the itching definitely much less. I noticed that only after I forgot for 2 nights to apply the powder

    So far, that’s the only problem… Having the time and energy to apply the stuff:

    Of course, without the mites test, I can’t be sure I have the wretched things but I went with the Moo Goo suggestion that if you have itchy eyebrows you probably have an infestation.

    I will continue to use the dermodectic powder nightly.

    And will continue to send bulletins to Rosacea News

    One last comment: couldnt find any info on whether it’s necessary to use both the Day and the Night powders.

  10. Julie says:

    I have been part of the study testing the MooGoo powder. I was found to have the mites and had to use the powder day and night. We did not use a different powder for the day and the night we just had to use the same powder but it is necessary to use it twice a day. After two weeks of using the powder we were tested again and again after 4 weeks. I must say I did not find any difference in the appearance of my skin. The redness did not seem to be any less and I found no difference in itchiness. I don’t know if the powder affected the number of mites on my skin although the tester did say she will let me know.

    However I asked the tester if some other participants had noticed a difference in their skin and she said some did notice a slight difference in their skin. I suppose it will vary from person to person and you never know unless you try.

    Just a note. You need to apply it twice a day and it must be at least 15 minutes after applying moisturiser or sunscreen as the skin needs to be dry when applying the powder. This was a big annoying but it needed to be done or else the powder wouldn’t be as affective.
    Hope all this helps

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks, Julie

    Helpful and informative

  12. Karen says:

    Hi where can i order this product in the uk Elizabeth i have looked everywhere and i really would love to try it..Thanks..Karen.

  13. Anthony says:

    Just wanted to say that I treated my rosacea as a symptom of a demodex mite infestation. The rash itself caused by the bacteria associated with the mite. After about a month or so of treatment I cleared my rosacea. I didn’t get tested for demodex. I’d read about an individual account of a successful “cure” so I went with that. I used a common off-the-shelf treatment for scabies and I’ve had no rebound or re-occurrence whatsoever. It’s been about three months and all the triggers (heat, humidity, sweat, salt, alcohol etc) that normally had me inflamed and itchy have been no bother at all. I don’t use any treatments any more. I had rosacea for about fifteen years, the rash type and the capillary type. Capillaries remain but I can live with that.

    • karen says:

      Hi what was the name of the scabies treatment that you used..Thank-you and well done for clearing this awful condition..:)

      • Anthony says:

        Lyclear. It contains permethrin and formaldehyde so I wouldn’t necessarily promote it’s use on the face. But I literally do not have rosacea anymore several months after treatment. The point though is I believe that demodex are the cause at least in my case. Lots of reading and my own experience support this theory.

        • karen says:

          Thank you Anthony for answering me so quickly.I too believe demodex are the cause in my case too so i am off to buy some Lyclear tomorrow and try it. Just to clarify was it the spray the shampoo or the sensitive as i want to make sure i get the correct one.Thanks again really appreciate it.

          • DMarie says:

            Karen andor Anthony – which product did you end up using and did you find that re-application was necessary?

          • Is Lyclear OTC and will it make my skin more itchy, More redness. and swollen a bit?

          • Anyhony says:

            I had limited success with scabies treatments. My skin cleared once and stayed clear for several weeks but I’m not sure why since rocacea came back. Azaliac acid (Finacea) works every time. It’s my only treatment now. Feels awful but it’s effective. I’ve come to the conclusion that rocacea is simply a bacterial infection of the skin. The cause of which I couldn’t say.

    • Evie Fishkin says:

      Wow…I am going to buy the treatment for scabies.

  14. Elizabeth St John says:

    I actually ordered the powder via an Australian friend.
    It s use definitely reduced that stinging irritation response to temperature changes internal & external.
    But unfortunately much travelling stopped my usage.
    So when I return to the UK Ishall resume again & keep commenting .

    Also I should say that I have relatively minor form: the ocular rosacea being the most frequent occurence.

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