Nerve Growth Factor inhibitor – acerola seed extract

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Trawling patent applications is challenging but also interesting. There is a huge mine of information available for us to scavenge information that might lead to future treatments.

I thought this patent was interesting because it deals with something that I hadn’t heard of before, but seems like it might have some potential. This patent application makes me wonder if we will see anything else interesting done with acerola seed.

Acerola seed comes from a fruit that is high in vitamin C. We can see from patent application 20060051439 that "extract of acerola seeds has strong antioxidative capability, collagenase inhibitory effect, and hyaluronidase inhibitory effect,".

The patent application 20070286915 looks potentially interesting for rosacea sufferers with nerve mediated pain, itching or dermatits. Nerve growth factor production inhibitor and external preparation for the skin, cosmetic, quasi drug, preventive and remedy for atopic dermatitis containing the nerve growth factor production inhibitor

in a recent research, transfer fiber terminal (C fiber terminal) of the itching, of which existence is recognized only to the boundary of epidermis and dermis in healthy skin, extends to epidermis of skin having atopic dermatitis or dried skin. In this respect, it is pointed out that the extension of the C fiber terminal to epidermis is a cause of intense itching in senile pruritus, atopic dermatitis and dried skin.

the present inventors have found that an acerola seed extract has an excellent nerve growth factor production inhibition function, especially, it eases and improves an inflammation or an itching produced in skin and is safe for a living body.

it is possible to directly remove the cause of the itching by inhibiting the production of NGF which is the nerve growth factor deeply involved with the extension of C fiber to epidermis. In addition, it is possible to provide the nerve growth factor production inhibitor with high safety, as well as the external preparation for the skin, cosmetic, and the like containing the nerve growth factor production inhibitor.

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